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It's been a volatile month with lots of planetary action shaking things up.  As things wind down - at least for a few days - take some time to think about what you might like to shake up in your own life.  Use the energy of fortunate Jupiter in earthy Taurus to make an action plan and visualize your optimal results.  Use Citrine to compliment your manifestation technique and Turquoise to help you take positive action.




Pisces is the sign of dreamers and one thing that we all dream of is a better world.  Use the energy of so many planets in Pisces to uncover your compassionate, charitable nature.  Now is the time to take an active role in improving your community so take some time today to share your gifts with others.  Donate what you can and see the difference it will make in your life as well as the world around you. Blue Lace Agate will activate your intuition and guide you towards where you can do the most good. Topaz will help you to follow through on your good intentions.




It will be difficult to relax today with the Moon in Gemini stimulating our imaginations.  This is an excellent time for socializing and exploring new possibilities.  Anything you do today that is inspired or inventive will be especially favored.  Use your extra "Leap Day" to enjoy the nurturing atmosphere and let loose your artistic side.  Howlite will help you to tune in to you creativity.




You may feel overwhelmed today as everything just seems too big to accomplish.  When Saturn and Mercury are in an inconjunct position it can make your dreams seem impossible to reach because there is just too much work ahead.  Stay positive and break things down into smaller, more achievable goals.  Celebrate each success and before you know it you will have achieved more than you hoped for.  Serpentine will clear away any doubts and frustration while Yellow Jasper will positively reinforce your progress.




Mercury move into Aries for the next few weeks before rolling back into Pisces while retrograding later this month.  Use this assertive energy to be forthright in your communications - tell it like it is and ask for what you want.  Be cautious of being too direct - it is easy to seem insensitive under an Aries influence.  Hematite will help you to balance the energy and White Aventurine will remind you to be kind.




It is way too easy to get into an argument today as retrograde Mars opposes the Sun.  This aspect will ignite your competitive side but tends to take the fun out of it.  Try to avoid becoming frustrated - it will be better by tomorrow.  Tanzanite will keep you calm and help you to play fair with others.




Are your struggling with attracting the kind of people and situations that you would like to have in your life?  It is a good question to ask while Saturn is opposite Venus.  Stable Saturn will help you see any weaknesses in your relationships and finances and help you to find ways to improve them.  Under this aspect you can see where you need to make any self improvements - particularly when it comes to your mind set. Scolecite will help you to uncover what inner changes will bring the outer results you desire and Red Tiger Eye will give you the strength to go after what you want.




If you've been feeling stuck or trapped you can make a real breakthrough today as Mercury conjuncts Uranus.  Uranus is all about rebellion and this transit with Mercury will give you the opportunity to break out of whatever is imprisoning you.  This is an enthusiastic time with lots of insight and bright, original thoughts - so use it wisely!  Charoite is wonderful to bring forth insight - keep one with you while sleeping to get the most from your dreams. Tangerine Aura will empower you to break free of the past and move forward!

Posted on February 26, 2012

  Thank-You, I enjoy and look forward to reading this report.  (Submitted by: Roy W Jackson on February 26, 2012)

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