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WEEK OF 02/26/14 – 03/04/14 

Wednesday 02/26/14

You might come to an important realization that the only way forward is through change.  Whatever it is that you need to adjust...your circumstances, your approach, your attitude...then this is your moment.  That will be the influence of Jupiter and Uranus who will encourage you to get in the front lines and become proactive.  Whatever you have been avoiding or putting off, it is time to face up to it because change is coming and you want to be prepared to welcome it into your life.  The key to using this energy to your best advantage is to be positive and proactive.  There is a potential to continue avoiding real issues by allowing yourself to be fooled into thinking you are trapped when you are not and taking risks that are very unnecessary.  Antigorite will help you to recognize what you need and how this energy can help you find it. Jet reminds you if it isn't broken, then let it be.

Number of the day: 8

If you are focused on the outcome that you desire then 8 can help you to achieve it.  Use Serpentine to bring the energy of success to all of your endeavors. 

Thursday 02/27/14

Mercury will begin to move forward tomorrow so give yourself permission to stop the crazy pace and give in to this cosmic timeout while you still can. Mercury floated back into Aquarius, so it is the perfect time to consider future plans in an objective manner.  Mercury retrograde in Aquarius will inhibit emotional attachments to goals and that can be a surprisingly useful tool.  Reason and logic can point out possible obstructions and determine ways to overcome them.  Spring is right around the corner and it will bring opportunities.  Use this time to prepare. Amethyst will enhance your analysis while Black Obsidian keeps you steady and grounded.

Number of the day: 9

Sometimes things do not go as planned.  The energy of 9 will help you to get past despair and disillusion. Use Carnelian to realize what has been accomplished (instead of what has not!), regroup and begin again.  

Friday 02/28/14

The Sun and Jupiter are closing out February in a glorious trine, bringing us some much needed optimistic energy.  This is the perfect influence to appreciate the wonderful things that you have and begin planning for what is next.  You are enthusiastic about expanding yourself and are eager to take the necessary steps to get matter how much effort and time it might take.  You are confident and know that you have what it takes and the work ahead seems more like play.  Emerald will have you focused on abundance and growth.  Carry some Orange Calcite just to enjoy the energy.

Number of the day: 1

The energy of 1 embodies your personal power.  Let it show you how you can use your mind, body & spirit to engineer your best life.  Abalone Shell enhances your vision and gives you the full picture. 

Saturday 03/01/14

Did you get some new ideas yesterday?  Make some new plans?  Great, because now Uranus steps in to show you just how adaptable and flexible you can be when it comes to new stages of your life.  You are ready and willing to try new things and to stride on through as doors open before you.  If you have had doubts about new initiatives, you will find a way around them.  You know that the same old thing won't cut it and it is time to try a new path.  Excited?  Of course you are, so bring Green Aventurine along for the ride and Blue Tiger Eye to invigorate your imagination and find even more ways to shake things up.

Number of the day: 2

2 wants you to be comfortable with who you truly are and to share what you have to offer.  Carry Rainbow Moonstone to remind you to be true to yourself and appreciate your individuality.  Only then can you join in and have a positive impact on the world. 

Sunday 03/02/14

Mars is bringing some tempestuous energy today that you want to focus in the best direction so that it does not get out of control.  Mars and Venus in a square bring a stimulating vibe where passion and drive are hot and heavy.  There is a competitive edge and failure in the pursuit of your desire is not an option.  You will not hesitate to go to battle, so make sure that it is for something worthwhile that has the prognosis of a positive outcome.  When the Sun steps in you are encouraged to take action, but it can be easy to fall prey to the emotional atmosphere and use radical reactions as a tool that could cause damage.  Ruby in Kyanite will give important insight that will enable you to take control and use reasonable and constructive steps.  Tangerine Quartz will offer understanding for the best use of this energy.

Number of the day: 3

There is always the possibility of the unexpected on a 3 day.  3 is about bringing things together and, when a myriad of forces combine, then anything and everything might happen.  Pyrite will encourage you to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. 

Monday 03/03/14

The Sun and Pluto in a sextile will offer a chance at renewal and recovery.  Something that was lost can be found again.  Seek and you will find what you are looking for, since power and strength will be gained through research.  Remember though that what you find may not be exactly what you set out to accomplish.  You may be surprised by what you uncover, but it will be what you really need.  Venus and Chiron will encourage containment of your newfound knowledge for now, since sharing might inhibit your personal progress.  Rainbow Fluorite helps you make sense of what you learn.  Angelite will offer peace of mind and heart.

Number of the day: 4

You can feel that the time has come to move on and 4 is here to send you on your way.  Use 4 and Citrine to take what you have learned into the next phase for meaningful progress.

Tuesday 03/04/14

The Sun and Venus will bring tension arising from the desire for more of....well, that is the problem.  You want something but lack the focus and drive to determine what it is that you want. You may have higher expectations of others right now that is really a misplaced expectation of yourself.  Take it easy and don't let the atmosphere make you fight to achieve unattainable and unreasonable goals...or expect that from others.  White Agate can help you control the feeling that something is missing, while Rose Quartz allows you to relax harsh judgments of yourself and others.

Number of the day: 5

Expand your mind and you expand your world.  That is the message that 5 has for you today.  Use Lapis Lazuli to encourage free thinking and patterns that will lead to new and abundant undertakings. 


Posted on February 25, 2014
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