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WEEK OF 02/24/16 - 03/01/16

Wednesday 02/24/16

We all long for enchantment in our lives whether we are looking for material evidence or believe that there is more beyond what we experience in the physical world.  Whichever kind of magic you seek, there is an excellent chance that you can find it today with a Venus/Neptune semi-sextile.  Magic is all around us and this transit will help you notice its existence through your imagination, intuition and physical senses.  Now that you’re aware, what are you going to do with your newfound knowledge?  The beauty of this transit is that it won’t just show you the magic but also give you ideas on how you can use it to your benefit.  There will be an overall happy and content feeling in your environment and that is going to do wonders for your mood as you absorb the energy.  Charoite can help you mix your personal energy and talents with the atmosphere of the day to create something special for yourself and others.  Use Blue Apatite to be open to the beautiful and miraculous elements that surround you.

Number of the day: 8

8 represents the material world and its successful vibe will help you turn those new visions into realities.  Pyrite will get you started on your new life.

Thursday 02/25/16

You’ll be brought back down to earth today but it’s going to feel pretty good.  Mercury is working with Saturn and Pluto to keep you productive and happily engaged in working towards something meaningful.  You want to begin your day with preparations and organizational activities, since Saturn’s influence will keep you focused and decisive.  Pluto moves in later in the day and you’ll become more inquisitive as you’re driven to learn more about your interests and your overall purpose.  Whatever you do throughout the day, it will be essential that you feel satisfied and accomplished because you will intuitively understand that this is how you achieve material, emotional and spiritual success.  Tiger Eye will keep you invigorated and excited as you assign yourself tasks and complete them one by one.  Sunstone will show you how to use this energy strategically to achieve your goals and have a great time along the way.

Number of the day: 9

9 wants us to contemplate on what we are learning from each experience.  Every experience leaves us with an imprint.  It is up to us to uncover how we use our newfound knowledge. Apophyllite will offer positive insight.

Friday 02/26/16

Your mind will be electric today with Mercury and Uranus in a sextile that is sure to spark new ideas and interests.  While it’s a good time to start something new, it’s an even better opportunity to recycle something that you might have let go or put aside.  You will be mentally processing things differently than usual and so you will see things in a new way.  Why start from scratch when you can figure out ways to recover and revive something that’s been there all along?  You will be craving meaningful interactions with people who share your enthusiasm, so all communications will benefit from this transit - but the innovative nature of the energy makes online and other technological communications particularly fruitful. Malachite will help you use this energy to liven up your present situation and animate your future goals.  Use Angelite to enhance your communications and see how rewarding they will be. 

Number of the day: 1

Have faith that you can do this on your own and do not let outside influences sway you.  Aragonite promotes your self-reliance and confidence.

Saturday 02/27/16

Mercury and Jupiter will make it easy for you to commit to a radical course of action, a major transformation, or a fantastic plan.  It all sounds so good and of course you are all in.  If it seems like it might be a little too good….you’ll be right!  It is very important to go slow, be discerning and think carefully before you eagerly accept any responsibility.  After the rush and excitement of your new venture wares off, the reality will set in and you will start to notice all those details and drawbacks that you breezed right past.  You don’t want to be in the position where you need to take back any promises you make to yourself or others, nor do you want to have to carry through on something that you know is a bad idea. Scolecite will remind you to take that essential moment to think before you act.  If things do go too far, Sodalite will help you to gracefully change your mind without hurting anyone.

Number of the day: 2

Focus on finding balance.  It doesn’t need to be perfect in order to make a significant difference in your thoughts and actions.  Carry Watermelon Tourmaline to discover your equilibrium.

Sunday 02/28/16

You are going to feel everything quite deeply today with several transits involving Mercury, Chiron, Neptune and that Pisces Sun.  There will be moments of enlightenment and insight, but there will also be times where you feel uncomfortable and irrational.  You want to be able to work with this energy in a productive manner that limits the latter elements and focuses on the former.  Mercury and Chiron will make it easier than usual to make yourself understood in your communications with others, but at the same time your words (and actions) will carry more weight as your recipients take everything more seriously.  You may not realize it, but you have a chance to make things better or worse, so it is vital that you consider all of the possible reactions to your announcements before you send them out into the world.  The Sun and Neptune will make you more perceptive to your overall environment, but that could manifest itself into criticisms of yourself and others.  You want to use your increased awareness to feel inspired and creative, rather than an excuse to be judgmental.  You need to be aware of your power because again, it will come down to a choice of doing good or not. Aqua Aura will keep you alert to that fact and help you make the right choices.   Selenite will help you to focus on the spiritual and imaginative elements of the day and limit the urge to overreact when things seem unreasonable.

Number of the day: 3

A 3 day begs you to loosen up and go have some fun.  It is important to take care of yourself and you could change everything in your life by recognizing this.  Bring Cavansite on your journeys to share the joy.

Monday 02/29/16

Today’s Venus/Saturn sextile will be a powerfully grounding influence for emotional matters.  Sometimes the truth can be a harsh blow, but under this influence you will welcome the stability and comfort that it offers.  This is a wonderful atmosphere for all kinds of relationships and ventures because we’re able to accept and capitalize upon the realities of each situation.  Despite the overall constructive nature of this transit, emotions can blind you to reality when it doesn’t coincide with your hopes and beliefs.  This is very supportive energy that is going to find a way to help you (whether you think you need it or not), so watch out for any unusual, unexpected and/or unsolicited advice or help that comes your way.  Amazonite will enable you to recognize how this energy can benefit you and your present circumstances, while Carnelian keeps you open to accepting both inner and outer guidance that might not be what you expected.

Number of the day: 4

We all need a dose of reality sometimes to get our heads out of the clouds and back here on Earth.  4 and Mahogany Obsidian will be a welcome reminder that being practical is often the best course of action. 

Tuesday 03/01/16

Today it’s Pluto working with Venus urging you to honor your instincts and trust that if something feels like it is meant to be, then it probably is!  Your first undertaking will be to focus on things that are most important to you.  You want this to include a wide range of things in your life, from study and work, to relationships, to how you spend your “me” time.  You don’t want to limit yourself to one or two obsessions, because this energy is meant to help you expand all of the good things that you have going on.  Your next task will be to use your present situations and relationships to attract new ones that will add to - and compliment - your overall well-being.  This is where that feeling of destiny may manifest as you feel an instant connection to a person or condition that you know is right for you.  Don’t dismiss it or reason your way out of trusting what you know to be true.  Sugilite will work with this transit to induce a state of inner peace and confidence that will allow you to accept and embrace your new discoveries.  Use Rhodochrosite to appreciate the benefits of being true to yourself and following your passions. 

Number of the day: 4

A new month brings new energies and that can feel like a jolt.  Reach for the energy of 4 when you need something to hold on to.  Black Agate will keep you steady and focused through it all.


Posted on February 22, 2016
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