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Today we get that much needed break from all the mayhem and planetary juggling.  What a relief, as it has been a rough month! Get the most out of it as Mars is on the prowl and you are going to need that emotional shield the rest of the week. 

As the Moon moves into its last Quarter of the month this is a time of rebirth and rejuvenation. Onyx would be helpful to have close to hand at this time, as it is a stone of spiritual rebirth, assisting us in connecting to our higher self. 

The big story of the week is Friday.  Friday is a day of highs and lows with seven, count them! – seven major alignments.  The biggest of these is a Superior Conjunction, as Mercury and Earth align on opposing sides of the Sun (with the Sun eclipsing Mercury). This can be a day of  great ideas, spiritual illumination and advancement for all of humanity, if we play our cards right. Be in the moment, and let your ego take a back seat, when all mankind should put its best foot forward.   What events will you initiate that will advance this theme of brotherly love and spiritual awaking?  Peridot, the stone of clarity and Snow Quartz, a stone of inner wisdom will guide us, while Azurite and Lapis Lazuli assist us in reaching enlightenment.  Use these higher vibration crystals to lead us into the high energy vortex open today and to help keep us focused on the right energy for all of Human kind to reach their potential as loving, peaceful beings we were meant to be. 

Not to be ignored is a Jupiter and Pluto pairing that if left to its own devises could spell trouble, but we are still riding high on the energy of the Superior Conjunction and if we are extra nice will cancel all the bluster of this duos energy.

Saturday is a relatively quiet day which I am sure everyone is using to assimilate the massive energy of Friday. 

Roslyn Bohanan

Healing Crystals Expert

Posted on February 25, 2011
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