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WEEK OF 02/19/14 – 02/25/14 

Wednesday 02/19/14

Mercury and Saturn both want to be in charge but they each have different agendas.  Saturn wants you to complete the tasks at hand, while Mercury will keep you  busy processing new ideas, strategies and opportunities.  It can be extremely difficult to deal with the present when you are focused on other things that are brighter and shinier than the dull old status quo.  Are you up for the challenge?  Of course you are, because you know that if you allow the little things to fall by the wayside it could have a negative impact on all that is ahead.    Mercury is still retrograde and that offers the key to success.  Take it easy. Take it slow.  Do not become overwhelmed to the point of shutdown and you will show Mercury and Saturn who is really in charge!  Blue Aventurine will allow you to focus, while Green Calcite encourages you to calmly forge ahead.

                                                                                                                           Number of the day: 1

You have the power to set the pace of your success.  Fancy Jasper can help you use what outside influences have to offer without allowing them to change your agenda. 

Thursday 02/20/14

Late yesterday Venus and Neptune met up in a semi-square that had you smiling and seeing nothing but the most positive aspect in everything.  You might notice a sort of dreamy haze that could be hiding some truths.  These truths will not fit into that pretty picture that you are enjoying, so don't be surprised if you simply choose to look the other way.  There is nothing wrong with seeing the best and feeling happy, but you want that happiness to be based in reality and reality has flaws.  Those flaws will be part of the joy, but first you have to recognize and accept them....and that may not be possible right now.  Enjoy your good mood but don't make any decisions until you have a better handle on seeing the whole picture - flaws and all!  Garnet will provide crucial grounding and Pink Calcite amplifies your happy feeling.

                                                                                                                           Number of the day: 2

The ability to connect is a tool that you may take for granted.  2 wants you to recognize the connections that you have with your surroundings, activities and others so that you can make the most of them.  Peach Quartz will let you realize the impact that you have on your world....and your world has on you! 

Friday 02/21/14

Get out there today and mingle because Mercury and Venus in a semi-sextile will enhance your social skills and just make everyone more fun to be around.  Everyone is feeling playful and communications reflect that happy feeling.  This is an excellent time to solidify agreements in your relationships and professional endeavors.  Personal and business interactions right now are sure to have very positive results.  Wear Rose Quartz to light up your environment.  Indigo Aura will enhance your relations and communications.

Number of the day: 3

3 carries a vibrant energy that wants you to make things happen.  Be bold and do something just for the joy of it.  Bring a Chevron Amethyst along for extraordinary energy. 

Saturday 02/22/14

Do you seem to be a little more emotional than usual?  The Sun is in Pisces and we will all feel everything deeply and personally.  While this is a wonderfully compassionate and caring time, it can also be draining to the point of exhaustion.  It can be a challenge to make solid decisions or take action because your emotions are simply overriding logic.  Feelings are wonderful and important, but there needs to be a balance and this is where Pisces struggles.  When reality cannot match the fantasy, the result can be depression and/or escapism.  This is a fabulous time to allow your dreams to flourish and to invigorate your imagination. Build what you want in your mind now and then, when Aries steps in, you are ready to take off and make it happen.  Amethyst is the perfect crystal for now to manage and ground your emotions so that you are not overwhelmed by them.  Use Red Jasper when you need a reality check to get things done. 

Number of the day: 4

4 embodies the spirit of a powerful tree that knows to survive the storm it must bend to the wind.  That is how you remain steady through the ups and downs.  When you need something to hold on to when it gets too rough, try Scapolite for calm and confidence. 

Sunday 02/23/14

The Sun and Neptune are working together to place greater significance on your intuition and instincts.  What you "feel" will seem more real than what your other senses present to you under this influence.  Reason and reality will be difficult to define right now because you are running on imagination and emotion.  This is a fabulous opportunity to learn more about yourself, your surroundings and what is truly important to you.  However, you do not want to take any actions because your judgment will not be entirely sound.  Azurite will help you to take note of what your imagination and awareness has to offer.  You want to wait until the energy is more grounded to build upon your inspiration and then Picture Jasper can step in and bring those dreams to reality.  

Number of the day: 5

The same old thing will not suffice when 5 brings the energy of adventure into your day.  Follow a whim - no matter how frivolous it may seem - and allow yourself to discover something new about yourself.  Carnelian will remind you that is how growth occurs.  How could that be frivolous? 

Monday 02/24/14

Now we have the perfect energy to mix spirituality with reality and create something amazing.  Practical Saturn and beautiful Venus hook up in a sextile transit that will produce enterprising energy.  You could find ways to make your dreams happen here on Earth.  You could make your Earthly endeavors feel more idealistic.  Endeavors and relationships begun under this transit have a powerful chance at success because they possess that magical mix of stability and imagination.   Celestite will remind you of those ideas from yesterday and Labradorite will show you how they can come to life today. 

Number of the day: 6

This is a fast-paced, crazy world where patience seems to have become something from the past.  6 wants you to take a moment and consider how the resurgence of patience could change your day and your life.  Can you feel the release of stress just thinking about it?  Let Rhodonite help you find patience and share it with others. 

Tuesday 02/25/14

Two energy sources with similar agendas are working together to allow you to take an amazing leap forward.  We typically think of Pluto and Chiron when dealing with the past. They are both dedicated to helping us to resolve and release past issues.  Their purpose is not to simply rid yourself of the past, but to learn from what has happened to you and heal what has harmed you.  Their purpose is to take only the best of "you" into your future.  Sometimes that requires things to be let go and other things to be transformed.  It is not easy and it takes resolve and bravery to accomplish.  Pluto and Chiron working together will help you to uncover new ways to heal yourself and discover how courageous you can be.   Allow yourself to be open to resolution of even the most complicated and emotional issues and you will move forward empowered and enlightened. This is an amazing transit that you want to take advantage of, so use Green Kyanite to recognize your truths and Tourmalated Quartz to remind you that you have the strength to deal with those truths.

Number of the day: 7

7 has an intense energy due to its spiritual and intellectual nature.  It can be especially valuable when you need to see and understand - in an objective manner - what may be necessary to overcome obstacles and make hard choices.  7 makes itself known when it wants to help you, so use White Agate to uncover its message for you. 


Posted on February 18, 2014
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