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The astrological year ends as the Sun moves into the last sign of the zodiac: Pisces. This is the perfect opportunity to go within and reflect on where you are, where you've been and where you would like to head once we begin again in Aries. You’re not going to feel very proactive anyway while the Sun is in dreamy Pisces, so relax. Amethyst will help you to relax while Angelite will open the channels to seek inspiration from the higher realms.




You may feel very conflicted today as the Sun & Neptune join up in Pisces. Two very different planets are trying to take the lead, the Sun all hot and fiery and aggressive and Neptune so cool, laid-back and passive. You will definitely feel confused as to which way to turn. Something to consider, with so many planets in Pisces and Mars retrograde it could be that the Universe is trying to tell us something. Take it easy, slow down and use this time to meditate, pray or just let your mind drift away and see what dreams are in store for you. The conflict only comes from feeling guilty that we're not up doing something! Use Clear Quartz to aid in your meditative practices and Chrysocolla to ease any conflict or guilt.




Let’s welcome a New Moon to Pisces- a very crowded sign the last few weeks! If you've been fighting the urge to relax you just may have to give in today. New Moons are always the best time to begin anything, and with all of the peace and tranquility vibes, this is the perfect day to dream of something new. Everything in our lives begins first in our minds before it becomes "real" in the physical world. This New Moon will provide the kind of supportive energy that can make that happen for you today - so dream away! Moonstone will encourage your dreams and Apatite will help to manifest them into reality.




You may feel some personal frustration caused by Mars conjunct Venus. This kind of transit puts your emotions and your values at odds with each other. It's like when you really want something that you know you shouldn't - but you still really want it anyway! Carnelian will help you to find the balance you need to avoid any internal conflict.




Mercury is opposite Mars which makes for fuzzy thoughts and unreasonable reactions. Not a good time for important decisions or diplomatic communications. Peridot will keep you from overreacting and Pyrite will remind you to watch what you say - and how you say it!




I really hope you took advantage of the serenity while you could because it all gets blown away today with the Moon and Uranus joined up in Aries. This is an explosive kind of energy that is anything but peacefully. It is a good time to break a bad habit or get rid of anything that isn't working for you (i.e., bad relationship, bad job etc.). Rose Quartz will keep things calm and Labradorite will support your efforts to break old patterns.




In a few days Mercury will leave Pisces for a brief visit to Aries. If you've got something of a sensitive nature that needs to be communicated, do it now because under the Aries influence you will be more forceful rather than delicate. Sometimes a lighter touch makes a bigger impact. Bloodstone will support you in your efforts to be gentle.




Get your ducks in a row today before taking action if you want to insure a successful outcome. The Moon is opposite Saturn, and Saturn demands that you take your time and follow protocol. The Moon may tempt you towards impulsive behavior. Tiger Iron will guide you towards the slow and steady approach while Iolite will ward off impatience.


Posted on February 18, 2012
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