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WEEK OF 02/18/15 - 02/24/15 

Wednesday 02/18/15

Your desire for control over your own destiny will transcend everything, including your doubts, fears and common sense.  The Sun and Pluto are in a semi-square and their combined energy will drive you to take whatever measure you believe is necessary to enforce your will.  The urge to fight for yourself may be so great that, once you conquer any existing obstacles, you will use your energy to seek out new ones.   Instead, you’ll want to use this powerful energy to strengthen and utilize current resources and uncover new ones.  Jade will encourage active manifestation while tempering forceful urges.  Seraphinite will help you to draw from your physical and spiritual strength when needed and uncover new assets.

Number of the day: 1

The Sun has moved into Pisces and you have the energy of 1 to encourage you to explore your inner being and see who you will find.  The energy of 1 and Prehnite will help you to discover new things about yourself. 

Thursday 02/19/15

Yesterday you were driven to employ will and desire (and perhaps a touch of force) to get what you want.  Today Mercury and Saturn will help you in the further pursuit of your goals but now it is time for reason and logic to prevail.  Give your intellect free reign to research, organize and decide on a plan of action to achieve your current and future desires.  It may take some effort to slow down physically and allow the mental process to take over, but it will be well worth it.  Decisions and plans made now will have amazing benefits that will be quite evident as your future unfolds.  Green Chlorite will clear your mind of anything that does not support your best interest.  Use Blue Apatite to conceive the best plan to achieve your desired results.

Number of the day: 2

Now that you know more about yourself you might want to share with others and to realize mutual benefits.  2 joins you with the collective and Blue Lace Agate gives you confidence to be your true self. 

Friday 02/20/15

You are bubbling over with confidence and enthusiasm today.  Mars and Jupiter are urging you to go “full speed ahead” and do whatever you feel is necessary to get what you want.  Success is imminent and it will seem as if nothing can stop you from reaching your goals.  This may sound great but the challenge is that this energy is focused solely on action.  It completely dismisses any other crucial element of success like thought, plan or consideration. Take it slow and consider the ramifications of your actions before you take them.  That way you can control the energy and can use it to take valuable steps towards your desired outcome.  Otherwise the energy could drive you right past your goals and it will take extra time and effort to make your way back. Amethyst can help you avoid turning your ego into your biggest obstacle.   Iolite will remind you to pause for thought.

Number of the day: 3

Stop being so serious and have some fun!  3 wants you to keep smiling no matter what is happening or how you may be feeling.  There is always joy to be found so use Rhodochrosite to find the laughter.

Saturday 02/21/15

Venus has replaced Mars in a transit with Jupiter which will send you in hot pursuit of the spotlight. You simply will not be satisfied until all eyes are focused solely on you.  You could go to great lengths to get noticed and nothing will seem too extreme.  Use extra caution when it comes to purchases and/or any kind of beauty treatments.  That lust for attention could be so intense that you will not stop to consider whether it is a wise move financially or esthetically.  This energy may trick you into believing that you need to be (or at least appear to be) someone else in order to get what you want.  You don't want to let extravagant measures overcome who you truly are and override your good sense.  Carry Hematite as a reminder that good things will follow if you remain true to yourself and respect others who do the same.  Pyrite will bring some much-needed sensibility when you are faced with the urge to create drama.

Number of the day: 4

There is work ahead and the energy of 4 will give you the discipline to make things happen.  Be positive, be confident and carry Black Agate to move you forward.

Sunday 02/22/15

There are some days that seem meant for dreams and other days that demand action.  Well, today you are going to want to do both as we have an amazing mix of energy from a Venus/Mars transit.  Venus will direct your focus towards surrounding yourself with beauty, love and harmony.  Mars will show you how to actively bring more of those things into your life.  This is warm, passionate, harmonious energy that marries fantasy with reality.  You will feel creative and imaginative.  You will feel impulsive and forthright.  You will feel confident and excited.  You know what it takes to get what you want and, since this is not passive energy, you will be ready and able to take those actions.  Clear Quartz will amplify this amazing energy and empower you to use it for your greatest benefit.   While the atmosphere is wonderful you still want to be a little cautious since the energy is so highly charged and intense.  Black Onyx will let you enjoy the fun of following your impulses while maintaining your balance.

Number of the day: 5

5 encourages freedom but also reminds you that it is important to be of service within the Universe.  Moonstone will let your inner vision show you how to join with others while maintaining your individuality. 

Monday 02/23/15

The Sun and Saturn are in a square that is illuminating any tasks that require your immediate attention.  This can be a particularly challenging transit if you have been aware of certain obstacles but actively avoiding them.  It will be very clear that there’s no place left to hide and you will need to deal with any hurdles that remain between you and the achievement of your goals.   Don’t let the solemn quality of the atmosphere bring you down because this is truly a positive and affirmative transit.  This won’t be a simple case of having to recognize issues that need to be managed.  You will also be very aware of the many resources that are readily available to assist you.  Take advantage of these resources and use them responsibly to do what you need to do and the results will be very rewarding.  Use Sapphire to see how this transit will increase your self-confidence and drive you towards success.  Tiger Eye will complement your acts of courage as you face and conquer the most difficult issues.

Number of the day: 6

6 wants to help you restore peace and harmony to any situation that may be troublesome.  That is how your efforts can result in new beginnings. Carry Garnet and see how its energy will help you. 

Tuesday 02/24/15

The benefit of Saturn’s influence is often difficult to see since it is typically in the role of the enforcer, making us do those necessary things that we would rather avoid.  Today it has joined up with Venus in a trine that will “force” you to be kind, considerate and genuinely caring with everyone.  No matter how noble our intentions, it is not always easy to put the well-being of others before our own wants and needs.  This transit will encourage you to treat others as you would like to be treated in every situation. You may see changes in your business and personal relationships and, if you project more cooperation and support, then it may come back to you in some surprising ways.   Mahogany Obsidian will help you to follow the guidance of Saturn and accept the responsibility that we all have to one another.    Use Rose Quartz to realize the benefits of the harmony that we create when we all work together.   

Number of the day: 7

Things are often not what they seem and it may take some effort to have a complete understanding.  Curious 7 will help you as you seek to uncover what is not easily seen.  Lapis Lazuli encourages you to do the work and learn all that you can. 


Posted on February 17, 2015
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