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WEEK OF 02/17/16 - 02/23/16


Wednesday 02/17/16

You will prefer to go it alone today with a Venus/Saturn semi-square making everyone feel introverted.  Venus is not very sociable as it tours through Aquarius and it is encouraging you to just hold on to what you have and who you are and don't give any of it away to another person or cause.  Saturn’s influence will make it even harder to give a piece of you away and that will make it impossible to build intimacy and meaningful connections.  The same goes for finances and business enterprises where you need to expend something in order to gain.  Since this won’t feel natural, you could feel anxious and disappointed with yourself and others.  You may need to remove yourself from physical interactions until the moment passes and you are able to be your true self.  If you don't, you run the risk of injuring your present relationships and undertakings and complicating future liaisons.  You also need to take additional care as a Mercury/Chiron transit will make it easier than usual to inadvertently hurt others and yourself through miscommunications.  Do your best to take it easy and don’t feel guilty when you need to be reclusive.  Rose Quartz will remind you to take care of your needs right now so that you’re better prepared and able to assist others when they need you.  Aquamarine lets you find positive uses for the introspective energy of the day.

Number of the day: 1

1 is the number of limitless expansion.  You are at the beginning and can go as far as you can imagine.  Believe and carry Smokey Quartz to help you uncover new paths.


Thursday 02/18/16

You may have found it necessary to take yourself out of the picture yesterday for your well-being and in consideration for others.  The energy has moved, but you still want to take a cautious approach to your activities because you will likely get way too much thrown at you all at once and it will be a challenge to find a healthy way to manage it all.  Mercury and Jupiter are in an expansive transit that will bring more of everything and you could find yourself in a tense race to keep up with it.  Mercury is involved so you know that information and communications will be a central focus of this transit.  That’s going to bring plenty of mental stress that will spread into other areas of your life if you don’t stop it at the source.    Here is another day where it is essential that you relax, so use Hematite when you feel overwhelmed.  Green Tourmaline will enable you to find and retain a rational perspective so that you can discern what is really important and factual from the melodramatic nonsense that will permeate the day.

Number of the day: 2

2 reminds us that patience is a strength.  It can be your ally and help you to make the best choices if you are willing to be open to it.  Garnet will help you to draw strength from your resources.


Friday 02/19/16

It’s time to break free of repetition and stability with Mars and Uranus leading you on a journey that is meant to bring some excitement and shake you out of any listlessness that may have been creeping in over the last few months.  You don’t want to make permanent or drastic changes right now, but you do want to be less ridged when it comes to your routine.  This transit is a reminder that your life isn’t meant to be a series of tasks that get performed over and over again.  Give yourself time and space to be impulsive and feel the rush of excitement and inspiration that can never be found in the monotonous.  The Universe is moving on into the last phase of the Zodiac as the Sun enters Pisces.   Pisces is emotional and spiritual energy that will encourage you to seek deeper levels of understanding.  Caution is necessary because you want to believe in something and you will do it very easily.  Hessonite Garnet can help to ensure that you don’t devote yourself blindly to anything unworthy of your attention. Use Dioptase to loosen up and have some fun.

Number of the day: 3

You are not alone and we are all experiencing this life together.  3 wants you to find comfort and joy in that knowledge.  Turquoise will help you to feel part of the whole.


Saturday 02/20/16

It’s not too much of a surprise that the first full day of the Sun in Pisces brings us very sensitive energy.  Mercury and Neptune will have your imagination and intuition on high alert, so pay close attention to any inspirations and/or messages that you may receive or send out to others.  Remember that words are only one way that we communicate and your actions and overall demeanor will be very telling to others under this influence.  If you are worried that others may see more than you might like, then feel assured that a Venus/Chiron semi-square will make it harder for others to be allowed into your private space.  Just remember that it will also make it difficult to form and maintain intimacy in relations.  This could work to your benefit where you have the choice to let your barriers down or not, but remember that others have the same choice and may keep theirs firmly in place.  Don’t hesitate to try to move past any obstacles you may come across as a Sun/Pluto transit will enable you to find and use unrealized resources to move past them.  It is important to be respectful of the need for privacy right now, so carry Black Onyx to be considerate of yourself and others.  Chrysoprase will assist in the transmission, receiving and understanding of information.   

Number of the day: 4

When everything goes haywire 4 is here to help us restore order.  And everything will be running on time before you know it.  Until then, wear Fluorite for peace and protection.


Sunday 02/21/16

The Sun, Uranus, Venus and Jupiter all want to take you on an odyssey beyond your current state of contentment.  It can be a really good thing for you to reach a little further but it is vital that you think very carefully before you work with this energy.  Remember that the Pisces Sun makes it very simple to accept and trust everything without hesitation.  Venus and Jupiter will entice you to initiate outer changes in an effort to improve and beautify yourself and/or your surroundings.  But do they really need improvement and do you have enough common sense to avoid going to extremes?  The Sun and Uranus will drive you to take decisive actions, but do you know what you’re doing and why?  Missteps are almost guaranteed right now unless you take the time to think things through very carefully and ask yourself all the right questions.  If you cannot find a satisfactory answer then stop and wait before you do anything that will bring changes that you may not be ready to accept.  Blue Tiger Eye will help you to ask yourself the right questions, while Moonstone lets you relax and not let the energy drive you into anything you are not prepared to handle.  

Number of the day: 5

Sometimes you just have to see what else is out there.  You have to see what is behind other doors and try out new paths to adventure.  Sapphire will keep you headed in the best direction.


Monday 02/22/16

The current cosmic energy is designed to send you on inner quests to discover more about yourself and what makes you happy. That theme continues today with Venus and Mars directing your inner focus to look outward and be very subjective as you question what does and doesn’t inspire you in your current environment. You’re going to recognize the need to have things in your surroundings and relationships that produce a spark of ingenuity and creativity within you.  This is personal energy and what excites you could seem lifeless and dull to another.  You want to concentrate your energy on your needs and avoid worrying about others’ opinions and input.  You have a Full Moon in Virgo making this the perfect time to figure out what you can do to help yourself and put an end to procrastination and do something about it!  Ruby will give you the courage and tenacity to do what you need to get done. Use Citrine to trust yourself and take the actions you know are necessary for your well-being.

Number of the day: 6

Empathetic 6 encourages us to help others, while it reminds you there is enough of everything for each of us to uncover our own bliss.  Moonstone will remind you to take care of yourself as you care for others.


Tuesday 02/23/16

You could get yourself into a lot of trouble today with a Jupiter/Chiron opposition doing its darnedest to lead you astray.  It won’t appear that way as the day begins and you find yourself looking for more meaning in the various elements of your life.  It is natural to want to understand as much as possible about the relationships and activities that are important to us.  This transit can make you feel as if you are missing some key piece of information and it becomes imperative that you uncover it.  Conversely, others may feel there is something you are keeping from them and they will attempt to extract that information from you.  While we are all consumed by our quest for the truth, it will be difficult to recognize whether there is something to actually seek or if we are just feeling a change within ourselves that requires a deeper look.  This energy is best used for introspection and working towards understanding who you really are and what will make you truly happy.  Otherwise you run the risk of become stressed when you can’t find what never really existed and disrupting your environment by creating and buying into non-existent problems.     Serpentine will help you to keep your focus within, while Blue Sapphire encourages you to retain a realistic perspective on what is going on in your life.

Number of the day: 7

7 can help you to discover what is hidden in the dark that, when brought to light, can make a significant difference.  Take time to go within and use Selenite for guidance.



Posted on February 15, 2016
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