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WEEK OF 02/15/17 - 02/21/17


Wednesday 02/15/07

You will notice a definitive shift in your attitude and perceptions today with the Moon and Uranus shaking things up around you and within you.  It could be outer activities that jolt you out of complacency or a dawning inner awareness that makes you realize you need to change your patterns if you want to change the results. Your emotional reactions will be different than usual and may feel uncomfortable at first.  You want to trust them to guide you because they are taking you where you need to go. Carry Inclusion Quartz to be open to those new feelings.  While things could be upsetting as they’re happening, they will leave a positive and optimistic energy behind.  Use it with Brecciated Jasper to clear the air and yourself of old moods and behaviors.  This is your chance at a fresh start, so take it!


Thursday 02/16/17

You will be bursting with initiative and drive all day with Mercury and Mars sending very supportive vibes.  They are in a sextile transit that is dosing out equal parts of imagination and confidence combined with activity and decisiveness.  You can envision it.  You can do it.  You can make it happen.  You will be especially attentive, so work with Fluorite to help you retain what you learn and find the best use for your newfound information.  You need to stay busy and engaged to feel your best right now.  Sodalite will help you to maintain a healthy pace mentally and physically.


Friday 02/17/17

You might expect a reversal of fortune when Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance, goes into its annual retrograde period.  Luckily the opposite is true!  Jupiter's energy is outwardly directed, so it surrounds us with all kinds of stuff.   Some you may want and some you won't, but you still have to deal with all of it.  It can be burdensome and stressful but that energy disappears with the shift that occurs during its retrograde.  Things become simpler and you are able to focus inwardly on what you really want.  Green Aventurine is perfect to help you use that focus to align your intentions with your true wants.  This means you are spending your personal energy going after what matters the most to you, instead of accepting or rejecting everything that comes your way.   You can actually attract more opportunities for abundance when Jupiter turns its energy inward.  You'll have this energy until June, so there is plenty of time to make it work for you.  Mahogany Obsidian will support you as you create the fulfillment and happiness that matters most to you.


Saturday 02/18/17

Have you ever noticed how celestial bodies “slip” into Pisces?  It’s as if Pisces energy is so delicate and fragile that a full on move will be too much for it to handle. You will feel the power that Pisces wields for yourself when the Sun moves into this final sign of the Zodiac today.  Pisces teaches the value of your emotions and feelings.   It wants you to break free of relying solely on actions and thoughts and instead utilize your instinct and intuition. It takes incredible strength & insight to realize that it isn’t about physical accomplishments or a state of mind…it is about how you feel.  This Pisces influence will challenge you to check in with yourself and truly acknowledge how you feel about where you are before you move forward.  This means you need to take a look back to see how you got here.  Amethyst will help make this a positive and enlightening experience. You don’t want to use this as an excuse for blame and condemnation of yourself and others.  Now is your time to discover and draw from new insights and abilities, so use Botswana Agate to reach deeper levels of your perceptions and subconscious. Keep your favorite grounding crystal close because that will help you apply the knowledge you gain in the physical world.     


Sunday 02/19/17

Mercury and Pluto are offering you the chance to let it all out.   Those deeply buried emotions that you don’t want anyone (including yourself) to acknowledge.  The thoughts that keep you awake all night, but disappear with the rise of the Sun.  The deeply held beliefs that you pretend don’t matter as you struggle to follow a different vision.  You could attempt to politely decline this offer and keep it all in the dark.  It is all so comfortable and familiar there, but don’t be fooled because the light will find it during this transit.  When it does you could find yourself releasing in unpredictable, erratic and stressful ways that make the process more difficult than it needs to be.  You want to be prepared to release with a positive mind and a healthy attitude, so use Pietersite to help you recognize the importance of this moment.  You don’t have to broadcast to the world, but you do need to allow yourself to express your feelings.   Celestite will enable you to find healthy ways to release without feeling as if you are overreacting and out of control.


Monday 02/20/17

Any Mercury/Uranus combination is going to be about changing your mind.  Today’s transit encourages you to do that by changing the kind of information your brain is receiving from your outside world.  Go somewhere new.  Try a different routine.  Interact with an individual or group that you have never met before.  Change what is going on in your daily life and your thoughts will be stimulated into creating new ones.  Those new thoughts will reinvigorate old ideas and open you to all kinds of inspiration.  Change your mind and the rest will follow, because you realize that anything is possible. That is the kind of insight that kicks off all great things.  Don’t you deserve everything to be great?  Amazonite gives you the courage to be open to the process, while Moss Agate helps you process what you gain and use it to your greatest advantage.


Tuesday 02/21/17

Mars in Aries produces a passionate, spirited energy and you will be feeling it quite intensely during its semi-square with the Sun.  You are impetuous, combative and ready to go all in.  You mistakenly believe that if that creates controversy and argument, it will help you generate even more power.   It can be hard to realize that you don’t need to wage a war to make a difference.  That’s a whole lot of energy that could be used more strategically.  A Mercury/Jupiter trine will help you balance all that excitement and drive.  This transit is about being mindful and using positive thoughts and ideas as a catalyst for change.  Carnelian helps you combine your insights with your desire to take action. This will make all the difference because the best of energies won’t do you any good unless you find a positive way to use them.  Use Aquamarine for focus and direction that makes a productive and lasting impact.



Posted on February 14, 2017

    (Submitted by: Ser_Al on February 16, 2017)

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