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WEEK OF 02/10/16 - 02/16/16


Wednesday 02/10/16

Venus will be working with Jupiter and the Moon to bring us a happy, sociable and luxurious day.  You are going to want to treat yourself and others to valuable experiences, gatherings and even items.  You could have a hard time controlling the time, money and energy that you spend on these pleasures with Jupiter's expansive influence.  Fortunately, the Moon will enable you to see that it is the quality that matters more right now and so you can remain comfortably within your means and still indulge.  Everyone will be more sensitive and vulnerable in a manner that builds and strengthens trust and loyalty in our relationships.  As the day draws to a close, you may find yourself longing for something new without knowing specifically what that means for you.  That will be a Sun/Jupiter transit that wants you to recognize modifications that may be necessary in order for you to advance.  Lemurian Crystal can help you find answers to those questions about what you want to bring in to your life and what you will need to change to achieve it.   There is an abundance of delightful energy today and Carnelian will remind you to relax and enjoy it.  

Number of the day: 3

The energy of 3 will give you an extra boost to focus on the sunny side of things. Rutilated Quartz will brighten your thoughts and let you act from a happy place.


Thursday 02/11/16

What is making you uncomfortable and why?  A Sun/Moon transit will have you seeking the answers to that question as today's energy drives you to find a way to make your outer actions peacefully coexist with your state of mind.  We all must do things that we don't want to, whether it is daily or occasionally, and that recognition of necessity can make us numb to our true feelings.  It won't be easy to hide those feelings from yourself or others right now.  Don't think they are coming out of hiding to complicate your life or bring you stress.  You have to understand the true cause of your discomfort before you can find ways to alleviate it - and that is what this transit can do for you.  Larimar will encourage you to honestly acknowledge your concerns to yourself.  Peach Quartz will help you find ways to heal and repair whatever is bothering you.

Number of the day: 4

4 enhances your personal power.  It will help you to make everything happen just as it should and keep you on track.  Carry Tiger Iron to use this skillful energy.


Friday 02/12/16

You will be feeling pretty good today as long as you don’t think too hard or look too deeply into the source of your elated mood.  Venus and Neptune are portraying lots of pretty scenarios where everything is exactly as you hoped it would be, but they are not showing you the whole picture.  Beneath the dreams lie truths that won’t be easy to recognize under this influence.  It is definitely okay to enjoy the atmosphere, but not to invest too much of yourself in it.  You are going to have to deal with reality eventually and, the more you have bought into the illusion, the harder that will be.  Cinnabar can give you the sensibility you need to hold off on personal and financial commitments.  Coral Calcite will remind you that there is no reason that your dreams cannot become reality – it just may take more effort than you will be able to realize right now.

Number of the day: 5

5 encourages you to feel free to explore every possibility.  Use it to explore all of the avenues available to you before focusing on your ideal situation.  Rainbow Moonstone offers wisdom.


Saturday 02/13/16

Yesterday may have been about imagining, but today is all about doing!  A Mars/Jupiter sextile is going to put you to work and get you into action mode – and you will love every second of it.    You are motivated, excited and optimistic about the challenges and accomplishments that are ahead as you go after what you want.  Do you even know what that is?  If you haven’t been quite sure, then expect to have a very different mindset under this influence.  Actions are mental and spiritual as well as physical and this transit has a very positive impact on them all.  It will be easy to decide upon a goal and commit yourself to doing the work that will lead directly to your inevitable success.  All that you really need to do to take advantage of this beneficial energy is to greet it with an open mind and can-do attitude.  Banded Amethyst will reinforce your mental and spiritual commitment, while Green Quartz energizes and supports you physically. 

Number of the day: 6

6 carries an idealistic energy that can take you a long way towards realizing your goals and produce a harmonious outcome.  Morganite will enhance your intentions.


Sunday 02/14/16

Did you notice your mind beginning to drift and found if more difficult to maintain focus later yesterday?  That will be Mercury and Neptune breaking up the direction of your thoughts as they moved into a semi-square transit.  That energy could continue through today, so don’t worry if you cannot continue that high level of energy that you were working with yesterday.  You don’t want to try to push ahead without a clear head because it will only result in delays and setbacks that could produce feelings of failure.  Take it easy and let your mind go where it wants to for the moment.  Time is working with you so allow yourself to enjoy the break it is offering.  There is plenty of stuff ahead that will demand your full concentration, so use Lithium Quartz to use this time to relax and revive yourself.  Lapis Lazuli will help you find the focus to manage any necessary tasks.

Number of the day: 7

Methodical 7 can be your ally as your structure comes in to question.  It will help you to find all of the answers and learn as much as you can before you move forward.  Chalcopyrite will help you gather information.


Monday 02/15/16

A Mars/Moon sextile is going to heighten your awareness of things that matter to you.  This energy won't focus on the general elements of your life like family, friends, or work and it isn't about obligations or goals.  It wants you to ask yourself what is it that gives you a thrill....and why aren't you doing more of it!    This transit is a clear and powerful sign that it is time for less thinking and more doing.  Doubts and fears are replaced with self-confidence and you won't be questioning what is right or wrong.  You instinctually know what is right for you and you’ll feel empowered to just do it.  You know that you have the resources and self- reliance to do as you please and that initiative will not only gain others’ respect, but be an inspiration for them to follow your lead.  At first glance you may feel as if you’re being challenged to take a risk, but that isn’t where this influence wants to take you.  This is a period of conscious enlightenment that can help you live your life in a manner that is comfortable and natural.  That is not easily accomplished for many of us, so use Rhodochrosite to amplify the benefits of this transit.   Bronzite will focus your actions and strengthen your ability to take control of your life.

Number of the day: 8

8 embodies and understands the power of balance.  Just look at its shape and you can feel the marriage of the spiritual and material.  Use Lepidolite to help you combine these energies in your life.


Tuesday 02/16/16

If you are feeling restricted right now, you won’t need to look far to uncover what is binding you.  The Sun and Saturn are in a quintile that will cause you to enforce your own self-disciplinary behaviors.  This transit wants you to recognize and acknowledge your personal limitations so you can figure out how they can help you to achieve your goals.  You may need to strengthen some restrictions while you release others, but you’ll be the sole source of those choices.  Just as we are masters of our destiny, we are also in control of how we achieve it.  This transit can help you to discover which boundaries you need to work within and which you can stretch a little further – and possibly even break right through – to take you further along your journey towards success.  Insight will be valuable while working with this energy, so carry Dendritic Agate (or any Agate) to keep you alert and aware.   Dalmatian Jasper will remind you of the importance of boundaries in a well-balanced life.

Number of the day: 9

9 helps you to understand your place within the world.  Zebra Jasper helps you to feel the connection and reminds you to make the best possible choices.



Posted on February 08, 2016
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