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WEEK OF 02/08/17 - 02/14/17


Wednesday 02/08/17

You could be so busy seeing things that aren’t there that you completely miss the true message.  The Moon and Mercury will be in a transit that gives you the ability to look deeper, but also become easily confused.  When receiving information you want to be alert and listening to really understand what is being conveyed.  There is more than one level to everything and, if you want to see all of them, then you must pay attention during the process.  Likewise, this is a good time to express your beliefs and ideas.  Your insight is heightened, giving you a greater understanding of your full vision.  You will be able to make others understand you.  Selenite lets you gain the full value of this energy and participate in truly meaningful interactions.  Be cautious that you are not distracted by your own thoughts and potential responses.  This leaves you bewildered and unsure of what is going on around you.  Focus and clarity are vital assets right now and Tanzanite will help you find those when you need them.


Thursday 02/09/17

The Sun and Uranus are creating the perfect atmosphere for problem solving, tackling challenging situations and enacting change. Now is when you want to put some actions behind your dreams and those promises you have made to yourself.  You can stop wasting energy on those things holding you back and direct it towards finding and utilizing the resources you need to make things happen.  Those resources are already there and just waiting for you to discover them.  You are going to have to move beyond what is familiar and you are ready.  Amethyst Cacoxenite will boost your motivation and courage.  The elements of Air and Fire are working hard in your favor right now with a mix of Aquarius (Sun) and Aries (Uranus).  Use it with Blue Quartz to get your ideas and hopes out of your head and into your life.   


Friday 02/10/17

Now that you’ve gotten things started with changing your life, you have Mercury and Venus to gain momentum.  They are producing super friendly energy that you can use to gather partners, supporters and even clients.  You made a promise to yourself and now it’s time to let society know what you are working to accomplish.  Chalcopyrite helps you use your charms when presenting yourself and reminds you to play to your audience.  You want every advantage you can get and there are plenty to be gained during this influence!  Use this energy to find your community and connections.  These are important elements to our success and well-being.  If you have felt this area is not as strong as it could be, then try shifting your focus away from yourself and towards others.  What you send out determines what comes back and this is particularly true in relationships.  Clear Quartz will make your signal loud and clear.  It’s up to you to fill it with the most positive of energies.  The Lunar cycle heats up today with a Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Leo.  You'll be feeling jubilant and won't be able to contain your excitement as you are naturally overcome with emotion.  You want to balance this energy so it remains positive, so carry Carnelian for personal grounding.


Saturday 02/11/17

The recurring theme of attentive progress continues with a Sun/Jupiter trine that encourages continued growth.  You will notice that whatever you have started is moving along at a healthy and positive pace.  If you haven’t quite gotten something off the ground then here is the final nudge you need to get moving.  You are happy and excited with what you have already accomplished and eager to take things to the next level.  You will need to take a chance, but that feels like part of the fun.  Ambitious Mars and visionary Neptune add their energy to the mix.  Their transit combines vision with action and now you have the additional incentive of realizing your dreams can come true.  You know that nothing can keep you from the success and abundance that you are working to gain.  Garnet supports the truth you already know…it is time to go after your highest goals!  Tiger Eye will help you find the confidence to go after what you desire - no matter how challenging it might seem.  You will know without a doubt that nothing is impossible.


Sunday 02/12/17

Before you express your thoughts today, pause and think carefully about all of the reactions it may receive.  Temperance will be your ally while Mercury is in a transit that breeds misunderstanding and conflict.  It’s as if everyone is looking to either hurt or be hurt.  You do not want to get caught up in this negative cycle because you will end up feeling awful and may potentially cause damage.  Carry Angelite to keep communications light or to yourself for now.  You may be feeling uncooperative when it comes to adhering to the usual rules and social niceties.  It may seem that breaking and/or ignoring them will be performing a service for yourself and others.  It won’t and the results will only hurt you and your cause.  You may recognize a true need for positive change, but now is not the best time to lead that initiative.   Dalmatian Jasper will help you find the patience to wait for the right moment.


Monday 02/13/17

Adaptability, creativity and curiosity are a few of the behaviors you want to enjoy with Mercury and Uranus adding a spark to your day.  You want to engage in something new.  You want to feel excited about each experience you encounter.  You want to explore the unknown.  You may need to set your routine and responsibilities aside for now and that sounds like an excellent idea.  It may be the one that triggers your imagination into creating and following more brilliant ideas.  Use Fluorite to be open-minded and see the path of new opportunities that is coming to meet you.  When you return to your responsibilities and commitments, you will see them with a fresh perspective.  Fire Agate helps you realize that now you are the one bringing the spark that will revitalize and heal old patterns.


Tuesday 02/14/17

There are plenty of highs and lows with a variety of energies coming at you fast.  A Sun/Saturn sextile sets you up nicely to turn thoughts into actions. You are able to see things with a practical eye and to approach the tasks ahead with discipline and focus.  You are aware that it make take a while, but confident that you will get the job done.  Mercury gets in Saturn’s path and suddenly you are confronted with delays and problems.  While this will slow the pace even more, you want to retain your diligent behaviors while giving your mind breathing room to adapt to changing circumstances.  Jupiter & Chiron will attempt to throw you off course with doubts about your intentions and abilities.  Some will be insignificant and you want to brush those aside, but others will persist.  If you can’t stop thinking about it, then you need to pay attention. Epidote will help you adapt throughout the day.  A flexible mind and a willingness to trust your instincts will be invaluable at keeping you on track.  You’ll be more inspired by your imagination than sticking to plans and schedules once Neptune steps in later in the day.  Black Onyx helps you feel comfortable shifting your focus and confident you’ll be able to get it back where it needs to be when the time is right.      



Posted on February 07, 2017

    (Submitted by: Ser_Al on February 13, 2017)

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