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WEEK OF 02/04/15 – 02/10/15


Wednesday 02/04/15

Mars and Jupiter will complicate your routine today as you will be thrown off of your usual energetic flow.   You will likely feel some inner discord and outwardly things are just not going as they usually do.  As your stress builds so will your urge to compensate by either taking on more than usual or doing less.  You want to avoid going to extremes even if it seems that is the only answer.  Use this as a chance to strengthen your ability to approach challenges from a place of calm and reason.  A Sun/Chiron transit later in the day will help you realize this is a valuable opportunity to learn and grow from experience.  Black and/or Watermelon Tourmaline can help you to avoid extreme measures, while Aquamarine shows you how to find reason in the face of dilemmas. 

Number of the day: 5

Every moment presents a new opportunity, so let 5 release your adventurous side.   Red Tiger Eye will motivate you to push past any concerns or fears of risk.


Thursday 02/05/15

There is a clear and evident change to the atmosphere with Mercury and Saturn in a productive sextile transit.  You are organized, determined and well-prepared to act on your plans.  Your decisions will be well-thought-out and you will feel confident in your ability to achieve your desired results.  If you are in the planning stage, then this is an opportune time to make the move towards execution.  Yes, Mercury is still retrograde, which typically makes this a better time for restraint, but you don’t want to miss out on utilizing this supportive energy.  Take it slow and steady for now and things will gain momentum when the time is right.  Mars steps in later in the day with other ideas about your pace.  You will feel pressured to move faster, work harder and achieve more.  Don’t let Mars disturb your plans and push you past your comfort zone.  Stay focused - Tanzanite will help you to keep to your timeline and maintain an air of patience.  Carry Serpentine as a reminder that by staying focused you will get to where you need to be.

Number of the day: 6

There is nothing more empowering than knowing everything will be alright.  6 encourages you to trust that the natural order leads us to our best possible place.  Meditate with Botswana Agate to feel the love of the Universe.


Friday 02/06/15

It only happens once a year, but the potential effect is powerful enough to change everything.  The Sun and Jupiter are in an opposition and that will have you questioning what you’re doing and where you’re headed in relation to your dreams, ambitions and responsibilities.  This transit challenges you to think about your current and future goals and the actions that you are - or are not - taking to achieve them.  Conflicts between duty and desire are likely to arise, so there is a strong potential for inner turmoil and frustration.   It may not be easy, but if you are open to working with this energy, it will help you to gauge if you are on the right track and if you really understand what that means for you.  This is a particularly helpful transit if you are stuck on an idea or in a pattern that is just not working for you.  Rainbow Fluorite will offer clarity when it comes to your present plans. Charoite will encourage you to consider other possibilities to see if they might be a better fit.

Number of the day: 7

Take the time to consider your options and calculate your next move.  7 can connect your head with your heart for a cooperative approach to every situation.  Amethyst encourages positive and productive connections.


Saturday 02/07/15

Are you ready to bring some new energy into your life?  Venus and Uranus are producing the perfect atmosphere for an adventure and you will be eager and excited to try something different.  This is an especially favorable transit to join a new group or class, as social situations will be both enjoyable and beneficial.  Uranus will make sure that your usual reservations are relaxed and Venus will infuse everything with a joyful and cooperative energy.  You want to keep things light for the best use of this transit since this is a time for experimentation and education rather than commitments.  Moonstone will encourage you to be open to the spirit of the energy.  Use Green Quartz for a touch of caution especially when it comes to finances.

Number of the day: 8

A burst of energy can be beneficial but it is even more useful when you use it to find the equilibrium that can sustain you.  8 reminds us that consistency is a key element to any kind of progress.  White Aventurine will encourage commitment.


Sunday 02/08/15

We are constant explorers with the mission to see what will work best for us on a long term basis.  You may have recently uncovered the seeds of a new passion - perhaps as recently as yesterday if you took advantage of the Venus/Uranus energy!   Now a Venus/Pluto sextile will help you to take this opportunity for personal growth and expansion and run with it.  You will have focus and confidence and the ability to find the resources that you need to proceed.  This energy will also invigorate any current interests and projects that could use a burst of excitement.   Sodalite has regenerative healing energy that can revitalize current projects.  Topaz will assist as you begin the process to get your new endeavor off the ground. 

Number of the day: 9

9 challenges you to look at your many roles and to recognize that we each have an effect on others. So what kind of difference will you make today?  Orange Calcite guarantees it will be the most positive.


Monday 02/09/15

Venus and Chiron want to help you activate a new cycle that is free of older, harmful energies.  You may experience past hurts and insecurities as they re-emerge in order to be recognized and healed.  This can make for an uncomfortable day and the healing process will not be an easy one.  It is important that you are realistic and accepting when it comes to what you expect from yourself and others.  Trust is a major element of this transit and you will need to give in to that in order to gain the benefits of revitalization.  A Mercury/Venus semi-square will add further challenges by adding issues with communications and an overly sensitive atmosphere.  Our wandering minds may not be able to fully grasp what we are being told no matter how truthful, earnest and vital they might be.  You want to remain aware and actively engaged to receive the amazing value of interactions throughout the day. Blue Aventurine will give you the presence and understanding you need to find positive answers.  Carry Black Agate to manage emotions and use them to your benefit.  

Number of the day: 1

Your individual thoughts and actions will always dominate when the energy of 1 is present.  Take the lead.  Be proactive.  Be positive.  All of the rest will follow in time.  Pyrite will set you on the best path.


Tuesday 02/10/15

You can expect to feel the lure of indulgence today with Venus and Jupiter urging you to enjoy more of the things that you love.  The trick is that you may want to ignore any less enjoyable duties and believe it is okay to sacrifice your normal responsibilities.  It will be a challenge to maintain your equilibrium between work and play right now, which makes it a vital component to enjoying this energy.  It can be healthy and empowering to enjoy an extravagance but you need to keep things in balance in order to maintain the positive flow of energy throughout yourself and your environment.  Your dedication to keeping things in perspective will also prevent any possible disappointment from unrealistic expectations.  Use Dalmatian Jasper for harmony and Fire Agate to let loose and enjoy the day.

Number of the day: 2

Opportunities for cooperation and conciliation are abundant when 2 rules the day.  It reminds us that everything is made up of parts and by bringing those together you build a greater whole.  Rainbow Aura will enhance your efforts towards unity.


Posted on February 03, 2015
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