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WEEK OF 02/01/17 - 02/07/17


Wednesday 02/01/07

A Mercury/Chiron sextile starts our new month with the opportunity to tackle old and current problems with a fresh view.  It will be easier to let others know how you really feel and they are more receptive to the truth and passion behind your words.  If you want to make something better, then this is the day to do it.  Rose Quartz will help you use your actions to become a part of the healing atmosphere.  You can do a lot of good for yourself and others without even realizing it.  Use Kyanite to really listen to what others need for you to know.  That is the part we often forget when working towards beneficial and transformative communications.


Thursday 02/02/17

Yesterday communications were supportive, but today they could be a hindrance.  A Mercury/Jupiter square is amplifying the quantity and presence of outside influences.  Basically you will have so much noise coming from the outside that you won’t be able to focus on what is going on in your own mind.  Dumortierite can assist when you need to find a quiet place (either physically or mentally) in order to find some peace and concentrate.  You may not be able to hear your inner voice when it comes to deciding if any of that stuff coming at you has any quality or meaning.  Use Optical Calcite for clarity and to know when to hold back.


Friday 02/03/17

You are the one creating an aura of excess today.  A Sun/Venus semi-square makes you naturally long for more material stuff and opulence.  That unruly desire is sure to lead towards dissatisfaction since you not only don’t know what you really want, but you have no clue how to get it.  Mercury and Saturn can help decide what is important when they come together in a semi-sextile.   Once you make a choice they will help you find ways to feed your motivation.  Black Tourmaline encourages you to use the tension proactively to create something of value for yourself.  Dendritic Agate draws opportunities your way.  Be ready to take advantage of them!


Saturday 02/04/17

You want to try to avoid partaking in anything that requires scrutiny and/or finesse.  Mercury and Neptune will make it a challenge to use your talents and skills because mentally you will be off in dreamland.  Since others are feeling the same as you, it is putting everyone on edge.  You know that you are ill-equipped and unprepared to manage tasks and situations.  Still, it will be hard to be comfortable pushing them off for a more opportune time, so use Sodalite for timing and patience.  If you have to push ahead then use caution and carry Turquoise to focus your thoughts on the task at hand.  It will make a huge difference. 


Sunday 02/05/17

The energy of Mars gets you out the door and moving with purpose. You are sure to notice an extra spring in your step and increased motivation during its tour through Aries.    This pairing awakens an instinctual aggression to go after what you want, protect what is yours and not let anything get in your way.  We temper and often repress that drive in our efforts to adhere and conform to society, so it can feel intense when those filters seem to fall away.  You can expect to act impulsively, fearlessly and decisively during this time and you will get results from your pursuits.  You just want to make sure those results are positive, so work with Yellow Calcite for purpose that includes care for your fellow man.  It is easy to think winning at any cost has to be your primary goal, only to discover you actually end up losing with that kind of mindset.  If you’ve been lost and perplexed here is the energy to snap you out of it!  Moldavite keeps you prepared for the new adventures ahead.


Monday 02/06/17

Have you been playing it safe to keep things stable?  The Sun and Pluto want to help you get out of that pattern and into the habit of following your instincts.  You are going to be challenged to let go of the illusion that that there is only one way to maintain a sense of well-being and security.  Now is the time to listen to your inner voice and trust what it is telling you.  Go towards what is calling you and know that you will have the emotional support and physical compensation you need to be successful.  Tiger Eye will help you move past fears and doubts and use them as motivation instead of allowing them to hold you back.  Change can never be avoided, so work with Labradorite to actively pursue it and create the life you want and deserve. All it takes is one step to set you on a new path.  If that is what you need, then this is your moment to take that step.


Tuesday 02/07/17

You feel the need to stop and potentially take a step back during today’s Venus/Moon transit.  It won’t matter whether you are headed in a new direction or continuing on an established path, because you are being forced to question what you really want.  We don’t always take the time to perform that kind of introspection.  It can be uncomfortable and/or feel as if it is getting in the way of accomplishing our short & long term goals.  There are endless benefits to working with this energy and considering what is truly most important to you.  The immediate effect you can expect is relief because it is burdensome to be working hard, feeling unsatisfied, and not knowing why.  Now you know what you really want - what is most important - and can begin the process of figuring out how to get it. Moonstone gives you the courage to look within and Ruby helps you recognize how to use what you find to make changes that are for the better.




Posted on January 30, 2017
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