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WEEK OF 01/28/15 - 02/03/15 

Wednesday 01/28/15

Mercury has a significant impact today as it is in two favorable transits.  Self-expression is an influential element in your life because it lets others see who you are and what you are all about.  Positive self-expression begins with how you see yourself and, with Mercury Retrograde in a sextile with Uranus, this is a fabulous opportunity to think about who you are and try different methods of presenting yourself to the world.  Try a new style, associate with new kinds of people or even take a different route in your travels.  You want to tap in to the artistic vibe and remember that there is an art to everything that you put out into the world.  Mercury will move on to Mars, making you excited and ready to be creative – especially when it comes to performing old and/or recurring tasks.  This is a wonderful day to discover something new about yourself and invite new energies into your life.  Angelite will encourage you to explore parts of yourself that have not come out to play in a while.  Howlite can help you relax and enjoy the creative vibe.

Number of the day: 1

Your will decides your fate.  What you think and what you want will influence everything.  Black Agate will give you confidence in your power.

Thursday 01/29/15

While yesterday's internal influence is diminished, the extroverted energy of Mars and Uranus in a semi-sextile picks up speed to carry you forward.  You not only see the necessity and the benefits of bringing change into your life, but you are ready to actively and progressively go after it.  This is action-oriented energy that lets you know the time for thinking is evolving into the time of doing!  You will be willing to take the necessary risks and do whatever it takes to make things happen.  Use this energy to step up and put your ideas into action.  Don’t be concerned if that action is about letting an idea go because that means you are ready to try something else and that is very empowering!  Use Golden Tiger Eye to turn thoughts into actions and Nephrite Jade to see how those risks will bring amazing results.

Number of the day: 2

 You are ready to get something started and the energy is geared towards you getting exactly what you want.  Be sure you know what that is and you are willing to put in the time and effort.  Tanzanite offers insight and incentive.

Friday 01/30/15

You may begin your day wondering if you do know what you want and if you have what it takes to get it.  That will be a Venus/Saturn square filling you with doubt that you can use to your advantage.  Consider this day a wake-up call that gives you the opportunity to fully commit to a course of action.  Whether that action is to proceed as planned or revise your strategy is completely up to you.  The point is that you want to do something rather than do nothing and letting the energy overcome your drive.  Mars and Pluto in a sextile will help you turn those concerns into a powerful motivator that boosts your confidence and gets you on the path towards success. Furthermore, the Sun and Mercury are in a helpful transit where problem-solving is favored and you can successfully figure out how to get past any obstacle.  Chrysocolla will relieve the stress of questions that may be difficult to ask and help you to calmly find the best answer.  Fire Agate helps you to proceed with confidence.

Number of the day: 3

If you feel apprehensive, use the energy of 3 for optimistic confidence.  It will replace doubts and fears with a sense of adventure that encourages you to experiment. Citrine will light your way.

Saturday 01/31/15

Any lingering doubts from yesterday could be amplified by a Mars/Chiron transit if you are complacent instead of actively working to confront them.  You recognize the potential in your dreams, but you’re not sure if you have what it takes to achieve them.  Mars is in Pisces and that will fuel the negativity as we question how anyone can do anything positive or make any kind of difference when it appears that everything is against them.  It will be easy to take the defensive approach and look for outside entities to blame for your mood and circumstance. You have the strength and the insight to recognize the truth – the only thing that can stop you is You!  If you’re going to fight then fight for that.  Clear Quartz is essential to fuel your efforts towards maintaining a positive attitude.  Carry Green Aventurine for self-confidence and to see the good things it will attract.

Number of the day: 4

4 can help you to manage the details and structure them to get you where you need to be.  Carry Garnet to let its energy keep you steady and on track.

Sunday 02/01/15

February begins with two lovely, harmonious transits.  The Sun and Moon are in a trine, bringing your outer and inner selves into complete agreement with each other.  All of the conflicting thoughts, emotions and beliefs over the last few days will fall away and you will realize that you are already your best self.   Both the Sun and Moon are in Air signs, bringing even more harmony into the day.  It is an excellent time to communicate with others and let them see how much you have to offer.  Be sure to add some private time to your schedule to contemplate how good your life is now and all the great places that you are headed.  Venus and Neptune add a spiritual energy that will stir your imagination, allow you to see (and feel) the beauty that surrounds you and encourage you to add your own special creative touch to your environment.  Botswana Agate will help you to share your gifts and energy.  Use Pink Tourmaline to know that the unconditional trust and love you put out will be returned in kind.

Number of the day: 11

11 energy is a gift to make you aware of the abundance of cooperation at your disposal. Use it along with Rainbow Aura to bring all the parts together to build your perfect scenario. 

Monday 02/02/15

Affirmative energy continues to resonate throughout the atmosphere with several favorable transits today.  Mercury and Venus in a semi-sextile will have you feeling sociable and gregarious.  This is a good time to commit to joint ventures because you see the positive impact it will produce in everyone’s life.  Then Mercury moves on to Neptune and you will be inspired by your environment.  As you add your energy to the mix you will become part of the environment and get the chance to inspire others.  The Sun and Uranus will join in to produce their special brand of excitement and you will respond by being flexible and happy to adapt to changing circumstances.  Overall, this is simply a great day and you will be curious and excited to see what kind of impact it will have on you. You want to be out in it and not sitting alone, so Leopardskin Jasper will support you in your work with others while Rhodonite helps you to feel the many positive effects of your outreach.

Number of the day: 3

There is simply a natural joy to the energy of 3 - the trick is to know that it is there!  Rhodochrosite allows the most positive of your physical being, mental being and spiritual being to shine through and infuse the others with your own personal joy.

Tuesday 02/03/15

The Sun and Pluto are going to help you breathe new life into all of your current enterprises and future goals.  Use their combined energy to do your research and uncover resources that will help you get what you want.  It won’t take too much effort to gather important information that will enable you to refine your current strategy or build a new one.  It will be well worth your time because, besides gaining new insights, you will also give yourself a burst of energy that will help you to approach everything with a new and lively attitude.  Use Unakite to study and learn and Rose Quartz to accept.

Number of the day: 4

Solid, steady and structured are traits shared by Earth and the energy of 4.  Take a moment to feel the awesome energy of the Earth and enjoy your state as a physical being.  Tree Agate can be a constant resource when you need this grounding energy.



Posted on January 27, 2015
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