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WEEK OF 01/27/16 - 02/02/16


Wednesday 01/27/16

Earlier today a Sun/Moon transit had you questioning the differences between what you want and what may be right.  Whether you reached a satisfactory conclusion to this dilemma or not, you’ll still feel some stress as the Sun moves on to a similar transit with Jupiter.  Now you wonder if you are expecting too much from yourself, from others and from the world in general.  Jupiter always pushes us to extremes and beyond because that is its function.  It is up to us to temper that energy with a realistic understanding of our capabilities and resources.  Jupiter wants you to know that nothing is beyond your grasp but you need to know what it will take to reach it and that will be driven home by this energy.  It could slow you down with fears of impending failure or it could motivate you to figure out exactly what you need for success and how you are going to achieve it.  You may decide that your goal isn’t worth the effort, but don’t feel defeated by your choice.  Morganite will remind you how letting go will enable you to develop new, more meaningful goals.  If you do decide to proceed, then Red Tiger Eye will spur your determination and revival.

Number of the day: 1

Your will decides your fate.  What you think and what you want will influence everything.  Black Agate will give you confidence in your power.

Thursday 01/28/16

There’s been a theme to the energy over the last few days and it continues with a Sun/Neptune semi-sextile that reminds us of a crucial element to our success.  Dreams are wonderful and vital things to have, but they are not enough.  A belief, idea, thought or declaration only reaches its potential when it is backed by actions.  You have got to take practical steps to get what you want because dreams don’t come true all by themselves.  It may become very clear right now whether you want to keep your fantasies and enjoy them as they are, or bring them into the real world and see where they can take you.  Blue Tourmaline will give you the clarity you need to decide how you want to proceed.  Once you are ready to act, then Chrysoprase will help you take those first steps – and remember that they can be small ones and they will still begin your new journey.

Number of the day: 2

Patience comes from knowing that everything is possible and every dream does come true.  Tree Agate enhances your faith in the inevitable.

Friday 01/29/16

A Mars/Saturn transit is going to help you take whatever you have begun a few steps further, whether you are still at the idea stage or have taken physical actions.  Your role becomes clearer as you know exactly what you need to do and the necessary steps that must be taken in order to progress.  You are going to feel a powerful duty to yourself and others to fulfill your purpose and you will become aware just how capable you are of reaching your goals.  This is an excellent time for preparation as well as direct actions, but you don’t want to attempt any shortcuts.  Take the most direct road – not matter how much work it brings – and you will see results.  A Venus/Chiron transit will join in and show you how healing and liberating taking control of your life and its direction will feel.  Use Ruby in Zoisite for insight and trust.  You will feel plenty of motivation, but you can always use resources to keep your energy high and Sunstone will be a great tool.    

Number of the day: 3

Optimistic 3 inspires us to take a chance and follow our heart.  It will lead us towards something exciting.  Take Yellow Aventurine along for the ride.

Saturday 01/30/16

You can expect to be analytical and forward thinking with any challenges that you tackle under the influence of Mercury conjunct Pluto.  This is self-motivating energy that drives you to gain as much information from as many resources as possible.  Besides looking to the outside world, this is an opportunity for productive inner work.  Give yourself some time for deep thought and meditation to uncover truths that you may be hiding from yourself.  What comes to light now will be a rewarding and valuable asset for your future success.  While you are there, you can let your imagination and intuition revel in a Venus/Neptune sextile later in the day.  There will be a peaceful and joyful vibe that encourages you to put work away and enjoy the beautiful and good things this world has to offer. Moonstone will aide your mental work earlier in the day, while Clear Quartz helps you to relax into the magic of the later hours.

Number of the day: 4

Devotion is one of the building blocks for action and earthy 4 will encourage us as we fight for our personal causes.  Ruby shows us how successful you can be.

Sunday 01/31/16

The energy is more tactile now that Mercury has moved into a square with Uranus.  Signals will come through sensory experiences and feelings rather than thoughts.  The input will reach your mind and produce innovative ideas, but you don’t want to attempt to do anything more than record and file them for future consideration.  The atmosphere is not a friendly one for successful actions, as your progress will be hampered by general inattentiveness and delays.  Introducing anything new could feel like an unwelcome upset to the general balance, so you want to wait until it can be recognized as a positive stimulant.  Pink Tourmaline will help you stay focused long enough to take care of any necessary business.  Use Blue Sapphire to gain significant insights.

Number of the day: 5

Do not get stuck if your plan falls apart.  5 helps us to know when to throw out the agenda and just go with the energy.  Snowflake Obsidian offers support.

Monday 02/01/16

While the energy changed with the Sun's move into Aquarius, several significant planets remain in Capricorn, so we still have some of that disciplined, constructive energy at our disposal.  Mercury's run through Capricorn is extended due to its recent retrograde and it will help you to figure things out.  This is Mercury at its most practical and it will help you know what you need to do to get what you want and, most importantly, know how to meet and best any challenges along the way.   Scolecite will increase your awareness as you create your plans and put them in motion.  Venus also remains in Capricorn and will highlight your need for security in the things that matter to you.  Venus will always drive you to follow your heart, but now you recognize the importance of stabilizing your desires so that they can bring long lasting value to your life, rather than fleeting gratification.  Use Ocean Jasper to understand your needs and have the patience to find and develop those things that will satisfy them.

Number of the day: 3

The attainment of a goal - even a small one - will give you a wonderful sense of peace.  Rest easy at the end of the day and recognize what you have accomplished.  3 and Aqua Aura will help you enjoy your success.

Tuesday 02/02/16

Are you tired of winter yet?  Then get ready to celebrate today with Ground Hog Day and Imbolc (or the Feast of Brigid).  Both of these traditions mark the coming of spring with its brighter, warmer days.  The sky is quiet today, so let’s see what to expect from Mars and Pluto as they transit into a sextile position early tomorrow morning.  You’re going to want to get off to a good start since the last few days have been more about receiving input and formulating it.  That period comes to an end and now that you know what you want, it’s time to go after it.  Mars will incite you to take decisive action, while Pluto backs your play as you work towards reenergizing the energy in your life.  Whether you choose to do a lot or take a few simple steps towards a goal, know that you will see success and feel accomplished. Green Aventurine will help you capitalize on that success and use it to drive you to keep going forward.  Use Botswana Agate to find the most productive use of this rewarding energy.

Number of the day: 4

It is okay to acknowledge your feelings and trust in yourself.  Let the stable energy of 4 drive away any doubts and carry Hiddenite for confidence.




Posted on January 25, 2016
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