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Mercury, the planet of communication, will make things interesting for the next few days. Mercury moves into Aquarius so you'll see new opportunities for communications but you may want to wait at least until Saturday before you try to connect with others. On Friday, Mercury and Saturn are in a square which will make it way too easy for you to seem negative and sarcastic - even if you don't mean to! Use Green Aventurine to keep your conversations positive and Blue Sapphire to make the most of any new opportunities that come your way.




Are you craving some excitement? Then you're in luck with the Moon and Uranus both in Aries this is a time when anything can happen. So expect the unexpected and wear a Citrine to attract something new and fun.




If you feel like you keep forgetting important things today you're feeling the effects of Mercury and Jupiter in a tense square. Under this influence it is just difficult to concentrate on the everyday so you tend to neglect and forget things. You're just too busy focusing on extravagant plans for the future. Sodalite will keep you focused and grounded in the "now" and Blue Kyanite will keep those plans realistic.




Do you know how when you're heading home and as you get closer more and more obstacles seem to get in the way? You hit every light, can't find parking - it seems like you'll just never get home. That's how Neptune is feeling right now as this planet is spending it last days in Aquarius before heading home to Pisces. You may find it hard to be true to yourself right now and feel too much outside pressure from family, friends, work and other situations. Take a breath and use Aquamarine to keep from getting flustered and Copper to keep your boundaries in place.




Security is the focus today and with the Moon and Jupiter in Taurus you'll be thinking about what you need to feel secure. This is a good time to deal with issues from the past and make improvements to your home and relationships. Just be cautious to avoid over-indulgence and the urge to hide under your "security blanket". Malachite will help you flush out and transform any old patterns while helping you to feel protected.




It is a beautiful day when you feel self-confident and perfectly in sync with your environment. The Moon is in a trine position with Mars so take initiative and follow your instincts. This is an especially good day to try something new that you've been hesitant about - today you will be fearless! Kunzite will enhance this happy energy and help you to spread the joy.



Venus is opposite Mars today which could make you feel frustrated and just plain unhappy with your life in general. This transit tends to put roadblocks up in our emotions making us doubt our past decisions and unsure how to proceed going forward. You may also feel socially awkward - like you've said or done the wrong thing. Try to use the energy to really think about any changes you would like in your life - but don't even begin to act on them. Write them down and let them go until Friday. Once the planets move on you may feel completely different and you don't want to do anything you might regret later. Use Amethyst to keep your thoughts from straying to the negative and Chalcopyrite to uncover anything that requires true change.



Tomorrow Neptune will enter Pisces for the next 14 years. This is a huge astrological event and a significant shift that is going to move all of us forward into a higher consciousness. Neptune has not been home in Pisces since the 19th Century so this is an influence we have never felt before. Neptune is the planet that rules romance, nostalgia and magic. Neptune in Pisces will make us all more sensitive, compassionate and highly creative. Considering everything that is going on in our world, doesn't that sound like something we could really use? It's going to take some time before we see any significant change but make no mistake...this is a game changer!. Take time today to think about the changes you would like to see in within your life and the world at large. Believe you can make it happen and it will! Turquoise will connect with your higher self to start the process and Opal will assist with feeling the magic all around us.

Posted on January 25, 2012
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