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WEEK OF 01/25/17 - 01/31/17


Wednesday 01/25/17

The new year might have begun to feel a little old by now, but you still have tons of new opportunities ahead.  Venus and Chiron are producing the perfect energy to heal and renew relationships and situations that are important to you.  They are both in Pisces which could make you a little more emotional and idealistic than usual.  This may be exactly what you need to let go of ego-driven agendas and do what feels right.  This is your chance to trust yourself, trust others and let go of petty stuff that is preventing you from the love and happiness you deserve.  You may need to let go and leave some things behind, so use Snowflake Obsidian to ease your pain and remind you that this is that start of things getting better.  You will feel a resurgence of confidence and security that may have been lost, so use Carnelian to keep building that strength.  


Thursday 01/26/17

You are feeling really good about yourself and your abilities and that drives you to take on increased responsibilities.  Venus and Jupiter are in a transit that boosts your mood and your certainty that hard work and helping others will benefit you.  If you don’t receive the reward you expect, you could be left feeling drained.  The nature of this energy means it is likely your expectations were too high and unrealistic. Sphene can keep your attitude sensible when it comes to the approval of others and how you are compensated for your efforts, while retaining your positive attitude.    Your optimism and eagerness to be helpful will make it easy for others to take advantage of you.  It may not be deliberate, but that won’t make you feel any better.  This is a good opportunity to recognize your limits and honor your personal boundaries.  Amazonite will help you create a healthy attitude when it comes to saying “No” in order to retain a happy balance.


Friday 01/27/17

It will be hard to be reasonable when it comes to interactions, tasks and plans and even harder to be prepared for unexpected developments.  Venus and Saturn are in a square transit that threatens the stability of your usual day.  You expect a certain level of predictability and you can sense that energy is off.  You may respond with a defensive attitude and/or attempt to distance yourself from challenges rather than facing them.  You may feel tension in relationships, work, finances and appearances as result of this transit.  It seems as if you cannot be satisfied by anything, but the true issue is that you are not sure of what you want. Scapolite will help you release the need to make progress or initiate important changes right now.  That will make it easier to manage whatever comes at you during the day.  You will figure out what is most important to you when the energy clears and you will be better equipped to make that happen.  Pink Spinel offers some peace and patience when you need it the most.


Saturday 01/28/17

First you didn’t know what you wanted and now it feels as if, even if you did, you wouldn’t be able to get it for yourself.  You might think today’s Sun/Saturn transit is trying to upset you and keep you from following your dreams.  Really it is meant to give you much needed time and space.  You don’t want to rush towards something until you make sure you are going after the best thing for you.  Pietersite will help you focus on using this time to benefit your well-being instead of fighting it. Use Ametrine to avoid becoming frustrated if you aren’t able to achieve goals you set for yourself.  Give yourself a break and let them wait.


Sunday 01/29/17

The true purpose of the energy from the last few days becomes clearer during today’s Mercury/Pluto conjunction.  You may have felt forced to temporarily discontinue achievement-oriented thoughts and behaviors.  Relaxing your physical and mental exertions allowed you to be fully in the present.  Now you see the rewards as your thoughts are clear and prepared for the insights and truths that are revealed during this intense transit.  You can expect observations that will help you create new goals, revitalize old passions and develop powerful strategies.  You will feel more motivated than you have in a while, so work with Pyrite to follow that energy where it leads.  It is vital that you remain positive and proactive while working with Pluto energy so that revelations don’t turn into suspicions and obsessions.  Green Aventurine will keep your thoughts focused on good things now and in the future you are about to create.


Monday 01/30/17

Now that your mind is alert and inspired, the Sun and Neptune want to fill it with dreams and fantasies.  These aren’t meant to be distractions, so don’t become lost within them.  Those dreams will give you purpose and focus, but you must add practical plans and actions to them.  If you want to make them real, don’t be misled into thinking you don’t need to do the work.  Rainbow Fluorite will help you recognize the potential for personal fulfillment, while Aquamarine keeps everything genuine. 


Tuesday 01/31/17

That inspiring energy from yesterday continues to grow with Mercury’s support.  It is in a square with Uranus, so you want to keep an eye out for the unexpected. When it comes, use Black Agate to use it to your advantage.  You aren’t going to want to deal with routine matters when your head is filled with ideas for a better future. This transit is bringing you opportunities to step out of the present and focus on what is ahead.  This could make communications tough because it is hard to make sense and your timing will be completely off.  That doesn’t mean you want to stop or try to change the flow of your thoughts.  Angelite will help you formulate and retain your thoughts.  They are taking you where you need to go, but it is important to keep them to yourself while you adjust to new intentions and patterns.    



Posted on January 23, 2017
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