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WEEK OF 01/22/14 - 01/28/14 

Wednesday 01/22/14

The challenge of a Sun/Moon square is that it creates conflict within us and conflict, like all things, can be used for good or ill.  This time around you can make the conflict work for you!  The Sun (what you do and how you act) and the Moon (what you believe and how you feel) are at odds with each other, creating a scenario of imbalance and misalignment.  This particular square transit benefits from the Sun in Aquarius because it can help to bridge that gap.   Use the idealistic Aquarian energy to focus on your ideal situation with everything that you’ve got and you will create a touch point that your physical, mental and spiritual self can get on board with and work towards.  Use any conflicted thoughts and feelings to review, assess and adjust until you are clear on your wants, needs and what you will do to achieve them -  now you have successfully made a difficult transit work in your favor.  How Aquarian is that?  Use Green Chlorite to turn any doubts or concerns into advantages.  Blue Tiger's Eye keeps you actively positive and insightful.

Number of the day: 3

When happiness seems elusive, use the energy of 3 and Angelite to clear away blockages and let in the light.

 Thursday 01/23/14

We have a few transits all working together to bring you the opportunity to break free of the same old thing and bring some new energy to your life.  Mercury and Jupiter will create a willingness to be more open to everything.  Rather than judging what you don’t understand, you will want to learn more.  Then Venus and the Moon will incite your curiosity.  What do you need to have more fun and fulfillment in your life? What will make you happy?  If you’ve been repressing a hidden desire – particularly if it is something creative – now is the time to let it out and see where it takes you.  Finally the Sun and Neptune join the party and bring a different perspective that you can use to see everything in a new way.  Typically, Neptune can bring about illusionary visions, but this time it can show you the beauty of what is real and true.  Are you ready for a change?  Heliodor keeps you adaptable and that will take you to amazing places.  Rainbow Moonstone reminds you that everything is possible but you have to go for it to achieve it.

Number of the day: 4

You don't have to just go through the motions.  4 gives your efforts purpose and definition.  Use Striped Brown Jasperto see how every action has a positive impact. 

Friday 01/24/14

Mercury and Mars in a trine position will keep you busy and on the move today.  You’ve got no time for nonsense that does not have a direct and measurable result.  Your mind and actions are sharp and on point and if there is a situation that requires direct objectivity, this is the time to deal with it.  The Sun and Saturn add more of a punch to the high octane energy and will enable you to have a powerful impact.  Use their influence to let your originality shine through in everything that you do.  Maybe it has all been done before, but not the way that you do it and your personal touch can be an evident advantage if you are willing to put in the work.  Pink Tourmaline lets your unique spin shine through in your activities.  Blue Lace Agate will remind you to take a breath if it is coming at you too quickly.

Number of the day: 5

Have you ever felt trapped by someone else's agenda or attitude?  5 and Aqua Aura  will help you to break free and follow your own course. 

Saturday 01/25/14

Hopefully you used yesterday’s energy to make things happen because today is not that day.  Mercury has moved on to a square transit with Saturn making it a difficult atmosphere for progress.  Time wasters and obstacles will dominate your time, causing scattered focus and frustrations that will make it impossible to accomplish your goals. Internally, you can easily become fixated on questioning the validity and possibilities of success for your goals and actions.  The trick is to turn that negative energy around and use it to consider things from a more proactive mindset.  If you can stay positive you could uncover some possible pitfalls in your plan and the solutions to overcoming them.  Pyrite will brighten the darkest moments while Hematite reminds you to let the negative stuff roll off you and there is always another opportunity to deal with the rest.

Number of the day: 6

Everyone needs a moment to breath and just let it all go.  6 and Lepidolite will give you time and space to find your peace and recharge. 

Sunday 01/26/14

Give yourself – and others – a much needed break today and try to take it easy.  Mercury and Uranus are producing stressful energy where it is hard to find any inner or outer harmony.  You may not feel at peace and that will be reflected in your communications and actions.  You could experience irritable outbursts and sarcastic responses from both yourself and others that may prove detrimental down the line.  Lay low and try to avoid letting things like your emotions and interactions get out of hand - because it could happen in a heartbeat -  and once something is said or done, you may not be able to take it back.  Clear Quartz will attract and surround you and yours with the most positive of energy.  Black Kyanite will offer protection from thoughtless and harmful communications either given or received.

Number of the day: 7

Spiritual and emotional illness can be difficult to determine but just as depleting as a physical illness.  If you feel as if something isn't right but you are not sure what, then look to the spiritual vibration of  7 and Fluorite to gain wisdom and begin the healing process. 

Monday 01/27/14

Retrograde periods always open a door that can lead to immense healing opportunities. Venus has been retrograde since December and will begin to move forward within the next few days so you still have time to take advantage of the retrograde energy.  Venus rules love and finances and when there is something lingering in these areas of your life that is unresolved and/or regretful, it can be a serious detriment.  Consider for a moment if there is anything here that could use your attention.  Maybe it is something long repressed and forgotten or something you believe you have dealt with and moved on from.  If there is something that will benefit from the healing energy, it will make itself known and you want to be ready to deal with it once and for all.  Blue Sapphire will help you to see what may be hidden and Prehnite will give you the courage to open your heart to a new and healthier attitude.

Number of the day: 8

Sometimes it can feel as if all of your focus is on the material, while other areas of your life are waiting for your attention.  The energy of 8 will work with Peridot to help you strike a healthy balance that brings in even more abundance

Tuesday 01/28/14

Now it is Pluto that Mercury is coming up against and you know that something is not right, but it is difficult to know exactly what it is.  That overall feeling of unease could easily permeate every facet of your day and you will want to focus your energy on not letting it go any further.  Some of the elements that result from this transit are suspicions and doubts that can linger once the energy moves on. Maybe they are valid and this atmosphere could point out situations that need to be resolved, but you don’t want to work on it until the energy – and you – are more positive.  You also want to make sure that these fears are coming from a true place of reason and not just remnants of a distrustful atmosphere.  Do your best to stay positive and consider all of the options when doubts arise, so that later you can focus on the one with the most positive outcome for all involved.  Keep Rose Quartz close for a healthier and happier mood and use Pink Spinel for peace, protection and to renew your positive energy if it feels depleted.

Number of the day: 9

9 will point you towards something that needs a final resolution.  A choice must be made, an action must be taken and there must be a conclusion.  Red Aventurine will give you confidence in your decision.   


Posted on January 21, 2014
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