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WEEK OF 01/21/15 - 01/27/15 

Wednesday 01/21/15

Your usual activities may seem tedious right now as the Sun and Uranus are emphasizing areas in your life that could use a spark of ingenuity.  You will long to be free of daily repetitions and this transit is going to help you find ways to break free.  One of the best things about this energy is that it is lively and cheerful and sure to put an extra bounce in your step.  You want to be sure to take this opportunity to put your imagination to work.  You are sure to find clever and innovative ways to accomplish even the most mundane of tasks and have a blast while you do them!  Herkimer Diamond will free you from preconceived ideas and expectations that might block your imagination.  Chrysoprase lets you see the range of possibilities that are open to you.

Number of the day: 3

3 provides a joyous optimism that lets us make the most of here and now and expand our outlook towards tomorrow.  Green Aventurine amplifies the energy and lets you really feel - and attain - the opportunities that surround you.

Thursday 01/22/15

Are you ready to welcome the first Mercury Retrograde for 2015?  Here is your opportunity to slow down, evaluate where you are and consider your next moves.  There is a real benefit here that you will recognize as long as you don’t get caught up in the inconveniences of things not working as they normally do.  This retrograde is in the Air sign of Aquarius, making it a fabulous time to let go of old thought patterns and debilitating beliefs.  Once you release those perceptions that are not helping you, then you might re-discover old ideas that deserve a second chance.  This is particularly evident if you dismissed something because you thought “I can’t”.  You will realize that you “can” do anything once you allow yourself to believe in your capabilities instead of creating disabilities.  Remember, everything begins with an idea so now is the time to create new and powerful ones!  Chalcedony will help you eliminate any doubts as Cavansite ushers in a new and confident way of thinking.

Number of the day: 4

4 can help you realize just how much abundance is out there and what you need to do to bring it into your life. Copper will boost the productive energy.

Friday 01/23/15

The Sun and Saturn in a sextile make this the perfect time for decisive plans and actions.  There is a lot of clarity to this energy, so if something has been blocking your progress you will find the way past it.  This is a particularly helpful transit if you have been holding back out of concern that you might alienate others.  You will be able to use a soft approach and still get the results that you desire.  It is important to be creative when it comes to employing your problem-solving skills because the results that you receive will give you an important confidence boost that will carry you further than you might expect.  Carnelian will clear away anything in your way, while Morganite motivates you towards a personal best. 

Number of the day: 5

Adaptability is a vital key to success.  Schemes and plans will take you far, but you've got to rely on your instincts and know when to just fly solo.  That is the message of 5.  Dalmatian Jasper will be your companion on your wild ride.

Saturday 01/24/15

You may be feeling especially sensitive tomorrow with a Venus/Moon transit early in the morning.  These are receptive planets, so when they are working together it is easy to become more aware, attuned and welcoming of the energies that surround you.  Your defenses will be low and possibly even non-existent, so you could get hurt but it is more likely that you will be pleasantly enlightened.   This is a good time to realize your value to others by appreciating your significance to them and how they care for you.  This understanding will lead to internal confidence and comfort as you become more aware of the positive impact that you make in the world.  Carry Snowflake Obsidian to balance your emotions.  Malachite will help you to feel good about yourself and recognize your importance.

Number of the day: 6

6 will bring you comfort if you feel anxieties throughout your day.  Yellow Jasper soothes and heals any stress.

Sunday 01/25/15

If you believe there are things preventing you from getting to where you want to be then you might consider some extreme measures to eliminate those barriers.  Venus and Uranus are in a semi-square and you will be driven by impulse.  Sometimes you need to bypass reason and just go for it in order to make vital leaps forward.  The area of concern here is that you want those moves to be productive rather than irrational actions that satisfy a momentary whim.  Be mindful of the potential for the crazy and unusual in the atmosphere and make sure that your actions are designed with long-term benefits as your ultimate goal.  Use Labradorite to trust your instincts, but keep Selenite close as a reminder to consider all of the outcomes before you make a choice.

Number of the day: 7

7 can bring a mix of energies that can lead to jumbled thoughts and erratic actions.  Rose Quartz will help you to remain calm and confident as you determine the best use of the energies that you encounter.

Monday 01/26/15

The astrological energies are quite cooperative today with three semi-sextile transits.  The Sun & Neptune will begin your day by placing you in alignment with the natural flow of energy that is designed to get you to where you need to be.  Trust your instincts and try not to question and/or overthink things for now.  Your communications will prove very effective as Mercury and Chiron will enable you to express yourself in the best possible manner that is direct while producing a congenial and positive impact.  Venus and Pluto will add their unique energies and you will be well positioned to let go of doubt and insecurities to take full advantage of the chances that come your way.  The Sun, Mercury and Venus are all in Aquarius - further reminding you to let go of the past, ignore convention and do what you know to be right in the here and now rather than following previous patterns.  Use Angelite to enhance communications with your inner self and Blue Sapphire with how your express yourself to the world. 

Number of the day: 8

It is wonderful to feel the immense energy of the last few days and now 8 is here to help us ground it in reality.  Practical 8, along with Lapis Lazuli, will show us how to successfully take our new thoughts and feelings and turn them into actions.

Tuesday 01/27/15

Mercury & Pluto in a semi-sextile will peak your curiosity and tenacity as it encourages you to delve deep to uncover every aspect and achieve a full understanding of important situations.  This can be a scary endeavor because once you know something you cannot go back.  All of us can recognize that the truth is a valuable asset, but will often still opt for the simplicity of ignorance.  That strategy will simply not work for you any longer and you are going to need the full picture in order to continue on your journey.  You are ready to deal with the responsibility that comes with knowledge and Hematite will help you to make it work to your advantage.  Sugilite will attract the comfort of acceptance and peace from your new discoveries.

            Number of the day: 9

Take off your blinders and let the energy of 9 help you to get rid of those things and thoughts that no longer serve you.  Take what remains and use it and your powerful thoughts to build anew.  Howlite will insure a peaceful adjustment.



Posted on January 20, 2015
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