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WEEK OF 01/20/16 - 01/26/16


Wednesday 01/20/16

Today's Venus/Neptune quintile will extend your vision and show you new sights.  You are going to see things in a different way and find creative means to express your unique vision to others.  You'll have a hard time sharing time and space with individuals who are closed to accepting and understanding these kinds of gifts.  You want to try to avoid or limit these situations until you are feeling more tolerant.  The Sun gets us in the mood for something new as it moves into Aquarius.  Suddenly the need to change will take precedence over the demand for stability.  Don't expect to feel impassioned and driven by desire, since Aquarius energy is cool and measured.  You can make some real progress over the next month if you work with this energy and approach things with a detached, clinical stance. Charoite will show you how to use the Aquarius energy to develop a workable action plan.  Use Labradorite to open the channels of communication so that you can effectively receive and present insights.

Number of the day: 3

It doesn't always have to have a purpose.  It is not always about hard work and complications.  Let your sense of humor come through and see how much easier and fun things will be.  Orange Calcite will bring smiles.


Thursday 01/21/16

Yesterday's energy may have been a wakeup call that it’s time for a change, but the next few days will challenge you to remain patient and realistic.  Not only is Mercury in a retrograde phase, but it is also in a square with Uranus that makes it nearly impossible to follow necessary plans, schedules and procedures.  You simply will not see a lot of progress right now since you’ll be too busy just trying to keep up with your daily tasks.  Don't even think about trying to gather resources for future projects under these circumstances, since everyone is so caught up in their own issues that they cannot conceive of helping anyone else.  Since you want to keep to yourself, this is the perfect energy for study and contemplation with Uranus acting as a stimulant to your imagination.  Use Turquoise to retain a peaceful and productive state of mind.  Apatite will keep you feeling inspired and motivated as you work through the boundaries of the energy.

Number of the day: 4

Do not let your ideas and convictions become a prison that keeps you from realizing your potential.  Be open and carry Scolecite to remind you how much you can learn from your outer surroundings.


Friday 01/22/16

You will notice a significant change in your mood once Mercury moves into a conjunct transit with Pluto.  Now your mind is refreshed and ready to take on complicated issues and situations.  Suddenly things that perplexed you become quite clear and you’re determined to get to the truth of anything that remains questionable.  Typically, this is a good time to enlist support from others, since you will be more influential than usual.  Mercury is still in a retrograde phase, so this strategy may not be as effective and you may want to direct your efforts towards developing strategies to be executed in the future. Rhodonite will help you to use the efficient and decisive elements of this transit to your advantage.  This energy is intense and it could take an obsessive, overbearing turn if you aren’t careful, so keep Rose Quartz handy to remain positive and proactive. 

Number of the day: 5

Even the most challenging energies will respond positively when you approach them with a flexible attitude.  Stay light on your feet, adapt as necessary and let Abalone Shell show you how to keep everything in motion.


Saturday 01/23/16

You’ll be thinking about improving and securing your home as the day begins with a Jupiter/Moon transit.  “Home” can mean a lot of things, including your residence, your family, your job or school, and/or your closest friends.  Basically you want to strengthen those central things in your life that you rely on to keep you feeling happy and confident.  This is an excellent time for improvements and repairs to physical locations and personal relationships, because everyone is concerned with the betterment of the whole rather than their individual concerns.  The Sun and Chiron enter into a semi-square later in the day and you could feel your confidence waiver as you consider the possibility of expanding and seeking new experiences.  The unknown is a scary place for everyone, but overcoming your fears will be easier with the Aquarius Sun.  Aquarius thrives on being different and not caring what others think, so use that influence to break free of your apprehension.  Green Aventurine will assist as you fortify and improve on what you’ve already got, while Chrysoprase gives you the assurance that you can go after more.

Number of the day: 6

There is peace in stability, but without essential change you can be left with uncomfortable stagnancy.  Mahogany Obsidian gives you the courage to trust in evolution.


Sunday 01/24/16

Have the last few weeks felt a little too somber and serious? Capricorn energy is meant to bring us all back to earth after the exuberant whirlwind of Sagittarius and, while it is a necessary adjustment, it can feel harsh.  We have a Leo Full Moon for the next few days (since last night) that will put some of the joy and spontaneity that you’ve been missing back into the picture.  Let that happy Leo energy brighten up your mood and you will see the difference that an attitude adjustment can have on all areas of your life.  If you have unfinished business, now is your opportunity to bring things to a happy conclusion.  Citrine will draw the sparkling energy to where you need it the most, so that you see a difference.  Herkimer Diamond will remind you that for every ending there is a beginning and both will benefit from your positive attitude.

Number of the day: 7

The vibration of 7 can help you to see the amazing wonder of the simplest thoughts and gestures.  Sodalite will allow you to appreciate things that you might otherwise dismiss.


Monday 01/25/16

This is not the day to stick to your usual routine with the Sun and Uranus in a quintile that will drive you towards original and unique activities.  You have to try something new right now and it won’t matter if you are any good at it, as long as you are having fun!  It will be almost impossible not to enjoy yourself under this light-hearted influence no matter what you’re doing, but you mustn’t ignore that call to venture into new territories.  The Universe is offering an opportune moment to break free of patterns that are stagnating your energy…don’t waste it!  Use Brecciated Jasper to find ways to spice up your day. Red Tiger Eye will help you to understand how the smallest change can have the greatest impact.  Positive change begins with one step and this is your day to take it.

Number of the day: 8

Take charge and lead the way.  Now is not the time to sit back and just let things happen.  The successful vibe of Citrine will be perfect for your ambitious actions.


Tuesday 01/26/16

You may find yourself reviewing your present situation and future goals as you wonder whether you should do what feels best or what you think is right.  Often those are very different things and a Sun/Moon sesqui-quadrate will increase your awareness of those differences.  This transit will direct your focus towards the effect your actions will have on yourself and others.  If you feel blocked from satisfying yourself because you think doing so will negatively impact someone else, then you could feel and act resentful.  You have the power to change the tone of this energy by using it as motivation to create new scenarios that benefit everyone.  It won't take as much effort as you think and Fuchsite will help you turn your inner discomfort and hesitation into confident decisions.  Moss Agate is an excellent resource for a fresh attitude and renewed determination to achieve your highest goals.

Number of the day: 9

It is important to consider others, but it is just as important to take care of yourself.  It is possible to do what is right for you while still contributing to the lives of those around you.  Emerald can show you how to have it all.



Posted on January 18, 2016
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