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WEEK OF 01/18/17 - 01/24/17 

Wednesday 01/18/17

Mars and Jupiter will keep you busy - but unproductive - as they combine their energies to amplify yours.  You’re going to have a high level of vitality and initiative but you’re lacking the focus to direct it appropriately.  Physically you’re in overdrive, so taking the time to think or feel will seem impossible.  That lack of instinct and timing will make it easier to become exhausted rather than achieve any kind of positive results.  Sunstone is a proactive crystal that works with your personal energy and will help you to control when, where and how you apply it.  You want to bring as much peace into your day as possible so that reason and intuition can get your attention and make you listen. Rose Quartz will be perfect for calming yourself and situations in a loving manner.


Thursday 01/19/17

A Mars/Saturn square pits force against order, creating an unsettled atmosphere.  If you ignore procedure and concentrate on pushing through, you’re met with more barriers.  You could go the other way and attempt to organize the commotion that surrounds you, thinking that will yield results. It won’t and you may experience personal upsets as it seems that nothing you attempt to accomplish goes right.  This can be useful energy, but it is not results driven. Unakite will help you let go of expectations of tangible reward or achievement. Those will come at another time.  You will be feeling enterprising and you don’t want to waste it because that will create stress.  Use Zebra Jasper to find constructive outlets for your efforts.


Friday 01/20/17

The struggles of the last few days come to an end with Venus and Pluto opening a pathway filled with new opportunities.  Direct your focus towards your relationships and financial endeavors, since those are the areas that could benefit the most from this planetary partnership.  Your energy will also be in for a dramatic change.  You’ve probably been operating in defensive mode over the last few days.  Now you will be stronger, wiser and in a pleasantly productive state of mind.  You know you have the ability to take on whatever comes your way and Yellow Aventurine will help you radiate that confidence.  You will be attracting favorable circumstances, so carry Sodalite to give each your full attention.   


Saturday 01/21/17

The Sun moved into Aquarius yesterday taking the overall energy to a different state of mind. Capricorn is about structure, order and following those rules that maintain our well-being.  Aquarius wants to create new rules that go beyond maintenance into the realm of advancement.  Mindfulness becomes prominent during the Sun’s tour through Aquarius.  We are thinking instead of doing while we seek results from innovation and ideas over physical effort and sacrifice.  Amethyst works well with Aquarius energy and enables you to tap into the power of your mind to study, discern and create.  While Aquarius is social and humanitarian focused, it does so in a cool and calculating manner.  They’ll be plenty of emotion once Pisces takes over, but until then Howlite will help you add kindness and consideration to your plans.


Sunday 01/22/17

Mercury and Chiron want you to recognize that healing can take place in many forms. Your presence and interactions with others can go a long way towards improving the well-being of yourself, your fellow man and your world.   A kind word or gesture will have unexpected and resoundingly positive results that you may never see or realize. Overall, you want to be kind and take the time and effort to do so. You’re aware of your power to be a positive and healthy influence, but not in an egotistical manner. Topaz will amplify your effect on yourself and others, while Kyanite encourages you to listen to your instincts.  They will offer important guidance. 


Monday 01/23/17

Mercury and Neptune will encourage you to use your thoughts to create some excitement within yourself and others.  Your imagination will be filled with fantastic ideas and deep perceptions, making it easy to feel motivated.  Your intuition is loud, clear and on point, so be sure to pay attention and follow your own guidance! You will be instilled with the desire to do something meaningful with your life and Garnet will provide the support you need to feel the difference.  Others will be inspired by your actions, so carry Scolecite to use this gift wisely.


Tuesday 01/24/17

The last thing you want right now is business as usual.  You have the Aquarius Sun filling your mind with clever ideas, paired with a Venus/Uranus transit that begs you to improvise instead of following a standard pattern.  You’ll be feeling lively and eager to find or create a spectacle.  You’ll need to come out of your comfy shell to participate and, while you won’t need much urging, working with Leopardskin Jasper will amplify your self-motivation.  You may find yourself indulging in some risky behaviors, so carry Rhodonite to keep things fun but meaningful.



Posted on January 17, 2017
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