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From now until next weekend, Juno is dead in the water, but don’t think it means things will be quiet.  All the emotions attributed to Juno, the Asteroid of soul mates, marriage, commitment and love, are in play for the rest of the week.  They range from relationships, marriage, diplomacy, respect, legal matters.  Watch out! - here comes the darker side of our emotions; rage, anger, jealousy and envy.   To lift us above this quagmire of emotional havoc turn to your heart stones.  

We are getting so many mixed signals that your head may be spinning.  The Moon slides quietly from airy Gemini into nurturing Cancer, offering some much needed nurturing on the home front .  The Sun is tempting us to take some risk and dive into our craving for excitement.  Dioptase reminds us to live in the moment, raising our vibration, opening us to the higher emotions of peace and love. Old issues return, requiring permanent solutions.  All those old fears demand resolution, for us to make our move into the future. Aquamarine can assist us in facing those fears, and while Obsidian will speed things up, it opens the door for Watermelon Tourmaline to teach us to be patient, use tact and diplomacy to nurture our relationships and foster inner security.  It teaches us that releasing all the old pains and fears holding us back, allows us to move forward and break through any emotional block that prevented our forward motion.  Rose Quartz will bring in the more positive energy to work through and resolve this old emotional baggage.    Maintain your boundaries, calm supportive behavior is needed now.

Roslyn Bohanan

Healing Crystal Expert

Posted on January 18, 2011

  Very interesting! Thank you so much!!!!!! i can definately relate  (Submitted by: Sarize on January 19, 2011)

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