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Pluto in Capricorn will be playing with our emotions over the next several days. It is in a sextile position with Venus on Friday ushering in a period of passion and intensity - particularly when it comes to relationships and money Even though you may feel extremely emotional you are actually in control under this influence making it an excellent time to make any necessary adjustments to your finances and relationships. Don't write off those intense feeling because they are trying to tell you something and now is the time to act. Blue Lace Agate will help you to uncover what needs to change and Garnet will give you the strength to act.




The Sun and Saturn are in a square position making this a challenging day for achievement. You can be very successful at any endeavor with Sun and Saturn in this position but you will have to work for it. Remind yourself that if it is too easy you won't appreciate it as much and use Brecciated Jasper to keep you focused and strong.




The Sun enters Aquarius today so it's time to clear the clutter and get rid of anything that is keeping you from being your true self. Aquarius is all about the road less traveled and - more than any other sign - encourages you to be the person that you want to be instead of the person you think you should be. Use this Aquarian energy to be rebellious if needed - free your mind and see where it leads you and allow others the same freedom. Angelite will help you get rid of limitations and Botswana Agate will help you tune into who you really want to be.




The emotional storms are blowing hard today following yesterdays Pluto/Venus sextile and are now intensified as the Moon and Pluto join up in Capricorn. The Sun and Jupiter in a square join the party to make everything just seem bigger and excessive. You will feel this immensely transformative energy but it most likely won't be easy. The crisis will pass very soon and you will be left the better for it. Watermelon Tourmaline will remind you of the rainbows that follow a storm and Lepidolite will ease the emotional stress caused by the transformation.




Ahhh! Feel that? It's a New Moon in Aquarius making all of the difference today. And it's the Year of the Water Dragon so Happy Chinese New Year! The Water Dragon is a symbol of good fortune and power. This is a good time to make powerful decisions since the mix of fire and water together with all of the positive Aquarius/Air energy will keep you balanced and calm. And after the last few stormy days isn't that exactly what you need? Mookaite will help you make the most of this energy and Azurite will lead you to positive choices.




Mars takes the stage in a trine position with Mercury this morning making our minds whirl with possibilities and allows us to set our intentions for where we want to be. This evening, Mars turns retrograde in Venus for the next 4 months! While movement is not advised right now, take this time to plan and organize and then you'll be ready for action when Mars starts moving forward again in April. Larimar will help you to harness those abundant thoughts.




Your tools for today should include creativity and imagination! With the Sun, Moon and Neptune all in Aquarius this is a fantastic opportunity to let your artistic side flourish. Moonstone will help to activate your right brain and Labradorite will channel your creativity.




Typically Mars rolls through Virgo in about a month and a half. This year, in part due to the current retrograde, Mars will be extending that stay all the way through the first half of 2012! This is a huge signal for all of us that now is the time to fix things! The sky is gifting us with this rare occurrence that will helps us to be methodical...and take a detailed approach to cleaning up and reorganizing everything in our lives. This extended timeframe is sure to make you feel frustrated and restrained at times but ultimately it will clear the path for greater things and you will be thankful for the extended energy. Remember Mars is retrograde until April so use this period for planning and April through July for action. Use Coral Calcite to uncover what needs to be re-done and Hematite to make the necessary changes.

Posted on January 17, 2012
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