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WEEK OF 01/15/14 - 01/21/14 

Wednesday 01/15/14

Reality can be elusive when Venus and Neptune are in a semi-square transit.  You will see what you want to be rather than what is and, while it is important to listen to your heart, you don’t want that to be your only resource when making a choice. The Sun and Chiron are in a similar transit that has you doubting your ability to make good decisions and depreciating all that you have to offer.  You do not want to initiate any change right now when reason and logic are not in the picture.  There is an opportunity for growth with this energy, since you may realize some dormant feelings that could be useful later.  Sometimes you need to acknowledge what you really want in order to get it and this transit can help you begin that process.  Morganite will let you hear what you heart wants you to know. Use Brown Aventurine to bring some practicality into the picture. 

Number of the day: 5

The energy of 5 can show you how to work with what you have to get what you want.  Use it with Bronzite to put your resources to work. 

Thursday 01/16/14

Now Venus is working with Mars making you feel passionate about what you want and willing to do whatever is necessary to obtain your desires.  You have the drive and the purpose, but once again are faced with a Square transit where reason tends to go by the wayside.  It is likely that in your pursuits you will be too forceful, go too far and may crash and burn rather than triumph.  This can be invigorating energy that will get you up and moving and there is absolutely no reason why you cannot get what you go after -  but you need to temper your methods.  A minor transit between the Sun and Uranus will be very helpful if you use it to stay lighthearted and easy-going when it comes to how you get to where you want to be. Larimar will keep everything cool and collected, while Sunstone helps you move along with purpose, but at a friendly pace.

Number of the day: 6

Does it feel like fight and struggle are your only options?  Pink Calcite and the nurturing vibe of 6 will help you find a more peaceful path. 

Friday 01/17/14

Mercury and Uranus are in a wonderful sextile position that will enable you to breathe new life into old endeavors.  Is there something that you are sorry that you abandoned along the line?  Now is when you want to go take a second look and reconsider your options.  You could feel an astounding resurgence in your energy, both physically and mentally.  It is especially important to pay attention to any thoughts that pop into your mind out of the blue.  Follow their lead and they are sure to take you where you want to go.  Amethyst will encourage inner guidance and Lapis Lazuli will point your towards your next step.

Number of the day: 7

7 will remind you to trust your intuition.  You have the answers within you, so follow your internal GPS system and you will never be lost.  Use Hematite to stay on course. 

Saturday 01/18/14

This is an excellent day for plans and strategies as Mercury is working with Chiron and Pluto to help you progress.  You will be open to revisiting old problems and issues because you will see those situations in a new light that could change everything.  You can see beyond the here and now and plan for what will come.  Patience is one of the gifts of this transit so use it to make difficult decisions that you know will have a positive impact that may not be immediate.  This is not a time for action since Neptune will be slowing down Mars and putting the brakes on your drive.  Use this time to figure out what you really want and develop a strategy to be enacted when the moment is right.  Rainbow Fluorite will help you to uncover all of your options.  Rutilated Quartz will illuminate a new path.

Number of the day: 8

8 will show you the material value of your efforts.  8 days are the perfect time to look around and see what you have gained from your efforts.  Use Mahogany Obsidian to appreciate and build upon what you have achieved. 

Sunday 01/19/14

Mercury and Jupiter are going to urge you to overextend yourself. Don’t let them tease you! It is easy to overestimate resources and abilities and go too far.  You won’t want to make promises or agreements until this energy shifts because you won’t be able to fully consider the consequences.  You don't want to let this energy mislead you into believing it is now or never.  Follow the example of the Earth as it rests and revives itself during the winter months.  There is no need to rush into anything right now, so be patient and take your time and you will go far.  Stilbite will encourage relaxing reflection and Dalmatian Jasper will offer comfort and remind you that you have all the time that you need. 

Number of the day: 9

When reflecting on the past, use the energy of 9 for a deeper level of truth and understanding.  The past can never be changed or altered and it is what is it's value to us?  Use 9 with Star Sapphire to draw the positive wisdom gained from what has happened to make what is happening all the better.  

Monday 01/20/14

The Sun moved into idealistic Aquarius yesterday, thrusting us headfirst into the future.  Are you ready?  Aquarius is the sign of innovative thoughts and new experiences.  Of course, the past always plays a part in where you are headed, but Aquarian energy does not like to dwell on that.  It is focused on what is ahead and It doesn't allow you to hold on too tightly to anything.  This could be the kick start that you need and it is especially helpful if you know that something needs to change, but you are not entirely sure what it is.  Pietersite will encourage you to let go of the old and experiment with the new.  Apophyllite enhances your visions and ideas. 

Number of the day: 1

No matter how badly you want it or how ready for it you are, it requires courage to do something new.  You have what it takes within you to accomplish anything - no matter how scary.  Use 1 and Mexican Fire Opal to fuel your courage when you need it. 

Tuesday 01/21/14

Mercury and Venus are going to produce an excellent atmosphere for all kinds of and personal.  Social situations are very favorable under this transit and your interactions will be pleasant and meaningful. This energy is particularly supportive for commitments, and promises to yourself do count!    Remember those resolutions from a few weeks ago?  Now is when you want to reconsider their value and determine if you are going to do it or not.  Use Heliodor for determination and  Garnet to ignite your willpower.

Number of the day: 2

2 is a symbol of positive and gainful collaboration.  Use its energy to find your most beneficial alliances.  Dravite will help you to connect with others. 


Posted on January 14, 2014
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