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WEEK OF 01/14/15 - 01/20/15 

Wednesday 01/14/15

Venus has a lot of influence today, so you may find your thoughts turning to matters of the heart and/or your wallet.  We start with a Venus/Pluto semi-sextile that could bring interesting opportunities your way.  Don’t dismiss anything until you have fully explored the potential benefits.  Later in the day your confidence and passion for the things most important to you will be evident as Venus moves into a transit with Chiron.  Remember the earlier advice about opportunities?  Chiron always offers a chance to heal and this transit brings out the honesty it takes to acknowledge, heal and build something new.  Finally a Venus/Saturn quintile will amplify your deepest feelings to the brink of obsession.  Use the overall energy of the day to find healthy outlets to realize your ambitions.  Balance is an important element when you are working with Venus, so carry Ametrine to get the best from this energy.  Use Chrysoprase to hear what your heart wants you to know.

Number of the day: 5

Imagine and explore.  This is not the day for the tried and true but a day to take a wrong turn deliberately and feel the thrill of adventure.  Carry a Green Tourmaline to enhance your bold actions. 

Thursday 01/15/15

You can expect some tension today as Mars and Saturn face off in a square transit.  Your attempts to perform tasks will be complicated by frustration as everything seems to be taking longer than expected.  Of course you’ll remain positive and try to work around or through issues, but your stress may continue to grow as you are consistently blocked from completing your objective. This energy is illuminating the difference between force and strategy and you may feel required to choose between them.  The true challenge is to find the happy middle that uses a combination of these energies to keep you moving forward, while also attaining new strengths.  Ultimately, this transit can prove very beneficial and help you to build a plan to achieve long-term goals.  Red Jasper will cool any stress while encouraging you to persevere.  Use Black Tourmaline to use the best energies from these powerful planets and leave behind what you won't need.

Number of the day: 6

6 is here to offer a little nurturing and a modicum of stability in a potentially volatile atmosphere.  Blue Kyanite will help you keep the peace both within and without.  

Friday 01/16/15

Mercury has replaced Venus as the star of transits with Pluto, Chiron and Saturn that began several days ago.  Under Venus’ watch you were guided by your emotions to realize what is most important to you and figure out what you really want. Now Mercury will enable you to successfully employ logic to achieve those goals.  A Mercury/Pluto semi-sextile will give you the insight you need to fully understand what it will take to get those things that you want in your life.  Once Mercury moves on to Chiron you will be open with others and able to effectively recruit them to join your causes.  The healing influence of Chiron will also help you to realize how the positive changes that you are working towards will affect you.  Finally, a Mercury/Saturn quintile brings it all together by giving you the discipline to create a plan and get moving in the best direction.  Blue Apatite will enhance your focus, while Blue Lace Agate allows you to communicate your plans effectively.

Number of the day: 7

Things are often not what they seem and there are so many layers.  Curious 7 will help you as you seek to uncover what is not easily seen.  Lapis Lazuli encourages you to study and learn. 

Saturday 01/17/15

We have a few more days of a Capricorn Sun, so be sure to take advantage of this practical and enterprising energy.  This is an especially good time to understand what is and isn't working in your life and do something to change things.  Just be cautious, because you may experience tunnel vision that will exclude others who will be affected by your choices and actions.  Axinite gives you insight and the stability needed to take action.  Use Chalcopyrite when you need a reminder to take others into consideration before you finalize your plans.

Number of the day: 8

The energy of 8 embodies the flow of life and reminds us that there is a balance to everything.  Let the energy take you where it needs to and remember - it will all turn around soon enough.  Black Spinel will help you to relax. 

Sunday 01/18/15

Emotions could overtake your common sense tomorrow as Venus and Jupiter are in an intense opposition.  Jupiter will always send you on a non-stop trip to extremes and you may find yourself acting out of character.  It will be easy to place too much importance on people and things that you love in order to satisfy a longing for more drama in your life.  It will be just as easy to purchase items that you don’t need or overspend on things that you do to fulfill a momentary urge for the grandiose.  Sometimes you need to go a little too far in order to find what will truly make you happy.  Just do your best to keep at least one foot on the ground and pause to consider what you are doing before you let the momentum carry your away.  Ammonite will give you time and space to consider all the possibilities of your actions. Garnet lets you indulge, but keeps you secure.

Number of the day: 9

Cycles are constantly ending and beginning.  The energy of 9 will help you to flow through the cycles and find the light in each door that has closed and each pathway ready to open.  Lithium Quartz will calm any concerns. 

Monday 01/19/15

Originality takes courage and you will be very aware of that requirement as the Sun and Chiron join up in a semi-square.  You will see the potential growth that will result from being yourself, but at the same time, you will be swayed by the allure of conformity.  It can be so easy and take so little effort to just go along with the crowd.  You will be questioning if it is worth the risk and the effort to stand apart.  A Mars/Neptune transit will remind you that if it were easy then everyone would do it – and you are not everyone!  You will never be content as long as you feel trapped by routine and convention.  Orange Aventurine will help you employ the energies to allow your creative and individualistic impulses to flow and trust your instincts.  Snowflake Obsidian will remind you that you never stand alone.

Number of the day: 1

Direct your focus inward and see what you will find.  The energy of 1 and Prehnite will support your efforts. 

Tuesday 01/20/15

So now that you are prepared to embrace and employ your unique qualities, a Uranus/Moon opposition is here to help you express it to the world.  There tends to be wildness to this energy and you may come off as slightly eccentric.  This will be particularly true if you have been suppressing things for a while.  You don’t want to cause any damage to yourself or anyone else and that is a danger if you don’t make an effort to act with thought and care.  As long as you hold tight to your ultimate quest of being the best self that you can be. then you will be fine.  You will also have the backing of a Libra Moon for diplomacy and charm that makes it easier for others to embrace your true self.   Rose Quartz will help you to communicate from the heart and allow others to see your sincerity.  Use Tanzanite for wisdom, guidance and support.

Number of the day: 2

On a day when your thoughts may lead you towards cross-purposes, it is important to know that we truly can have it all.  2 wants to remind you that it is possible to have your cake and eat it - and enjoy it!  Meditate with Sunstone and see if you don't feel the energy of completeness. 


Posted on January 13, 2015
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