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WEEK OF 01/13/16 - 01/19/16


Wednesday 01/13/16

We have a few transits bringing a mix of energies today.  You could be feeling halted as the day begins with the Sun and Neptune in a semi-square.  It will be almost impossible to stick to commitments and schedules whether they are short or long term.  Instead, you will find it much easier and more pleasurable to allow your mind and will to wander rather than focus on tasks.  This will generate creativity that will be quite useful once the Sun and Jupiter join up in a productive trine.  Now you’re motivated to build new plans and develop new focuses that you expect to generate success.  Change always results in growth and that’s what this Sun/Jupiter mix has to offer you.  If insecurities creep in late in the day, just push them out of your head.  That will be a Venus/Chiron square that can easily be overcome by concentrating on your recent achievements – and that includes today’s progress!  Botswana Agate will augment your creative process and keep you fixated on what is getting done instead of worrying about what is not.   Use Serpentine to see the potential for expansion that your new plans will bring you.

Number of the day: 5

The energy of 5 can show you how to work with what you have to get what you want.  Use it with Bronzite to put your resources to work.

Thursday 01/14/16

How you process and exchange information will be relevant today with two transits involving Mercury.  The Sun and Mercury will make it easy for your communications with others to have an impact, but not as easy to recognize what that impact will be and how those benefits will manifest.  Mercury is retrograde so the effects of this transit will likely be something personal that brings about an inner change.  Observations will be significant once Mercury joins Jupiter in a trine.  There will be a difference in your viewpoint and you may see something new in old things and situations that will trigger new knowledge and understanding.  There is a high probability that you will receive important insights on a deep level during this transit.   How you think and feel about something will change if you are willing to accept and work with the energy these transits have to offer, so work with Sugilite to be open to receiving new insights.   Rainbow Obsidian will help you process what you learn and keep it close for the time being. 

Number of the day: 6

Does it feel like fight and struggle are your only options?  Pink Calcite and the nurturing vibe of 6 will help you find a more peaceful path.

Friday 01/15/16

Your mind will be clouded as a Mercury/Neptune square prevents you from seeing and thinking clearly.  While things may appear to be flowing smoothly on the outside, your inner confusion will affect everything that you touch right now. It is a good day to keep to yourself since your interactions with others will be ineffective and you won’t achieve the desired results. You especially want to steer clear from performing any complex and/or technical functions because your focus will be so scattered that errors are almost guaranteed.  While this may not be the best day for physical efforts, it is the perfect atmosphere for inner work.  Allow your mind to go where it wants to and see what kind of a journey it has for you.  Ametrine will control that urge to control and direct your thoughts where you think they need to go, while Dravite Tourmaline helps you to gain from where they actually take you. 

Number of the day: 7

7 will remind you to trust your intuition.  You have the answers within you, so follow your internal GPS system and you will never be lost.  Use Hematite to stay on course.

Saturday 01/16/16

Mercury in retrograde is meant as a period of rest, but it doesn’t seem to be taking its own advice as it takes the lead in another transit this week.  Fortunately, this is a very favorable one with Venus that encourages and enhances collaborations and partnerships.  Mercury in retrograde directs your focus inward so this may not seem like the best time to look outward for connections.  Remember that a deeper understanding of your wants, needs and gifts will enable you to recognize the best people and situations that will bring meaning to your life.  Today’s energy will help draw those things towards you, but it will be up to you to take advantage of them.  You could find a true sense of belonging under this influence, so use Malachite to recognize them and have the courage to reach out and grab them!  The atmosphere is perfect for commitments that take hold and grow, so use it to make a promise to yourself to build those relationships that will make a positive difference for yourself and others. Ruby will point you in the right direction.

Number of the day: 8

8 will show you the material value of your efforts.  8 days are the perfect time to look around and see what you have gained from your efforts.  Use Sunstone to appreciate and build upon what you have achieved.

Sunday 01/17/16

Have you ever woken up and felt as if something exciting was about to happen?  This is that kind of day, filled with pleasurable tension and an air of excitement. Venus and Mars are in a semi-square that will challenge you to be assertive and groundbreaking without giving in to foolish impulses and the urge to dominate.  It won’t be easy with everyone charged up and ready to do whatever it takes to get what they want, but it is doable.  A touch of grounding energy will be very beneficial, so carry Mahogany Obsidian to mix reason and determination.  Septarian will help you to find healthy ways to fulfill your grand expectations.

Number of the day: 9

When reflecting on the past use the energy of 9 for a deeper level of truth and understanding.  The past can never be changed or altered and it is what is its value to us?  Use 9 with Star Sapphire to draw the positive wisdom gained from what has happened to make what is happening all the better. 

Monday 01/18/16

You’ve got a lot of transits right on top of each other today and it all begins with a Venus/Jupiter square, so be sure to have your impulse control on high alert.  It is very easy to go too far when it comes to demonstrating your talents, feelings and riches.  Any decisions you make under this influence could easily result in costly disappointment.  You won’t need to be as careful for the remainder of the day, since your intuition will take over and empower you once Mars moves into a trine with Neptune.  Expect to feel more relaxed and peaceful with your present situation and future possibilities.  You just know that everything is going to work out in your best interest, so you can spend less time on purposeful tasks and more on creative adventures. Emerald will reinforce your faith. Mars won’t stay in that position for long as it heads into a semi-square with Jupiter, but Howlite will help hold on to your state of tranquility so that you don’t let Jupiter’s influence drive you to waste energy and resources. 

Number of the day: 1

No matter how badly you want it or how ready for it you are, it requires courage to do something new.  You have what it takes within you to accomplish anything - no matter how scary.  Use 1 and Mexican Fire Opal to fuel your courage when you need it.

Tuesday 01/19/16

A new attitude can change everything and that is what the sky has to offer us today with a healing and supportive Mercury/Chiron transit.  Chiron’s energy gives you the tools to help others and Mercury will support that energy by making you more empathetic and intuitive.  Your ability to communicate with - and understand - others will be enhanced and the result will be deeper and more meaningful interactions that benefit everyone.  You will see others in a different way and in doing so, increase your own self-awareness.  Blue Goldstone can help you to use this energy to see everything in a new light that will open you to fresh ideas, which may resolve current problems.  Chalcedony will reinforce your connections with those around you.

Number of the day: 2

 2 is a symbol of positive and gainful collaboration.  Use its energy to find your most beneficial alliances. Dalmatian Jasper will help you to connect with others.



Posted on January 12, 2016
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