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WEEK OF 01/11/17 - 01/17/17

Wednesday 01/11/17

You are going to be inclined to do something important today that reaches far beyond your usual activities.  Mars and Pluto are in a cooperative transit that places your goals forefront in your thoughts.  It is clearly time to do something about them.  Fortunately Mars' action-oriented attitude and Pluto's sense of timing will make it easy to make decisions and put things in motion.  The Sun and Chiron increase your self-confidence and support your intention to do good things while creating something new for yourself.  Herkimer Diamond will support you mentally and physically while you work. The Sun moves into a square with Jupiter and you want to watch out for an overinflated ego and/or unrealistic expectations.  This energy could work against you if you allow it to diminish your accomplishments.  Bronzite can help you use it as further motivation and as an example of your ability to move beyond any challenge - even ones you create for yourself!


Thursday 01/12/17

The first Full Moon of 2017 happens today and it’s at the center of a cosmic mix of energies known as the Cardinal Grand Cross.  A Cardinal Cross occurs when planets are forming a square pattern and each planet involved is in a Cardinal sign of a different element.  The central figure is the Moon in Cancer (water), surrounded by Jupiter in Libra (air), the Sun & Pluto in Capricorn (earth) and Uranus in Aries (fire).  Cardinal energy is unruly and known for sudden, extreme bursts of energy.  The Moon at the center means you will be feeling some inner discord.  You don't want to use this as an excuse to give in to the persuasion that impulsive actions will make everything better.  They won't and you will be left feeling worse.  Remember that the Full Moon is the end of a cycle and it is meant as a time of reflection before the new cycle begins.  Allow yourself to question your feelings. Are your emotional and physical attachments preventing you from reaching your full potential or are they supporting and strengthening you?  These are healthy questions to ask and they will lead to important insights, so use Kyanite to be comfortable with the process.  You will recognize the deeper value of existing relationships and realize that there are elements in your life that are no longer a benefit.  The urge to do something about these insights will be strong, but you want to wait for a better time to act.  Chrysocolla will provide patience and self-control.


Friday 01/13/17

The Sun and Saturn are working together to help you overcome anything that gets in your way.  Use this energy to focus on sudden challenges, past issues and/or personal patterns that are preventing you from moving forward.  You will have the will and determination to let go of anything that is restraining you, even if it is not easily recognized as something harmful.  Use Pink Tourmaline to find the best use of this energy and regain the control that will make a healthy and proactive difference in where you go from here.  Venus and Neptune are not the planets you want to look towards when seeking help in matters of self-control and discipline.  However, they are in a transit that will be very supportive as you do what you need to in order to improve your well-being.  They are amplifying your confidence, making it easier to take a tough stance and commit to a new course.  They will help you attract reinforcing elements and resources that let you know you are on the right path.  You don't want to think about this energy or attempt to direct it as that might decrease the benefits.  Amethyst lets you know that things are working behind the scenes and flowing in your favor.


Saturday 01/14/17

The Sun and Neptune in a semi-square make it challenging to think about practical matters.  It will be equally difficult to operate with skill and precision so you could be left feeling a little hopeless.  It may seem that you have fallen behind when it comes to your objectives, but this is actually a constructive reprieve.  Just as water feeds earth, its energy can nourish you mentally and spiritually.  You want to stop what you are doing and allow your creativity and perceptions a chance to be recognized.  You will see far more if you step back then if you try to keep to your agenda.  Aqua Aura will help you relax and let the energy do its thing.  This is only a momentary break and you will be back with a more innovative and determined mindset.  If you must do something during this influence that requires focus, then work with Fluorite.


Sunday 01/15/17

Mars and Uranus are creating a very different atmosphere from yesterday.  Hopefully you are feeling rested and resolved, because now it is time to fight for your dreams.  You probably don't need that kind of drastic initiative, but Uranus will always drive you to extreme measures.  Uranus is meant to send you outside of your boundaries to take advantage of every opportunity.  You may not feel prepared for those kinds of actions, but that is the whole point.  Learning how to act without a plan or strategy is an essential tool, so use Amber to dive in and gain this important experience.  Mars is touring through Pisces so its antagonism is toned down, while it remains a forceful counselor.  This will help you take charge and combine your conscious and instinct for the perfect mix that will help you to progress.  Hiddenite will support your work as you make amazing things happen.


Monday 01/16/17

Mars and Chiron are working together, but it’s an uneasy alliance.  Mars is aggressive and confrontational, while Chiron takes a passive stance.  While these planets have different attitudes and approaches, they both demand results.  That force can make this a powerful union if it is focused carefully.  Chiron's dedication to healing will tame Mars' erratic behaviors and give it the purpose it needs to be truly effective.   You’re going to want to fight for something during this influence, so make it something that helps others and yourself.  Bloodstone will help you find the best use of this energy.  You want to be guided by generosity and kindness, so carry Septarian to attract opportunities that will benefit from your ability to heal.


Tuesday 01/17/17

This is a good day to open up the lines of communication with others and to trust your own mind. You can expect to receive personal messages as well as deliver your perceptions to others.  The ability to articulate your feelings without upsetting anyone comes easily. Blue Lace Agate will enhance your expression and communication skills. This is an especially good time to relay the truth, communicate honestly and accept things that we have been ignoring.  Moonstone will encourage you to be guided by your intuition for how and when to express and receive important message in the most positive manner.



Posted on January 09, 2017

  I love my crystals, still try to figure out more than their beauty. this was a great article, thx for your time.

Carolyn M. Totton  (Submitted by: Carolyn on January 10, 2017)

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