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WEEK OF 01/08/14 - 01/14/14 

Wednesday 01/08/14

The Sun and Neptune will produce an atmosphere where your willpower is low and it is difficult to retain don't!  We are in a period of mental rest right now, so take this opportunity to give yourself the time you need to recharge.  It may be a challenge since aggressive Mars is squaring off against expansive Jupiter, making you impatient, unrealistic and very likely to take risks that could result in serious setbacks.  You have no time for rules, regulations or plans and are simply anxious to get to where you need to go – even if you aren’t entirely sure where that is!  It is way too easy to want unrealistic things rather than seeing - and going after - what is possible.  Relax – even if you have to force yourself – and use the energy to consider what will be better for you and what you truly want.  Abalone Shell will encourage you to embrace the calm and Black Jasper will let you hold back any urgency.

Number of the day: 7

Having a hard time shutting out the world?  Giving yourself time for introspection will result in an inner peace that will carry you through those busy days.  Focus on the energy of 7 and Lithium Quartz

Thursday 01/09/14

Mercury and Uranus are set in a productive transit that will have you eager to try something new.  Under this influence, it is easier to adapt to new ideas and methods and you will find success in areas where innovative thinking is required and appreciated.  This is the kind of energy where anything can happen, so keep your eye out and be ready to make yourself available for every opportunity that comes your way.  Use Iolite to see the possibilities and Turquoise to make the best use of them.

Number of the day: 8

Use the successful vibe of 8 to carry your ideas and efforts to fruition.  Carry Green Quartz for an extra boost of power. 

Friday 01/10/14

Balance is important in all aspects of our lives but it is particularly crucial when it comes to relationships.  How you interact with others has a powerful influence over your well-being.  Of course you can never control someone else, but you can control how you relate to them.  Tomorrow Venus, Saturn and the Sun provide the opportunity to revitalize current relationships and establish positive new ones. This energy will enable you to strike a balance in your relationships that will prove to be very rewarding as you progress personally and professionally.  The key is to make sure that you are coming from someplace real and genuine when dealing with others right now.  It is very easy to seem overly charming, self-serving and downright deceitful if you are not cautious.  Goshenite will help you to be truthful, be yourself and let others see who you truly are and they will respond in kind.  Axinite will help you to understand others and be understood by them.

Number of the day: 9

The understanding energy of 9 will allow you to empathize with those around you for a deeper and more productive relationship.  Snowflake Obsidian will help you to show others that you care. 

Saturday 01/11/14

The Sun and Saturn in a sextile transit will produce an excellent day for taking action.  You can easily connect to the overall atmosphere that is grounded and stable.  You will be able to make progress, though it will be slow.  This is not hurried, anxious energy but more thoughtful and progressive.  While this is not a transit for sudden breakthroughs, the atmosphere is excellent to get a job done and make something happen. Citrine infuses your actions with optimism and Carnelian keeps the day lively.

Number of the day: 1

What do you want and what are you going to do about getting it?  1 will help you find the answer and the means to achieve your goals.  Amazonite will enhance your drive. 

Sunday 01/12/14

A minor transit between Mars and Chiron could have a major impact if you have the courage and tenacity to use it.  This transit will encourage you to aggressively seek ways to use what you have - the good and the bad - to make a difference in your life.  You have to be willing to accept and understand all facets of your nature and turn perceived negatives into positives.  The part of yourself that you dislike, that you fear letting loose, could be your greatest asset right now.  A moment of courage could enable you to use it to your advantage and relieve yourself of the negative overtones that it has on your life.  This is seriously powerful energy and you could wake up tomorrow with an entirely new outlook!  Use Labradorite for empowerment and Scapolite to free yourself.  Black Tourmaline will turn the negative to positive.

Number of the day: 2

Harmonious 2 wants to help you to bring the pieces together in a positive whole.  Sodalite can show you how to bridge any gaps that may be keeping you from being whole and finding inner and outer peace. 

Monday 01/13/14

Mercury will be your ally today and let you show the world what you have to offer.  First a transit with Saturn will enable you to develop your special talents and put your own unique spin on situations.  You will see things as no other can and use that knowledge to create something that seems so simple and practical, but is at the same time truly amazing and possibly life-altering.  Then Neptune steps in to boost your imagination and intuition.   Use this energy as inspiration to represent your creative self to the world and you cannot go wrong.  This is especially good energy to express yourself through visual, written and spoken arts. Use Blue Topaz to express your creative side that Botswana Agate helps you release.

Number of the day: 3

3 exudes the vibration of fun and play so use it to be a little crazy today.  Pyrite will remind you to skip outside of  your daily activities and do something special just for you. 

Tuesday 01/14/14

Mercury is in idealistic Aquarius, encouraging you to use your skills to do good and make a difference.  But, a tense position with the Moon will have you questioning what is “good” and can you really make a significant difference?  You can make a difference and you will be a good influence…it just may not be today.  It will be a challenge expressing your true intentions and acting on ideas with so much tension between what feels right and what logically makes sense.  It is easy to misrepresent yourself and your positive intentions right now, so wait until the energy is more welcoming for your actions to be well received.  Imperial Topaz will let you clearly see what you hope to accomplish, while Charoite will reveal the best time and place for your best intentions. 

Number of the day: 4

When 4 is around you will need to be working towards something or you could feel unfulfilled and stagnant.  Carry Black Onyx for purposeful exercises. 


Posted on January 07, 2014
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