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WEEK OF 01/07/15 - 01/13/15 

Wednesday 01/07/15

There is romance in the air today with Venus and Neptune partnered in a semi-sextile transit.  The most ordinary of things will appear special and beautiful as you are predisposed to see the best in everything.  One of the most interesting elements of this transit is the ability to see the beauty that others have been missing.  Venus is in Aquarius and that influence will bring a special quality to this transit and have you falling in love with the unusual.  You will be actively seeking something extraordinary and if you can’t find it then your imagination will help you to create it.  Use Tiger Eye to see the full scope of what is right in front of you – including what may be hidden.  Green Calcite will enhance your creativity.

Number of the day: 7

7 will help you to use your intuition to prepare and plan for what is ahead.  You want to have all of the tools at your disposal sharpened and honed for future expansion.  Tanzanite provides deep awareness to assist with your preparations. 

Thursday 01/08/15

The cosmos is always in motion and now it has positioned Mercury with Neptune in another semi-sextile transit.  This transit is similar to yesterday’s that had you on the lookout for artistry and inspiration.  The difference is that Mercury will challenge you to look within for that vision and stimulation.  This could be a mental awakening that has you thinking in all new ways.  Mercury is also in Aquarius making you more inventive and actively seeking opportunities to use your imagination.  Everyone will have plenty of innovative ideas so you want to use others as a resource and in turn offer them your insights. Apophyllite is a wonderful choice for inner exploration.  Green Tourmaline can help you figure out what to do with what you find.

Number of the day: 8

If you actively seek to make changes, you can accomplish anything.  8 is about problem-solving, expansion and results.  8 energy lets you know that now is the time to focus on your personal power and drive.  Fire Agate will enhance your efforts. 

Friday 01/09/15

Are you feeling ambitious and ready to institute a revolution?   Mars is in Aquarius and this is the perfect marriage of drive and insight to help you see when things are wrong and then take the necessary measures to change them.  Aquarius can cool Mars’ natural aggression but you will still feel that urge to go to extremes.  This will be especially noticeable during today’s Mars/Uranus semi-square transit.  You will be eager to take risks and meet those challenges that Uranus is sure to bring head on.  Normally it can be stressful when you feel forced to reevaluate your methods and priorities, but under this influence you will be excited about the sudden developments.  Red Jasper will calm any combative urges while helping you to take positive actions.  Use Unakite to follow your heart – especially if it doesn’t make immediate sense.

Number of the day: 9

Use 9 to see the opportunities that new transits will bring you for growth.  9 energy is especially helpful for inner expansion of your mind and heart.  Botswana Agate will get you started and offer guidance on your journey. 

Saturday 01/10/15

Mars & Pluto in a semi-square could bring you to a dead stop today.  Your attempts to enact change will be met with resistance that will be hard to get past, so you begin to question if it is worth the effort.  You don’t want to let a momentary transit cause you to doubt your focus, abilities and strength.  Roll with what comes your way and if you need to slow down, stop or even take a step back or two - don’t let it deter you from your overall quest.  There is a purpose to everything and if you remain confident you will see why everything is actually working in your favor.  Rutilated Quartz will encourage you to be flexible, while Blue Calcite will prevent self-defeating thoughts and behaviors.

Number of the day: 1

We are only a few days into a New Year that brings a whole new sky and an abundance of all kinds of new energies.  1 encourages you to take initiative, take action and make your own destiny.  Epidote enhances this energy of beginnings. 

Sunday 01/11/15

Now the Sun and Neptune are in a semi-square making it difficult to face any chores that you have planned for the day.  You don’t want to force yourself to do anything since the only success you are likely to see is in making yourself unhappy.  If you must accomplish something, then use the Neptune influence to put your imagination to work. There is artistry in everything - from painting a mural to washing the dishes - and you can find a way to love performing even the most mundane of tasks.  Be creative and positive and you could end your day with accomplishments and a happy mood.   Use Sunstone to replace negativity with creativity.  Sodalite will remind you that it is okay to give yourself a break and relax self-imposed schedules.

Number of the day: 2

You are not alone.  You don't have to do it all by yourself.  All you need to do is look around and you are sure to find help, even if you haven't been actively looking.   2 and Bloodstone will help you recognize and take advantage of opportunities. 

Monday 01/12/15

Expect more challenges with productivity today as you continue to feel the effects of transits from yesterday.  The Sun moved on from its semi-square with Neptune to join up with Jupiter and incite your desire to be free of responsibility.  You simply don’t want to have to do what you don’t want to do!  No one wants to feel tied to something that is outside of their control, so use this energy to exert your will.  Take control by developing new methods to make things happen, revise your overall plans for execution, or let them go and start fresh.  Think carefully and strategically before making any moves.  You don’t want to let a moment of rebellion cause you to leave anything important behind.   Tangerine Quartz will illuminate the strength of your personal power, while Blue Goldstone helps you deflect anything that is demanding more than you are willing to give.

Number of the day: 3

Easygoing 3 reminds us that we are free to enjoy all of the fun and adventure there is....and there is plenty right now!  Forget the chores and use Sugilite to find the fun today! 

Tuesday 01/13/15

Venus and Uranus are in a sextile transit and you may be overcome by weariness if you have been trying to be someone whom you are not.  Individuality is very important under this influence and you will no longer be willing to conform to others’ ideas of who you should be.  This is a great time to allow others to see more of who you are, be true to yourself, and stop hiding.  If you aren’t ready to let everyone in that is okay, but there is a general atmosphere of acceptance and understanding that will make it easy to be fully open.  Once you take that first step you will be encouraged to take another.  Hessonite Garnet can help you recognize opportunities where your revelations will be welcome.  Green Aventurine opens your heart to both yourself and others.

Number of the day: 4

4 will help you to expand and build.  The key to employing the energy is remaining positive and use your gifts of vision and insight.  Watermelon Tourmaline will enhance your insight and point you in a positive direction.


Posted on January 06, 2015
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