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WEEK OF 01/04/17 - 01/10/17

Wednesday *01/04/17*

Mercury and Mars are in a transit that will have you actively seeking new ways to learn, re-learn, and perform old habits and routines.  You will get easily bored during this influence and you realize it is up to you to bring the excitement back.  You no longer want to be operating automatically and you’re eager to invest time and effort into becoming an active participant in your own life.  The old ways usually feel comfortable, but now they’re constricting your creativity and self-expression.  Use Serpentine to support your determination to leave behind the old patterns.  Even if they’re working, change things up by adding a personal spark.  That is how we keep progressing.  Orange Aventurine will help attract fresh opportunities that match your enthusiasm.


Thursday *01/05/17*

A Venus/Pluto semi-square brings your deepest fears and worries to the surface to help you manage them.  First you must face them and the nature of this transit will drive you to do that by making them real.  You can manifest fears into reality just as you can dreams and ideas.  This energy is hot-blooded and emotional, so you cannot rely on rational thought to help you avoid threatening your network of stability.  You will be pushing things that involve your work, relationships and finances to see how far you can stretch the limits before something snaps. You may find yourself looking to destroy something so that you can re-create it.  There is a better way and Rutilated Quartz can help you recognize this so that you direct the energy in a more positive manner.  Chrysoprase will give you the focus you need to be mindful instead of reacting to this momentary influence. 


Friday *01/06/17*

Venus and Saturn are planets that work together very well.  Venus helps us determine what we want, while Saturn points us in the right direction to go and get it. You will have that kind of cooperative atmosphere today as Venus motivates you through your appreciation of beautiful objects and situations.  Remember what you find to be “beautiful” is subjective and a very personal state of mind.  It will be particularly important right now as it will heavily influence your choices and decisions.  Use Tanzanite to make this a positive and empowering experience.  Once you decide on a goal and/or course of action, Saturn will step in and show you how to apply practical principals towards them.  Picture Jasper will help you see how a process will set your creative spirit free and enable you to create your own inspirational works.


Saturday *01/07/17*

The Capricorn Sun naturally encourages us to take stock of our resources to determine the best use for them.  You want to make sure that you’re in complete control of your immediate environment and that you’re getting the full value of your exertions.  Pluto will provide an extra burst of energy towards your determination to make everything count.  This is a good time to reconsider your expectations and needs to decide if they are being met sufficiently.  Labradorite can help you see what needs to change and how you can make that happen.  This is a better time for strategy than action, so work with Rhyolite for support while you develop your plans and keep them close.  You don’t want to give anything away until you are ready to share.


Sunday *01/08/17*

Uranus knows there is nothing like a little uncertainty to bring a fresh perspective to your life.  It is in a semi-square with Venus today and you may face some surprises when it comes to your relationships, finances, work, etc.  Many of those will come directly from you!  Things that previously held no interest may suddenly be very appealing while your priorities change regarding others.  Remember that you don’t want to use this influence to make choices or changes when it comes to important areas of your life. Tiger Iron will help you control any sudden urges.  You don’t want to act on impulse and have regretful results.  This transit is an opportunity to transform and advance, but you want to do that thoughtfully.  Strawberry Quartz gives you the patience to think it through and act only when you are ready.     


Monday *01/09/17*

The unstable atmosphere continues with Jupiter taking over for Uranus as the instigator.  Once again those areas ruled by Venus will be the ones that are affected by your immediate, unshakeable need to make things bigger and better.  The problem is that it gives you the motivation without the benefit of why things need to change and how you will accomplish it.  That lack of wisdom will make the difference between acting with purpose and simply reacting to the moment.  Turquoise can help you find what you need to use this energy wisely. You will feel some personal tension and you don’t want to take that out on others, so carry Lemurian Quartz to feel calmer and send that energy out into the world.


Tuesday *01/10/17*

The Sun squares off against Uranus, so you can expect some epic sparks to fly throughout the day.  Capricorn detests surprises and anything that threatens its predictable, pragmatic operations.  Uranus is the enemy of sameness. That means that any Uranus/Sun collaborations during this tour will not only be contentious, but also quite exciting.  You want to take that excitement, combine it with your power and help these energies to find some common ground.   They will balance each other nicely if they are given a purpose, so use Rhodochrosite to find the one (or more) that will benefit the most.   You are going to need to be strong in order to employ patience and concentration within the general turbulence. Malachite will offer support.



Posted on January 02, 2017
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