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WEEK OF 01/01/14 - 01/07/14 

Wednesday 01/01/14

A New Moon and a Sun/Pluto conjunction set us up for a powerful start to 2014.  You are motivated by the desire for self-control and you feel empowered to make things happen.  While you are focused on building a new structure and preparing to make steady progress, you might notice a distraction that leads you towards more pleasurable, unstructured outlets.  That will be Venus and Uranus opening a dam of pent-up frustration and disappointment with following the rules has gotten you so far.  Perhaps a new year means a new strategy and it is time to forge your own individual path.  Rather than plodding along and doing what is expected, have some fun and free float.  Follow a whim to see where it takes you.  You have a whole new year ahead of you so why not start it off with something unpredictable.  Tiger's Eye helps you to uncover your power and drive, while Green Tourmaline shows you how to use that power in new ways for fresh results.

Number of the day: 9

We begin a new year at the end of the numeric cycle pointing to the repeating of patterns.  Sometimes things need to repeat so that you realize how much you have learned and how that knowledge will result in amazing progress. Stilbite will remind you of what you have accomplished and point you towards the future. 

Thursday 01/02/14

It is a crazy day as we get back to business and the Sun and Mars in a square will not make things easy.  You want to do many things and go as fast as you can, but the energy is unfocused and erratic.  You feel a restless desire for something, but without knowing what it is, you end up running in circles - but you are still kind of enjoying the ride.  If you can find some focus amidst the maelstrom, then you can move mountains with this magnified energy.  If not, then just enjoy the activity of the day and remember that nothing is ever all has a purpose even if it takes time to reveal itself.  Smokey Quartz shows you ways to use the high output of energy.  White Aventurine will slow things down enough for you to grasp what is happening.

Number of the day: 1

What will be your first step?  It will set the tone for all that will follow, so use Clear Quartz to illuminate the answers that lie within you. 

Friday 01/03/14

Now Mercury and Jupiter in an opposition surround us in an atmosphere where the  lack of focus remains.  Frustrations grow as everything may seem and feel more vital than it really is.  We are looking for meaning in our lives and there is a tendency towards under and overestimation.  Strive for balance and moderation to use this valuable energy to mentally prepare and plan for the achievement of your ultimate goal.  You can clearly see how realizing your goal will change you and enhance your life and you are ready for the change.  Use Inclusion Quartz for insightful vision and Lepidolite for calm evaluations.

Number of the day: 2

As you decide what is next you will want to look around you to find the resources that can move you onward.  All of us have untapped resources and Ruby in Kyanite will let you see what has yet to be recognized.

 Saturday 01/04/14

Venus and Chiron in a semi-square point our focus towards differences rather than similarities.   An elitist "I'm better than you" attitude is possible as a result of Chiron turning the tables on us and highlighting our inner self-doubts.  You may feel the need to neutralize your own inadequacies by bringing others down to your perceived low level.  Relationships and interactions can be difficult right now because we refuse to understand and learn from each other.  Mercury and Neptune will encourage daydreams over actions today anyhow, so this may be a good time to lay low and keep your own council.  Fancy Jasper encourages steady and tranquil thoughts, while Kunzite allows you to remain compassionate.

Number of the day: 3

We get so caught up in what we have, what we are doing and where we are going that we forget the most important thing.  Take a moment to appreciate it all.  Let the energy of 3 and Hiddenite give you that moment. 

Sunday 01/05/14

The Sun and Jupiter always offer powerful energy for expansion, but today's opposition may encourage you to reach too high and go right past what you really want.  You will have the urge to indulge yourself as you see your true self-worth and want to reward it.  Go for it, but make sure you are not too extravagant and have later regrets. It is an interesting day where you may find a surprising twist in what you really want and subsequently realize a dramatic change in your ambitions.  It could be a whole new game for you by the end of the day.  Sunstone allows you to enjoy this energy while you control your actions.  Labradorite prepares you for the outcome.

Number of the day: 4

Have a puzzle without a clear resolution? Feeling lost? Let the problem solving energy of 4 show you where to uncover the answer.  Red Goldstone will remind you there is always a solution and you will find it. 

Monday 01/06/14

The past week has been filled with erratic energy that was not helping you to accomplish anything in the real world.  Now your mind is set and it is time to get down to business.  Mercury and Saturn are blending their energies to set us off on the right note.  Decisions and actions that you enact today will produce positive results in the future.  You are detailed and organized and ready to go after what you want.  It is time to begin!  Moss Agate gets you going and Rhyolite keeps you on track. 

Number of the day: 5

5 is the perfect energy for mental activities.  Use it together with your imagination to play out different scenarios and see the incredible ideas that will follow.  Prehnite will enhance your constructive visualizations. 

Tuesday 01/07/14

Yesterday Mercury helped us to break ground as we build our future.  Now it joins up with Venus to help us build relationships that will carry us forward as we progress.  Under this transit it is very possible to have influential and productive interactions with both new and existing acquaintances.  The atmosphere is more conducive to play than work, but there is no reason why you cannot yield practical rewards from play!  If there is something that you love that you have considered turning into a business, you could find new resources that will enable you to get it off the ground.  Pink Hackmanite lets you relax and enjoy the company and atmosphere.  Garnet can show you how important you are to others.

Number of the day: 6

6 carries that energy to build productive and harmonious relationships that benefit everyone.  Use Prasiolite to forge lasting connections that are based on a deep appreciation of yourself and others. 


Posted on December 31, 2013
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