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August 16

Ahhh, Romance,  as the Sun and Venus reach A Superior Conjunction in Leo, Venus switches from evening star to morning star now rising before the Sun each day.  Love abounds and material problems don’t look as bad as they did.  Mercury adds a sizzle when he also unites with Venus.  Mercury later unites with the Sun in a minor Conjunction  sending the seeds of ideas to ferment in our minds in the hopes of later spectacular manifestation. This may be a good time to turn to Hematite to keep your feet firmly grounded in reality before you bite off more then you can chew. 

The alignments come fast and frantic as Vesta squares Jupiter, Mercury tangles with Mars, the Moon unites with Ceres. The Sun parallels Jupiter and Mars makes a frictional tie to Venus.  The universe sure knows how to make life interesting and complicated at the same time.


Aug 17

Yesterday was a challenge no doubt about it.  The energy continues to ripple through our consciousness today,  layered with the offerings of today’s  Moon in Aries uniting with change maker Uranus.  The Sun moves into a confrontational mode with Mars and Mars in turn ties to Vesta.  The Moons ties to Uranus can lead to breakthroughs in higher consciousness while knowledge it laid before us for the taking.  Labradorite will assist you in taking advantage of this shift.    The Sun-Mars-Vesta struggles tempts you to risky behavior that really will not work in your favor.


Aug 18

We are fortunate that we will be having 2 days of  positive and beneficial alignments in the cosmos for us to dive into.  Here is our lineup for today, Venus is contra-parallel(going in opposite directions) to Ceres,   Mars and Jupiter in a supportive alliance, A Moon-Mercury trine to fire signs, The Sun in a cozy parallel to the Moon , the Moon in a helpful parallel to Jupiter, the Moon wanders into a Sun trine, then parallels Venus and finally the Moon trines Venus all in one day.   All positive and productive, enhancing both creativity and your fields of expertise. Citrine  will open those creativity channels to make the most of this energy.

 Just a reminder that these will energize tomorrows energy to create  an opportunity for catching up on all left over task.


Aug 19

After yesterdays encouraging influences we have a positive trend in the works with a Venus parallel to Jupiter to start off our day.  The Moon continues is refreshing wanderings by making a supportive connection to rebel Neptune in Aquarius leading to colorful and realistic visions and dreams from the ether. 

Phenacite  insist on us learning from dreams and visions.

The financially security of the Taurus Moon make an warm and nurturing embrace to Mother Nature encouraging a visit to the garden , hiking and getting active.  The Venus-Jupiter parallel is a vast treasure of opportunities on all fronts. 


Aug 20

The good times continue with a brief  Moon union with Jupiter in Taurus.  Milk the energy of success for all its worth.  Sodalite is a stone of spiritual growth and success that is a great addition to your day.

Things go downhill as Venus makes an awkward tie to Ceres and a frictional tie to Saturn  later in the evening.  These could put a damper on any useful activities, it may be better to sleep in tomorrow morning rather then fight the trend of negativity.    


Aug 21

Slowing things down further , The Cosmic prankster is in control and disarray rules the atmosphere.   A Venus-Neptune  opposing tie from Leo to Aquarius dishes out a mega dose  of confusion, chaos and uncertainty.  Celestite and Selenite will ease any chaos  and calm the waters of discord.

A Last Quarter Sun-Moon partnership activate Leo and Taurus adding more tension and stubbornness to the  pressure cooker of ready to explode situations.  

Waiting in the wings  is a Sun-Neptune contra-parallel,  Sun-Ceres off kilter tie, Mercury contending with Pluto, Venus in a face down with Pallas, and a void of course as the Moon shifts from Taurus to Gemini.  

Productivity seem nil at best and the best hope of making anything useful out of this day is to indulge in some light-hearted fun and games, artistic pursuits or diving into a creative hobby. 


Aug 22

Mental and emotional clarity and calmness are called for today as Venus-The Sun and Neptune continue their disruptive ties.  Neptune is normally positive and supportive  when left alone, but doesn’t play well with other.  In this case Neptune is oversensitive, and confrontational and this leads to some really bad karma in the works.  Tourmaline, Watermelon brings harmony and serenity to any situation.

The Sun takes the friction to a whole new level in an abrasive tie to Saturn leading to frustration, delays, and lost productivity.   Saturn and Neptune get ready to add their own brand of tension to the mix. 

The one bright spot of  today is the Sun in parallel to Mercury. Along with the Moon in Gemini, the Sun beaming radiant illumination on Mercury may signal that mind can triumph over matter, and that your logic and common sense will bring harmony and balance to key partnerships.


Aug 23

A sense of déjà vu  prevail as the Sun slides into earthy Virgo leaving Leo behind.   This mischief making combo can give mental clarity and creative and emotional uplifting energy  to the Moon -Gemnini  supportive affinity with Mercury in Leo, plus a Mercury parallel to Venus. Apatite, Blue  will lend a hand is increasing the energy of clarity and understanding.

Adding to this positive influences and energetic atmosphere is a Juno trine to Vesta in air signs.  Its time  to  do a clearing overhaul in personal and sisterly relations. Do some late season sprucing up at home.

The Sun may put a damper on problem-solving and strategy sessions as it make a iffy off kilter tie to Pallas. 

A Mercury-Neptune contra-parallel adds a  degree of psychic confusion to the atmosphere and any tweaking could lead to favorable results in hobbies, theater arts, music and dance.

Posted on August 17, 2011
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