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Crane Animal Totem

This animal totem is Crane – Focus, Awakening, Self-Expression

Although Crane is a symbol for Longevity because of its long life, I am focusing on Crane’s healing aspects.

Crane can stand on one leg for a long time waiting to catch a fish. Not only that, Crane usually lays two eggs, but will only raise one and keeps its nest well hidden. It is teaching you to honor your creative resources and keep them alive by using proper focus in your life. It is important not to divide your attention with more than one project, but rather just focusing on the more important project. Crane is asking you to stay centered and focused on your destination and not let headwinds throw you off course. Crane is also telling you to have perseverance while waiting for the right time to strike. Watch over and protect your project by keeping it hidden and close to you until it is fully accomplished.

Crane has an elaborate dance which is used for both mating and fighting. It is teaching you to see the wonder of creation, the inner and outer beauty of yourself and the world. He is telling you to release your fears and inhibitions so that you can move into uncharted territories. Express yourself with integrity and conviction. Your actions may influence more than you think. Crane flys with both legs and neck out stretched. This shows you the connectedness between your past and your present. Crane is telling you to use your past to better your present and future. Take something from your past and improve it by using new innovation and/or new methods to solve that problem. By doing so, it shows you that you can restore faith in yourself and in Spirit.

Crane’s vocalizations and body language shows the importance of communications. It is teaching you to watch and listen. Pay attention to what others are doing and what they are saying and choose your battles carefully, choosing quiet wisdom and privacy over aggression. Crane teaches you to connect with your primal origins and use the power of sound appropriately. This holds the medicine of self expression and how to vocalize your truth. When you have fully developed this medicine you will make lasting and favorable impressions on others but until then you may often be misunderstood.

Crystals that can help you remember Crane’s medicine are:



Self Expression


By Susan Jolley

Posted on June 11, 2015
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