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Clearing Energy Techniques without Tools

By Lourdes Lebron


There are many times that we find ourselves subjected to negative energies and may not have any of our vibrational cleaning tools handy.  This article gives ideas, tips, and suggestions on how to remove unwanted vibes from yourself and others just by using your own mind and body.

Showers - Showers are a wonderful way to clean off energy. When in the shower, as you lather your body, imagine the “gunk” that you picked up being dissolved by the soap.  As you rinse, you can visualize the dirt being washed away down the drain.  I like to finish my shower with water a little colder and imagine it sealing my aura and protecting it against future dirt.

White light - One of the easiest methods to clean with is white light.  I like to imagine a ball of white light above my head.  As it descends down my body, four more balls appear in the North, South, East, and West positions.  As they all start to travel down, I have the first ball go directly down the center of my body, removing anything not needed from my body. The ones at the other positions go down over the front, back, and sides of my body, also shining light and dissolving detrimental energy.  When they reach the feet, all of the balls go into the earth where they are transmuted into positive energy.

Another way to use light is to get a picture of yourself and place your hands over the picture. Imagine white light going from your hands into your image. As the light leaves your hands it cleanses you through the picture.  You can do this for approximately 10 minutes.

Both techniques mentioned above can be used on other people. For either technique, please use crystals or any protective measure you are aware of to ensure your energetic safety. To use white light to clean another person, have them sit or stand in front of you.  Extend your hands, start at the top of their head and imagine white light going through them and start “combing” away the negative energy of the other person.  After combing the front of their body, go counter clockwise around their body, continuing this motion.  When you are done, shake out your hands and wash them in cold water.  Also ask any guide/angel that you work with to clean out the negative energy you shook off.

For the picture, you can use the picture of another person and visualize the white light cleaning their aura.  Also use protection and clean your hands as mentioned above.

Breath work - Many people don’t realize that their own breaths can help cleanse them energetically.  To do this, sit quietly in the most comfortable position for you.  Breathe naturally.  Take 5- 6 breaths at your own pace.  With your next inhale imagine your breath filling your body and collecting all of the negative energy.  As you exhale the breath, it moves anything harmful out as well. Do this for 5- 7 breaths.  While breathing you can imagine yourself at the ocean, in the woods, or anyplace else where the surroundings can transmute your energies.

Earth - The earth is a wonder cleanser.  If convenient, you can sit on the ground.  If this is not possible sit on a chair or the floor and take off your shoes.  The goal is to make contact with the ground.  As you sit, imagine the earth sending energy either up your feet or up your back.   When the energy starts moving up your body imagine it spreading across, over, and under all your limbs until you are encased in a cocoon of white light, green energy, or glittery vibes.  Imagine this energy shaking your aura as if it were a rattle.  As the rattling stops, all of the “gunk” falls into the ground and gets transformed into healing energy.

Moonlight - A wonderful way to clear your energy shields is to use moonlight. The full moon is best, but you can do this technique two to three days before the full moon and two to three days afterwards.  On the night you wish to do this, go outside where the moon’s rays can hit you.  As you stand in the moonlight, take a deep breath, and raise your arms overhead.  When you release your breath, release your hands over your head and down your body (approximately an inch or two away from you).  As you breathe in, imagine taking the moonlight into your body and as you exhale, imagine it pushing out the “gunk” through your feet.  Do this for 5- 6 breaths.

Guides/Angels – When working with clearing energy people forget that they can call on their guides and angels to help. Sit quietly and simply ask for a being of goodness and light (that specializes in cleaning energy) to come and remove any particles of unwanted energy.  When this happens you may hear a buzzing, feel a shift in temperature or a breeze; others may see different colors in their mind’s eye. The cleansing will manifest itself differently for each person.  Please allow 5 -10 minutes for this.

After clearing energy, people who are sensitive need to take time to get centered and focused. Drinking water, eating protein or chocolate, and/or holding a grounding crystal (Hematite, Black Tourmaline, Dravite) will assist with becoming present in the moment.

The most important aspect of any cleansing is to have the intention to do so. Thoughts have power and you can use that power to achieve a stronger, powerful, and better functioning energy system. Use your thoughts wisely and they will become the most important energetic tool in your repertoire.




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Posted on January 26, 2016
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