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From: david
Sent: Tuesday, March 06, 2007 10:55 PM
To: Shawn Adler
Subject: David - - Order# 4155

Mr. Adler,

Thank you for your kind reply. I am looking forward to receiving the Merkaba crystals. I am new to the concept of healing crystals, having recently been turned onto it by a friend. If you do not mind, I would like to ask you several more questions on the subject. Please reply at your convenience.

1. I read in a book entitled “Illustrated Guide to Crystals” by Judy Hall that all crystals can be energetically cleansed by either placing in a bowl of sea salt for several hours, or bathing in sunlight for several hours. According to what I have read on-line from another source, as well as from your message - colored crystals may fade in sunlight. Is this a subject of divided views, or is fading irrelevant? Does fading affect the metaphysical or healing properties and potency of the crystals?

2. One of the reasons that I am interested in Citrine is because I have read that it is one the only two minerals on the planet that does not hold or accumulate negative energy, but dissipates and transmutes it, and hence it never needs clearing or cleansing. Do you concur with this information? How would you recommend one to “clear” a crystal - Citrine or other?

3. I ordered a Citrine chip necklace from another outfit at the same time that I ordered these merkaba stars. I was told by them that almost all Citrine on the market is heat-treated Amethyst, including the necklace that I purchased. They added that Citrine, regardless of whether it occurred naturally or synthetically is made up of the same chemical composition and possesses the same metaphysical properties. Do you agree? May I consider the necklace as true Citrine?

4. Personally, I have an affinity for Aqua Aura quartz as well, and have ordered an Aqua Aura Star of David Pendant. I read that Aqua Aura is akin to the element of water, and that Citrine is akin to the element of fire. Further, I read that these two stones may combine harmoniously with each other. This puzzles me because according to the above statements they are opposite in nature. Do you have knowledge of this point, and would you be inclined to explain?

Mr. Adler, thank you for your time and consideration of my questions. I tend to ask a lot of questions, and I hope that you do not find me overwhelming.




Thanks for your reply. We too share your enthusiasm about crystals and there is always more to learn. We enjoy customer questions and are always happy to reply and share the information that we can provide.

As far as clearing crystals, this is a very popular question and we did a feature article on this in our last newsletter. Please click on this link to see this extensive description and instructions for clearing crystals.

I think that almost everyone agrees that many colorful crystals will fade in the sunlight. It sometimes takes only a few weeks to visibly see the difference so few would dispute this fact. Since sunlight is an effective way to clear crystals, some still put their crystals in sunlight since only a few hours or a day does not make that big of a difference. Over time however, many stones will obviously begin to fade their vibrant colors away and so sunlight is not my preferred method. Please read the article in our previous newsletter for many other suggestions.

Citrine is a great stone as it transutes negative energy without needing clearing. I still like to include my citrine crystals when I clear my stones as unless the stone is 100% pure citrine, any clear quartz patches in the tumbled stone or citrine point can still accumulate negative energy.

It is true that most citrine on the market is “heat treated”. It is the presence of manganese that makes clear quartz form into purple amethyst. Then, it is heat (either naturally in the earth, or intentionally by man) that turns amethyst into citrine. The citrine coming out of the ground naturally tends to have a pale yellow color, while the man-made citrine is a burnt yellow-orange color. Both man-made citrine and naturally occuring citrine is effective for use in healing. I enjoy both types of citrine and find them both to be useful. I suggest that you obtain at least one piece of each (buying tumbled stones is a great way to do this) and experiment with them yourself. Personal experience is the best way to learn about crystals although we can learn much from others experiences as well. We sell both types here on our website:

If it is marked “natural” then it is not heat treated, otherwise all of our regular citrine is heat treated. Natural citrine is more rare and difficult to find, so most of what you see in stores is heat treated. You can usally tell by comparing the colors. By looking at our pictures, you can see the difference easily on our tumbled stones and our other citrine products.

I am not sure about Aqua Aura going well with Citrine as I have not used them together before. Just because they relate to two different elements however does not mean that they “fight” with each other. It is like a complementary color. One vibration can tone down the other and harmoniously create a greater potential for balance in the presence of the differences. All the elements are represented in our emotions and our bodies and so creating harmony between them is always helpful.

I hope this helps and that you continue to enjoy your journey with crystals. Have a wonderful day!

Love and Harmony,

Shawn Adler

Posted on March 07, 2007
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