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Healing Crystals NQPH2 NQPH2
Very Satisfied with size of a crystal. It looks very cool almost like a broken tip from a sword.A++++
5 5
I love it. The perfect size not to mention the shape was unique. A++
5 5
Amazing piece! I am just blown away at the most awesome pieces I've been lucky to obtain from you. I mean it as I say "no words can describe" because it's like literally like that! ~hee hee~
5 5
I am really impressed by how powerful this quartz is! It has incredibly strong healing energy, and I found it great for pain relief. This quartz also seems to resonate with a pure, joyful energy. You can't hold one of these and not smile. :)
5 5

Clear Quartz Points (Himalayan)    [NQPH2]

Instock $ 2025-03-02
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