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Imagine healing stones so powerful, so inclusive, that ancient cultures believed it to have been the force behind creation; those stones are clear quartz crystals. In modern times it is used to run technology, and people through the ages have harnessed its energy to increase their overall well-being. Clear quartz, a universal and all-embracing healing stone. Quartz is so potent that it affects all energetic levels and chakras, raising vibrations to obtain higher levels of connection. This mineral is used for jewelry, watches, radios and more, yet also serves as an important tool for meditating, manifestation and intentions. There is much to know about this fascinating stone, as the clear quartz crystal serves a significant role in healing.

Clear Quartz Crystals - Double Terminated Wand - Image Source: Dani Costelo / Unsplash

What Are Clear Quartz Crystals?

Clear quartz crystals are a mineral (chemical compound or element) formed naturally in a variety of manners, such as through the Earth’s crust. A common mineral, quartz can be formed in a variety of colors, but is often gray or white. When clear and transparent, the stones are called “rock crystals.” Naturally occurring in most rocks, quartz is considered the hardest of all the common minerals. Silicon and oxygen atoms form together creating silicon dioxide, which is the foundation of clear quartz crystals. In fact, a quartz crystal weighing 48 tons and measuring roughly 20 feet (ca. 6 m) long was discovered in Brazil, and is said to be the largest quartz crystal ever found to date!

Kinds Of Clear Quartz Crystals

Did you know that the sand on beaches is comprised primarily of eroded clear quartz crystals? These grains of quartz are also found along river beds and the surrounding soil. Clear quartz crystals take on many different crystal formations, such as generator and cluster crystals as well. Generator clear quartz crystals may be found with either a single point (whether it be formed naturally or shaped artificially) or in a cluster. Single points are often created in such a manner that the point faces upwards. They are formed as “magnificent crystals” with a six sided hexagon shape beneath the pyramid-like leading point. Generating clusters of clear quartz crystals have many points that extend outwards to create and project energy from each.

Clear Quartz Crystals - Arkansas Cluster

Healing Properties Of Quartz

Clear quartz crystals are considered a highly programmable and amplifying stone used for healing, cleansing and clearing. This stone resonates with all the chakras and assists in healing heart, body and mind. As this stone vibrates with the energy of the Earth’s electromagnetic field, it has many uses, including connection with our Higher Selves, sending prayers, enhancing meditation, and helping to manifest goals. Intentions are magnified through the healing use of clear quartz crystals, as well as a positive reprogramming of our thoughts.

Known also to protect against negative energy, clear quartz crystals are good for achieving balance and harmony. Respected as a cleansing stone both spiritually and physically, the immune system also benefits from quartz. Worn as jewelry, carrying in one’s pocket or placing them under the pillow before bed are additional ways to keep the energy of these stones close by for consistent influence.  

Culturally speaking, clear quartz crystals were named such by the Greeks as the word translates to “ice,” that which it closely resembles. Some ancient cultures in North America presented offerings to the crystal, as believed it to be sentient; while others believed that quartz was central to the creation of all life. Some cultures believed that quartz served as a container for spirits, and in Japan they believed the quartz to be the perfect stone for all it represents. Healing properties were recognized even then, and continue into the present where clear quartz crystals are appreciated and utilized for spiritual growth and good health.

Clear Quartz Crystals - Himalayan Specimen

Everyday Uses For Crystals In Modern Technology  

Clear quartz crystals are used for healing intentions and purposes, but did you know that they are also used in everyday items such as watches and radios? Quartz possesses a precise frequency standard that makes for a reliable technological and industrial tool, as well. Cell phones, computers, and televisions also benefit from the unique property of clear quartz crystals, as these devices use piezoelectricity (a type of electric charge) in the form of crystals. Clear quartz crystals vibrate when electricity is added, and in turn, emit electricity when vibrating. Therefore, piezoelectricity utilizes the oscillation of the quartz crystals simultaneously, resulting in the ability to run devices, such as watches, with a battery. So while many of us are using our quartz crystals to tune out from the constant intrusion of modern technology, they are so universal that they also play a part in the modern world around us. The power of these clear quartz crystals is all-encompassing. 



Clear quartz crystals are the foundation for many other crystals used and appreciated for healing, jewelry and more. The properties of quartz crystals form these other minerals such as amethyst, citrine and smokey quartz. Healing crystals in the quartz family play an integral part in spiritual growth. Many other crystals are derived from quartz, serving as a means to explore and expand healing and manifestations in one’s life.


Amethyst is the most popular form of clear quartz crystals, notably varying shades of the color purple mark its appearance. Its beautiful purple tones often fade in prolonged sunlight, and can be found in crystal forms, as well as the lining of geode interiors. Many of the world’s amethyst pieces come from Brazil. The purple tone in amethyst occurs when the natural radiation occurring in the earth's rocks affects the iron in the crystal structure of the quartz, resulting in a color change. In small amounts, this irradiated iron combined with the silicon dioxide of the crystal, thus altering the color to a varying range of purple. When it comes to healing properties, amethyst is a personal tool for chakra and energy balancing, but also assists in calming an overactive nervous system and emotional issues. Many find that pairing amethyst with clear quartz crystals while doing healing work serves as a useful, proactive combination.

Clear Quartz Crystals - Amethyst Druze Specimens


Citrine also serves as a well-known form of quartz, obtaining its distinct brownish hue from iron impurities. To find it natural on its own is in fact quite rare, as this stone forms as a result of the earth’s crust heating amethyst, resulting in citrine stones. The color of citrine formed by nature is usually more pale and smokey, while artificially formed citrine resembles more of the amethyst and smokey quartz that it is created by way of heat treatment. Those colors are more of a deep brown and orange tone. Regardless of origin, these stones are still capable of manifestations. In healing, citrine is primarily used for chakra cleansing, prosperity and joy - a stone of strong intuition. We often find citrine, this relative of the clear quartz crystal, in places such as the United States, France, Britain, Russia, Brazil, the Congo. However, it is also found in many other places around the globe.

Clear Quartz Crystals - Heat Treated Citrine Clear Quartz Crystals - Natural Citrine Point
The above shows the difference between heat-treated citrine (left) and natural citrine (right)      

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a light pink crystal that serves as the attractor of universal love. Derived from quartz, elements such as manganese or iron found in the crystal contribute to the pink tone. Found predominantly in Madagascar, rose quartz can also be found in places such as India, Germany and parts of the United States. When it comes to healing, rose quartz remains a stone of empathy, love and forgiveness. Working with the heart chakra, feelings of fear are put to rest and acceptance is allowed to enter. A gentle yet powerful stone, rose quartz has an important place in the quartz family.

Clear Quartz Crystals - Rose Quartz

Smokey Quartz

Smokey Quartz, a translucent crystal with tones of gray, black and brown, is often used to manifest dreams and lead them into a reality. Naturally occurring radiation alters the oxidation states of clear quartz crystals as they are forming, resulting in the smokey quartz. Ideal for grounding and balancing, this stone amplifies the vibrations of other stones in the vicinity, allowing for a calming and soothing experience. Like the other stones in this family, smokey quartz is found in places such as Madagascar, Brazil, the United States and even Scotland. As you can see, Brazil is an important location for crystal development.

Clear Quartz Crystals - Smokey Quartz Cluster

Additional Quartz Stones

Other stones formed from quartz include Aventurine (a stone of opportunity), Carnelian (for motivation), Bloodstone (wonderful for emotional and physical cleansing), Agate (a soothing stone) and very many more. A plethora of stones are derived from clear quartz crystals, all contributing to crystal healing methods. It is a stone that ignites the influence of the many stones formed from it.



In a healing capacity, clear quartz crystals are known for generating and amplifying energy, which is a great way to hold one’s intentions. Ideal when it comes to removing patterns of toxicity and negativity, clear quartz crystals work well at transforming energy back to a more harmonious state. Interestingly, all forms of quartz are recommended for increasing elements such as prosperity and wealth.

Energetic alignment is a notable component of clear quartz crystals when it comes to healing uses. Various manifestations, healing intentions and meditations are complemented with these crystals. There are many different methods and techniques one may use for healing and alignment with quartz, and the many elements derived from it.

Healing Intentions

When quietly reflecting with clear quartz crystals, breathing exercises are a great way to feel more in-tune with the crystals. One example would be to breathe in and out slowly five times while asking your clear quartz crystal to present you with the feeling of full alignment. Often, when paying attention to how you are feeling, an energetic alignment may be noticed, particularly along the length of the spine. While every person has a unique alignment experience, often the sense with clear quartz crystals is an uplifting one, even in a more literal sense felt physically.

Meditation for prosperity is a common intention used with clear quartz crystals. There are various ways to go about obtaining a prosperous state of mind and feelings of well-being. When meditating one may quietly ask for alignment with one’s highest energies. Manifestation of prosperous intentions starts to occur, when not striving for anything other than the present moment with quiet knowledge of this intention. All possibilities have the intention to manifest once this meditation with your clear quartz crystals is complete.

Healing with Different Types of Clear Quartz

Given that clear quartz crystals hold such a universal and powerful healing energy, abundant energy fields can be accessed through clear crystal quartz points while meditating, often by means of placing the stone on one’s forehead while connecting with the universal energy source. Energy amplification from simply holding quartz is said to feel good in terms of our own bioenergy fields. Just having the stone in personal contact is said to lead to positive manifestations.  

Single point clear quartz crystals are intended especially for drawing in energy. The thought is that core energy is increased and enhanced, as energy is projected out and in via the point of the stone. Generator clear quartz crystal clusters, however, radiate from multiple points, allowing for broader energy manifestation. This particular piece then makes for a great healing tool when it comes to self, loved ones or even groups. The idea is to enrich life and these generator pieces aid in doing do.

Sometimes clear quartz crystals are formed into the shape of abundance crystals. Smaller pieces of quartz are clustered around the bottom of a larger piece of the stone; providing an ideal tool for attracting wealth and prosperity into the home. Fortune, friends, and that of a more balanced life are all manifestations common with this type of clear quartz crystal.

Clear Quartz Crystals - Tower - Image Source: wingsofcompassion / Pixabay

Cleansing, Charging And Manifesting

When you have chosen a clear quartz crystal to work with, always cleanse the crystal before embarking on your healing journey with the piece. Often, a crystal is cleansed by way of smudging with sage or incense. You may also leave your crystal in the sunlight or the moonlight, usually on a windowsill. Full moons are especially potent. Burying your quartz in soil also cleanses the stone, as does using forms of energy healing, sound, visualization and intention techniques.

Now you can dedicate your clear quartz crystal for a manifestation or intention. Often, one may visualize love and light around the crystal while speaking the intention held for the crystal and holding it in your hand. Since quartz is such an all-embracing stone, you have many manifestation possibilities to pursue. Once having given your healing stone something to manifest, it is important to charge the crystal, perhaps by leaving it in the sunlight for a while or placing it around other crystals. Once you have prepared your clear quartz crystal for the intended purpose, abundant energies have the opportunity to align for you.


The All-Embracing Clear Quartz Crystal

The clear quartz crystal is a universal stone, offering high vibrations, abundant energy and many possibilities. From ancient cultures to the present, this mineral has been used for spiritual and physical growth and healing, protection, meditation and more. These crystals are even used in our daily technology due to their remarkable nature. Incorporating magnificent clear quartz crystals into everyday life offers many benefits and healing opportunities.


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