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Healing Crystals NQPBE2 NQPBE2
Before I knew what all the different formations were, I did not get what was sent to me. I thought at first, "That isn't really like the pictures", but as I kept going with, I started finding out it was not banged up but these were natural formations on formations such as self healed, lightbrary, and variations such as the wounded healer/empathic warrior...I could count on this point alone at least several variations you would have to search and search everywhere for and never see them on one specimen all your life. I was given a living high technology advanced city in quartz form. Thanks! Worth it!
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This crystal was very strong. As soon as I picked it up I got a very strong tingling sensation. Wow, it glows and sparkles too.
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Clear Quartz - Clear Quartz Points/Specimens "Extra" (Brazil)    [NQPBE2]

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