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Healing Crystals NQPB2A NQPB2A
This Jumbo "A" point is so brilliantly beautiful! It is correctly called that in the description, and will still surprise you! The joy that comes from a clear quartz and vibration makes it plain why it is the 'Master Healer' and so vast in multipurpose range. I've been working with Clear Quartz for a while, and it started with an amazing Rose Quartz a friend had given me. Investing in a large/jumbo high quality clear quartz point is highly recommended for anyone working with crystals, and healingcrystals is the place. They are extremely in touch with customers they have never met face to face. Thanks so much to all staff involved with my package!
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Clear Quartz - Clear Quartz Points Specimens "A" (Brazil)    [NQPB2A]

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