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Clear Crystals

By Debbie Elaine

 Have you ever come across a crystal you bought or received long ago and put away, only to find that you’re no longer sure what it is? This is tough enough when the crystal is colorful, but many people find clear crystals even more difficult to tell apart.  Here are a few common ones to compare. Many clear crystals are clear when they are "A" grade, but are white in "B" grade quality. They will still have the same basic energy properties in white or clear form.

Clear Quartz

The versatility of Clear Quartz as well as its ability to store information for long periods of time (aka: programming) has earned it the nickname “Master Healer.”  Clear Quartz forms in many shapes. They develop depending on the conditions in which the Quartz formed, as well as the rate of formation. We could (and probably will) do another article just on the various shapes of Clear Quartz and how their energy and uses vary along with the shapes.

Clear Quartz is a 7 out of 10 on the Mohs hardness scale, which makes it fairly durable and it holds up well in water. It is found worldwide, and as you work with Clear Quartz from a variety of sources, you will start to notice how  Quartz  from different sources have very different vibes to them—I love them all, but they are definitely different. Clear Quartz is well suited to working with all the chakras, and due to a tendency to amplify the energy of the other crystals around it, I like to work Clear Quartz beads into any crystal jewelry I make. It’s like adding a shot of espresso to your coffee when you need that extra boost of energy, but without the side effects of caffeine.

When you have a need for crystal energy work, and are flummoxed by which crystal to use, it’s always okay to use Clear Quartz as your default. Even if it isn’t the BEST crystal for a purpose, it will still make a positive contribution.


Several people have told me they have Danburite, but they lost it among their Clear Quartz and now they don’t know which is which.  There are a few ways to help prevent this (aside from labeling them and keeping them separate). Danburite is usually clear, but may have inclusions or even be light brown or yellow in color. Danburite tends to have ridges in it that run along the length of the crystal and the main face of the point, if there is one, often has a horizontal edge to the termination (point) and the actual point of the face points back into the body of the crystal. So Clear Quartz terminates in a point away from the crystal; Danburite tends to terminate with a flat edge and a point that is oriented back into the crystal.

Danburite was first discovered in Danbury, CT, USA, which you’ve probably realized, is how it got its name.  It is helpful for working with the heart chakra and works efficiently to release energy blockages that are causing negative attitudes or thought patterns. This process of energetic detoxification carries over to the physical body as well.

Clear Apophyllite

Apophyllite has been found on five of the seven continents and looks similar to Danburite, but with diamond-shaped faces on its terminations. Its name is based on the Greek “apos” which means “off” and “phyllon” for “leaf” because of its tendency to flake apart when heated. Apophyllite is well-suited for use in reiki sessions as it helps the recipient settle into an open and receptive state for the pure energy.  Apophyllite is also known as a “stone of truth” and it aids in a balanced view of self and events.

Optical Calcite

Like other Calcites, Optical Calcite is helpful for clearing away dense and negative energies. It is sometimes called “Iceland Spar” and can be found in Iceland, as well as other sources. Clear Calcite’s crystalline structure is hexagonal, but it can often be found in rhombohedral-shaped pieces. Clear Calcite is effective for clearing and aligning all chakras. Optical Calcite is Clear Calcite that is especially clear and it amplifies images placed underneath it and viewed through the crystal. Optical Calcite’s universally purifying energy benefits health on all levels by removing blockages that can lead to dis-ease.


A few years ago I went through a phase that involved an insatiable need for Phenacite. This was not helpful, because it is more expensive than the other crystals highlighted in this article, and often is harder to find. Phenacite can be clear or white and is often found in matrix. Anything more than tiny pieces was beyond my budget, but the very high vibration of Phenacite made it necessary for a time when I was trying to clear out a lot of my own energy blockages while working in a very negative and energetically draining environment. Phenacite’s super pure energy was enough to raise my vibration enough to shake off some very stubborn, dense energy. Phenacite can leave you feeling flighty and ungrounded, so I like to pair it with Red Jasper or Hematite to allow for clear thinking during and after any energy session that involves Phenacite.

Some final thoughts on clear crystals: whether you are a fan of the ones highlighted in this article or some I didn’t mention, remember to cleanse your crystals regularly for best results. Clear Crystals, especially Quartz, tend to amplify  the energy around them, so if you have them in your sleeping area and are having trouble sleeping, try covering them with a black cotton cloth (I find mine in craft stores) to calm down the energy overnight. You can learn more about these crystals and some others such as Herkimer Diamonds, Goshenite, and Ulexite by clicking on the links throughout this article.

The more you work with the crystals, the more you will be able to discern their energy differences.  Eventually, that will help with telling them apart. Still, labeling them can be helpful. Or, keeping them in separate locations is another helpful way to keep from confusing your pieces. Additionally, I find that more than most colored crystals, clear crystals from different sources, Such as Brazil versus Russia versus Madagascar, have very different vibrations and with time, I develop preferences not only for certain crystals for certain tasks, but also certain crystal sources for certain tasks. Keeping a journal or blog of your experiences can be helpful for learning your own crystal preferences and for discovering patterns in your interactions with these amazing gifts from the Earth.


Debbie Elaine

Posted on June 10, 2016
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