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Healing Crystals NCITPB NCITPB
Beautifully sized and colored points.
5 5
5 5
Fastest shipping possible and beautiful stones/crystals!
5 5
Simply lovely and fully charged.
5 5
wonderful nice vibration
5 5
These citrine points are awesome! The various dimensions, or cleavages created through the natural breakage and its heat-treated quality make this a really cool crystal to inspect. I can't remember, at the moment, whether or not these particular crystals addressed the Mental/Emotional ailment of nightmares, but this is just my own personal testimony: Ever since I received these crystals, I have set various ones up along my headboard, which has a flat surface a few inches wide on top, and I haven't been having nightmares nearly as frequently or severely. It's amazing, truly. I have intensely bad nightmares (not night terrors, just really bad nightmares), the kind where I wake up drenched in sweat, shaking, shivering, and just generally shook-up, the kind that sort of linger and not to be melodramatic, but ruin one's day almost from the onset; But anyhow, I am extremely happy to report that these crystals have seemingly worked to improve my sleeping. I'm an extremely skeptical individual, and yet also very open to trying new methods, because I firmly understand that I do not know most things, in spite of my intelligence (Really, I know very little, next to nothing, philosophically, but I'm obviously not going to get into all that here and now lol), but I simply want to make the point that I'm becoming increasingly interested in the science of crystals, as well as applied/theoretical metaphysics, and that even an individual as skeptical/cynical as I am (or even more), could seriously benefit from fine-tuning their skepticism as to at least be able to entertain alternatives such as crystal healing. I mean, why not? Just throwing my two cents in here, in the case someone similar to myself comes across this particular message (dual justification and apology for the length of this "comment,"!), av' a good day all, and I mean it, bless all staff and associates having to do with this website. -Paul/NY
5 5
Another favorite! Thanks again Healing Crystals Team!!
5 5
Excellent stone. One of my favorites.
5 5
Very nice assortment of unique citrine points - including 1 three-pointed point!
4 5
Citrine is among my favorites, and this is the more familiar form of the stone. The color is vivid and suggests is relative rarity...
5 5

Citrine - Citrine Points (Brazil)    [NCITPB]

Instock $ 2025-03-02
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