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Healing Crystals NCHDI NCHDI
Very nice, this is my first order of this mineral and I am hoping to learn more about it.
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Just wow! What an interesting crystal, both in meaning and formation... I am currently doing some deeper research on the diopside chips I received, just because it gives me some kind of cerebral pleasure (that's really the best I can describe its meaning to me thus far), but I am completely satisfied with these, and plan on probably ordering some chunks, or perhaps the rods, as I hear they are quite spectacular as well. Once again, thank you =D I truly respect and feel 100% comfortable ordering from your business after receiving such a nice, pristine-packaged, well-chosen selection of crystals and minerals. -Paul/NY
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Wow, I am very attracted to this crystal type, and the ones I ordered (I'm just starting out), are absolutely beautiful and I believe will be very useful personally. Absolutely amazing! Thank you _3
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Chrome Diopside - Chrome Diopside Chips/Chunks (Pakistan)    [NCHDI]

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