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Chameleon Animal Totem

This animal totem is Chameleon – Change, Balance, Patience

Chameleon is most known for his ability to change colors to match his environment. However, he also changes his color according to his mood, temperature and when looking for a mate. The lesson in his changing colors can be your ability to blend in to what is going on around you so that you remain unseen  This can be both good and bad so what are the reasons you have for blending in? Is it to hide out from others, to not engage with people, to avoid confrontation and what is the duration for your camouflage? Too long it becomes a detriment to your spirit. As for expressing his mood, Chameleon is telling you to use every color imaginable to express yourself creativity and do so with flair, sincerity and attitude.

If you watch Chameleon move he does so with a slow, methodical pace and although he may seem a bit shaky, he keeps his balance and continues by putting one foot in front of the other. His eyes work independently with one eye on the prize while the other eye keeps him balanced and coordinated. The lesson here is to keep one focused on the higher visions and goals while keeping the other eye worldly by focusing on the path that will lead you to your higher visions. It also means that you have the ability to see far-off challenges as well as the solutions to them. Can you pay attention to your footing while keeping your eye on your dreams and aspirations?

Chameleon is in no hurry. He takes life at his own pace, he does not rush or scramble because he knows that all things com in their own good time  He knows the next opportunity is coming and can strike with lightening speed if it is what he wants. He is telling you that there is no need to rush and take un-necessary risks so stop pushing and grabbing at anything and everything. Instead, strike only when necessary and with discernment and get connected with the rhythms of Nature. Be patient and confident and your reward will come to you at the perfect moment.

Crystals to help you remember Chameleon’s medicine are:






By Susan Jolley


Posted on June 11, 2015
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