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Cat Animal Totem

This animal totem is Cat – Curiosity, Flexibility, and Independence

Cat is a curious animal, both in its own innate nature and to us as observers. Cat shows you how to find your own courage so you can explore the unknown, both your outer environment and your inner self. Cat’s eyes allow them to see very clearly in the dark which could be symbolic for exploring your “dark” side, the side that keeps you stuck in place, or the parts/aspects of yourself that you don’t know well. Cat can be apprehensive when something new comes into their environment. They will slowly creep up to explore it, but they do explore it. This method can show you how to move through your fears.

Cat is flexible and agile. She will show you how to wait with patience and confidence, and then when the time is right seize the opportunity. By following Cat’s example you will conserve energy and be in a better position to reach your goals. Her flexibility allows her to right herself in a fall and to land on her feet. She is showing you that even though you may fall, you will land on your feet so release your fears and move forward in your life. Be flexible and agile in your body, mind and spirit.

Cat teaches you to be self-sufficient and independent. She is telling you to trust in your own capabilities and instincts over what other advice you may be given. Cat can balance the need to be social with being independent and it is on her term when she decides to be social.  Are you balancing your social life/relationships/family/work with the need for “just me” time? Along with Cat’s independence comes unpredictability. Are you being too predictable in your daily routines? What can you do, on a daily basis, which would be fun, spontaneous and unpredictable? Are you a free thinker or do you follow the “norm”? Can you find a new way to look at things?

Crystals that will help you remember the medicine of Cat are:






By Susan Jolley


Posted on February 26, 2015
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