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"Hello, isn't Shungite better in absorbing EMF radiation than Black Tourmaline? Should I put it in all 4 corners of every room in my flat?

I have 2 medium sized Rose Quartz chunks and 2 small Amethyst chunks on my bedside table plus Selenite sticks under my bed and I can't sleep at all. I am new to crystals. I never had sleeping problems when I had nothing in my bedroom. I started it because my husband woke up at night and then couldn't fall asleep again because his thoughts went on and on. Can you help? I placed a Lepidolite stone under his pillow and one Howlite under mine but I felt like super charged last night."



Hi Tina,

Thanks for reaching out to Healing Crystals!

I have a couple thoughts about what might be going on. First, we just went through some major astrological events with several planets going retrograde at the same time as a full solar eclipse. Many people suffer physical symptoms during things like this, myself included, and sleeplessness and agitation are the most common. My other thought is that the selenite might be the issue. Many people say that selenite helps them sleep, but others find that it hinders sleep because it does activate the crown chakra. Any crystal that has properties associated with psychic abilities can cause insomnia. Everyone is different and so they react differently to certain crystals. I think the amethyst and rose quartz are fine, but try taking the selenite out of the room and see what happens. Lepidolite and howlite are good for helping calm the mind and promoting restful sleep. Try holding them in your hand instead of putting them under your pillow. You might also try some Smoky Quartz as a grounding stone, which also absorbs negative or stagnant energy.

As for the EMF radiation, I believe it's a matter of opinion and choosing the one you feel more called to. Shungite is a very powerful healer, but so is Tourmaline. Where you place it is entirely a matter of personal preference, but if it was me, I would place it near my electronics (on my desk near my laptop or on the shelf where my internet router is) or in the places where people gather most often.

I hope this helps answer your questions and please feel free to reach out if we can be of further assistance.


DISCLAIMER: We feel that crystals can complement other therapies and support energetic well being. Crystals should not be used as a replacement for medical treatment. For medical advice, please consult a licensed healthcare specialist.

Posted on August 04, 2019

  I slept...or should I say...tried to sleep with a new medium sized quartz"tree" on my bedside last night. In early, early morning before the time I had set alarm to wake me up....I was tossing and turning and immediately tuned into the crystal quartz. Now, I'm awake, but tired. Now that new quartz crystal "tree" is placed on the bookshelf in the livingroom :) The "tree" had been cleansed. I didn't realize I was so sensitive to crystal quartz. I'm so drawn to it....but not in the bedroom!!  (Submitted by: Karen on September 16, 2020)
  Hi .

First of all there's a lots of articles that amethyst is good for sleep . But amethyst is not suited by everyone . It depends on the birth chart (kundali)

Like my example amethyst makes me wake up . Main reason is amethyst is gemstone of Saturn & Saturn is not in good position in my birth chart . So wearing stone of Saturn or moon makes me schizophrenia & hilisination , lucid dream & etc . Because Saturn is gazing upon moon & it makes moon into moon eclipse . Wearing amethyst will make moon even more bad & weak. So amethyst is a no no no for me. But I use amethyst for 2 minutes for tuning my 7th & 6th chakra only.

I tried peridot and it makes me sleep like a baby & gave me peace of mind. Peridot is stone of mercury . In my astrology birth chart peridot is very good stone to wear as it give me so much energy as well.this is the reason online articles says use those crystals which works for you . I repeat again which will work for you .... which work for others might work for you so give it a try .

Peridot might work for you ? I cant say . Use a pendulum to know is this stone good for me ? Or check your birth chart online free. Check your planet position

Astrology is not about ziodic sign . It's about checking directions of all planets sometimes Saturn is facing moon which make person ,psycho case so best is to wear iron ring metal or moon stone . Or some other crystal .

Astrology is related to crystals & it's so vast lik

I will buy more peridot crystal from

Thank you healing crystals:)
Love and light  (Submitted by: AbdulMoeed on December 24, 2019)

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