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Here is a Question from One of Our Customers:

Is it possible to "wear out" a crystal's energies by using it too much? I had interesting physical reactions to lithium crystal yesterday. Carried it all day & thought it was helping me somewhat. But today, I felt like I ought not to carry it again; I went for the citrine cylinder, paua shell, and rose quartz instead. I feel like I ought to give my stones a "rest" and recharge them if I'm using them intensely to combat depression. what do you think?



Dear L,
I must share the standard disclaimer that I am not a doctor and cannot give out medical advice. Crystals for healing should be used as a compliment to other therapies and not as a replacement for regular medical care.

Sounds to me like your crystal was done for now or as you said needs to be cleared and recharged. When you are in intense emotional situations crystals and stones can only absorb so much. If you have a bowl of citrines and need a fast clear and charge the citrine will do it. After heavy energy the citrines will give them a nice sunny, happy energy.

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Posted on June 09, 2011
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