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Can you suggest small containers (not plastic preferably) that I could store crystals in while they wait for homes? Some of the stones I've purchased already are similar and I don't want to confuse them. Thanks so much.




Hi S,

You can store crystals in anything! : ) It depends on how you want them displayed. Here are some things I like to use:

Wooden Bowls – I love these mango wood bowls in different sizes and I also have some made out of other woods, including cedar, mahogany and oak.

Ceramic and glass baking/cooking dishes – I have some small tart pans, like a heart shaped one for my heart shaped crystals. Glass custard dishes or small glass bowls also work great.

Small boxes – Wooden, Soapstone and boxes made of other materials are great for holding crystals.

Baskets – I love buying different sized baskets, which is good for crystals that come in all different sizes. I use larger baskets to hold rocks I have collected myself from beaches and mines.

Onyx bowls or other stone dishes – What better way to store crystals than in a crystal dish? These are a little more expensive, but a neat addition to display your crystals.

Canning jars – These are a good way to store larger quantities of crystals. If you purchase the tall jelly jars, it is easy to see all the crystals through the side of the jar and is a pretty way to add some color to your space. These are also easy to transport as you can just put the lid on to keep them from falling out.

Jewelry containers or craft stores – Jewelry stores and craft stores have lots of different small containers that work for crystals.

Oragami paper bowl/box – My son makes origami and has made me several containers of different shapes that I like to put crystals into. If you are into this, there are videos on Youtube with instructions.

Teacups – These are the perfect size to hold small crystals and are available in lots of different patterns, designs and colors. You can even get them from antique stores.

Candle holders – These also are available in lots of shapes and sizes. I like to use tealight sized ones for smaller crystals and to keep them sorted.

World Market – They have a great selection of various unique dishes that I highly recommend you check out.

If you want to sort your crystals for easy identification, try using small containers that you can label with the names. If you don’t want to attach tape or a label to the container, you can always put a piece of paper in the dish with the name on it or draw a “map” of your area that shows which crystals are where. You may find it helpful to take a photo of each stone and include the name in the picture for a quick reference guide of your collection.
I hope this is helpful. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Love and Light to you on your journey!

Crystal Blessings,

Stephanie A.

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Disclaimer: I must share the standard disclaimer that I am not a doctor and cannot give out medical advice. Crystals for healing should be used as a compliment to other therapies and not as a replacement for regular medical care.

Posted on August 13, 2015
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