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Here is a question from one of our customers:

Q:  I read what you wrote about double and single terminated crystals and the way they point ect... I have 2 medium small single point crystals. One is a clear quartz and the other is a lithium quartz, not clear at all, so I assume it has a lot of lithium. I got it because I am bipolar, but anyway, my question is this, I got to thinking about what you said about how double terminated quartz sends and receives energy, and since I only have 2 single ones at the moment, I thought maybe I could tape them together to create a double or at least send energy in one direction and receive it from the other. I came to this conclusion that it might work because on another site it showed how to heal with crystals, saying the healer has 2 crystals, in one hand the point going up toward the fingers and the other hand the point facing downwards, What do you think? Can you send and receive energy by taping 2 crystals together, keep in mind that one is lithium quartz and has plenty of lithium, the other is clear quartz. I don't know I just had some weird theory that taping or fusing them together would work in sending and receiving energy like a double terminated crystal. I just want to balance out my aura and energy and strengthen my aura while relieving my bipolar ailment. I will probably buy a double terminated lithium quartz soon. I have a small double crystal, but I started leaving that in my drinking water so the water I drank would be healthier. Sorry for the long post, I am new to crystal healing, I had collected a few pieces but did not really use them for healing.



What you purposed is an interesting concept and it has been done before. Below is a website link that shows just what you are describing.

A more simplified way  would be to wear them wire wrapped,  one point up and one point down. I have also seen this done with the crystals joined by a band of metal. The joints would have to be of a clear material to create a smooth energy flow from one crystal to the other with the metal band to secure and hide the joint. Yes your concept would work if you could create such a crystal. I have also seen this done by joining with clay in the center. A low firing temp clay would work, but you take a chance of damaging the crystals this way. You have to really know what you are doing. Your idea was a good one, the difficulty is in joining the crystals.


Posted on January 06, 2011
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