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Hi! I have a question about charging my crystals with an intention or clearing them with music. I'm a musician, and my gut is telling me to charge my Rose Quartz with a love song to help me find romantic love, and I've never felt like this before. Can crystals be charged through music? Thank you and Crystal Blessings!




Hi J, 

Thank you for contacting us with your question.

I think that crystals can absolutely be charged with the vibration of music. There are some schools of thought that believe the musical vibration can even be stored in quartz. We do have a video on our website that offers clearing of crystals through sound. They can also be cleaned and charged with various tuning forks, so it stands to reason that more traditional music or song would work as well. But, I think the most important deciding factor is your intuition...if you are led to charge your rose quartz with a love song, then that is what you should do. :)

 I hope this helps!


Stephanie T.

Posted on August 17, 2015

  I would like to add to the cleansing and charging through music topic.

They just discovered that when Crystals experience a sudden drastic change in temperature it changes their structure putting them in a transformative state. Although, the transformation is on a vibrational level not noticed by us; it does cause them to (noticeably) jump all by themselves and create their own sound waves. This is amazing news! There is so much we do not know. Crystals are a huge part of our existence, our creation, and Mother Earth's gift to all creatures. Crystals not only heal, enlighten, store information, help the construct of time, but now we just discovered they can physically speak! They make their own sound. Although nothing in the study says what note the sound was in I believe that music is the key to unlocking, connecting, and understanding them. I sing to mine all the time and they have shared with me amazing things! Music is math, it's sound, it's emotion, it's science, it's US! We do not give Crystals enough credit. I bet one day they will be singing their song and everyone will hear it. Now their song only reaches our inner, higher self, and only to those to listen and want to hear it. One day it will reach our ears and you wont have to try and listen. They need to sing and they want to be heard!  (Submitted by: Anioaktree on December 27, 2020)
    (Submitted by: Dawn on March 09, 2017)

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