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I love the Rainbow Moonstone that was chosen for me, and I appreciate that HC considered and fulfilled my request. I have been buying crystals from HC for many years. I love how the staff really appreciates crystals and are extremely helpful.
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This cabochon is so lovely!!!! I love rainbow moonstone!!!
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These cabochons are a great buy! I ordered stones in the small and extra small sizes and all of them have abundant blue and some have even rainbow flashes. They are white and mostly included (translucent-semi opaque) with cleavage planes showing, but this is normal for Rainbow Moonstone. The cabochons are actually pretty big and can easily be made into a great ring or pendant, or simply to add to your collection of crystals. These are also a great deal since the Rainbow Moonstone raw material seems to be running out all over the world and allegedly a major source of Rainbow Moonstone in India might be mined out soon. Large sizes are really in demand, especially with good flashes of color like these have. What the description for these cabochons doesn't say is that the cabochons are 1/4'' thick and they come in different sizes: rounds,ovals,teardrops, and squares/rectangles. I defiantly recommend these stones.
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Cabochons - Rainbow Moonstone Cabochon - Free-Form (India)    [CCABMR]

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